David Alliosi
Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Male
Race American-Italian
Faction Cole`s Group
Health None
Level None
Status Dead (Died at explosion)
Location Chems: Science Investigation Building (Cole`s Base)

David Alliosi is a recurring character in Survival Season Two. He is one of Cole`s most trusted men, and debuts in Episode 2.3: Those Who Suffer. He died in Battle Lines when he was inside the bus that exploded.


David was part of a small mob before the apocalypse. He was married and had a son, also named David. When the apocalypse begun, they took shelter on a bar with other survivors, until one day, zombies broke in and killed his wife. Himself and his son were the only ones to escape the bar, and eventualy joine Cole´s group. 


David has a tough personality. He is very loyal to Cole, and will do whatever he`s asked. He is one of the few people who know everything about Cole.


David was created by series writer, Terelili.