Drive is the first episode of the prequel series Roots of Decay.


The drive to win becomes the drive to survive has Mia Toress struggles to escape a viechle of the dammed.


We open on an ordinary day at a sports track, the sun is shining and the sounds of laughter can be heard along with competition.

Moe V.O: Instinct is the most basic of human elements, it has kept us alive since the begining.

We then switch to see Mia a clean clothed student warmng up for the javelin throw.

Moe V.O: Now days though we dont have much use for it.

Coach: Toress your up.

Mia takes up her position and throws a good throw impressing the coach and her team mates.

Coach: Great work! Keep that up and we are bound to make the nationals.

Moe: V.O: But that dose not mean the instinct is lost.

The coach orders the team onto the bus wich drives off. No one see what looks like a vagrant stumble onto the field as they drive away. It lifts its head to reveal the face of a recently turned walker.

Scene changes to a trafic jam in a part of the city.Its raining and most of the kids are board or doing things to try and pass the time. The radio is on offering clues of whats to come.

News repoter V.O: In other news the CDC has warned of small outbreaks of rabies in the local area. Citizens are advised to report any unushual behaviour and contact your doctor if.....

Kid 1: Hey teach change the station will you?

The coach just grumbles a reply and the station is changed to play Maroon 5 Payphone.

Mia: Wierd the news lately.

Samantha and Carmen two of Mia's friends just laugh.

Sam: Our Mia, your gonna be a star athlete with that throwing arm and your more worried about a couple of twitching dogs.

Carmen: Yeh come on Mia, we are on our way to the finals and if we make this its the nationals and I would have thought youd be happy.

Mia: I am its just.... I dont know a bad feeling I guess.

Sam: Or mabye you ate some of the school's left over casaroul, I told you that stuff will turn your guts inside out.

They laugh again and get back to talking.

Later again we see its starting to get dark when Mia wakes up from a nap to a pounding noise other than the rain outside. She notices some of the other kids are up to trying to look out the bus windows wich have fogged up.

Mia: Whats going on where's the coach?

Sam: He went to see what was causeing the block but that was half an hour ago.

Mia: Well hasnt anyone gone after him?

Carmen: Sanders the driver and Emil did but no one has seen them and......

A scream cuts through the conversation its coming from one of the windows near the building they are nearby. The pounding is getting louder and Mia realises its coming from the side of the bus and she can see blurry figgures through the fogged glass.

Mia: What was that and what going on out there?

Sam: We dont know but thats the second scream we have heard and the police have gone by they even mounted the sidewalks to get through the traffic.

Mia: Why havent they spoken to us?

Carmen: Dont know but a guy in the car next to us said the police were telling people to stay in their viechles.

Mia looks out the window at the shambling figures.

Mia: Well they obviously are not.

She gose to approach the door of the bus only to find a small crowd of students gathered arguing aboud opening the door. One of the team jocks in blocking the rest.

Marco: Forget it the coach told us to stay put and thats it so get back to your seats before I knock you all on your assess.

Kevin: Wise up Marco something is not right out there and you just want us to sit around while who knows what is happening.

Another scream in the distance followed by gunfire causes everyone to wince. They dont know what is going on but its scaring them people are starting to panic and a fight looks about ready to break out.

Sam: Look its the coach.

She points to the door of the bus and while no one can see the coach's face they can recognise the jacket.

Marco: Se babies the coach is back now he's bound to know whats up.

He turns to unlock the door but Mia is the only one notices the blood on the window where the coach had been banging at the door.

Mia: What the... Marco dont.....

But its to late the moment the door opens the thing that was once the coach lurches throught the doorway and on top of the cofused teen followed by serveral other walkers all covered in blood and ravenous for more victims. The coach and two others wrestle the screaming Marco into the drivers seat knocking the safety off the wheel and causeing the bus to lurch forward onto the sidewalk and pick up speed knocking people to the floor and into the crowd of walkers that has managed to get on the bus. Mia is thrown to the back of the bus by a sudden jolt and the last thing she see's before darkness is the screaming faces of her friends.

Later Mia wakes up, she is confused but the sight in front of her quickly brings her back to reality. The bus has crashed into a nearby wall and the front is crushed beyond recognition. The rest of the bus is full of the dead and undead who are gorgeing on Mia's classmates. They only missed her because she was in the back and because the gear bags have made a tempoary barrier. Mia wants to scream but a part of her wisely keeps quite. She dose notice Sam crouched on the floor in front of the barrier.

Mia: Sam?

She approaches quietly pulling an exposed javelin from an open bag for protection.

The girl turns and Mia has to stifle a scream.

A bloody hole in her friends stomach the walker Sam is in the middle of devouring a classmates lower leg, flesh mashed between her teeth.

Mia: Sam?.... God no plese this isnt happening.

The other walkers are distracted by their food but the Sam walker can see a big piece of meat in front of it and rise to approach the terrified teen. Mia backs away fearfully nearly falling out the escape door wich has been torn off in the crash . The walker is briefly stopped by the bags but quickly approaches.

Mia: Please Sam, its me, Mia!

But her words mean nothing to the walker who lunges for the kill. Mia on instings raises the Javelin like a spear eyes closed bracing for attack. There is a sickening clunk and Mia dares to look.

We see the walker has run it self into the javelin wich is stuck in it eyesocket. It flopsforward dead and Mia can only stare dumbstruck at whats happened.

Mia: Sam.....

She notices that some of the other walkers are starting to notice her and survival instinct taking over she pulls the javelin free of her friend's skull with some effort before hopping out the back of the bus. Much of the street is abandoned but there are one or two walkers not feeding who notice the girl.

Mia: Get away.

She runs between the cars looking for an escape and find an open shop door and quickly enters running for the back to the storeroom. Shutting the door she pulls some boxes to block it just to be safe. After taking a few breaths she looks around the room is secure and there is no sign of any walkers. She suddenly realises she is holding the bloody javelin and drops it like it might bite her.

Mia: God why.... why is this happenig?

She begins to sob rocking back and forth to try and calm down.

Moe: V.O: In times of crisis we can do one of two things. We can fall or........... we can rise.

Mia coposes her self and prepares to sneek out the back wich is clear.

Fade to black