Hide and Seek is the third episode of Roots of Decay the prequel series of Walking Dead the Survival.


A simple children's game turns into a nightmare for Corey and his friends.


We open at a local park; it looks like a normal day. Children are inccocently at play while the adults talks; gossip and small talk. We pull in on two adults at a park bench.

Adult 1: Well the papers recon its rabies.

Adult 2: What are you reading now? You do know half the stuff they put in those things is garbage.

We see the first adult; a dark skinned man's his face hidden from our view by the paper and the glare of the sun on his wide brimmed hat is holding a news paper up. The front page is nothing special; mostly talking about a local fair.

Adult 1: I am telling you something more is going on, a friend of mine tried calling his cousins in Los Angeles and got nothing.

Adult 2: So guy's probably out living it up.

The first man remains silent; but he ozes a sense of tension and unease.

Adult 2: Look, its a beautiful day (indicates some children playing on the park equipment) follow their example and the make the most of this day off.

We then switch from the two men to the play area of the park.

Karina v.o: Survival is never only up to chance, there are several factors that come into play but the one skill everyone overlooks is observation.

Kid: Hey Rainboy catch.

''A ball sails through the air and hits the back of Corey's head. He does not flinch; though he does make a dismayed noise at the dropped stick he was studying in his hands.

Kid 2: Josh?!

Josh: What I told him to catch, not my fault the dummy wont listen.

We angle round to see a group of about six children including Josh and the girl Angela who reprimanded him standing before the climbing frame. The four other boys snigger at the Cory like he were an animal in a zoo that did something mildly amusing. One of the boy's notices the dropped stick and quickly snatches it away before Corey can pick it up.

Josh: Little old to be playing Harry Potter aren't we Corry?

Cory does not respond; just look at them uncomprehending.

Angela: Come on just leave him be he's doing no harm.

Josh: Lighten up Angela its not like we have anything better to do with the arcade shut down.

At that the four other boys speak up.

Boy 1: It sucks.

Boy 2: My Dad old man Richards got torn up buy his dogs.

Cory: Two cats.

Josh: What?

Cory: Mr Richards has two cats, one called Tibby and the other one called Sandy, no dogs. They like to sleep on the machines when your done playing.

The kids are momentarily silenced by his proclamation; the boy's power of observation can be a bit unsettling at times'.

Boy 3: Wierdo

Boy 4: There are plenty of dogs hanging around the arcade, one or two of them have got to be his.

Cory: There are dogs outside but they don't go inside Mr Richards wont let them, dosent want them scaring his cats or pulling out cables.

He nods sagely to himself and start to look around the park briefly. Muttering under his breath has he count the various landmarks of the park and the people going about their business.

Boy 2: What the fuck is he doing now?

Josh: Counting, the dummy does it all the time, he's like a robot.

Angela: He's not a robot he just has Aspbergers.

Boy 1: What's that it better not be contagious.

Angela: Mom said it means his brain's wired different that's all.

Boy 1: So he is a retard.

Before they can go further or break into an argument of somekind Josh silences his cronies with a look; he's seen Cory enough to know when the boy get's like this there is no fun to be had in the teasing department.

Josh: Whatever's this is getting boring lets go play some dodgeball.

He walks past the mumbling boy to pick up his ball

Cory: There's a scruffy man in the woods

Josh ignores the boy's rambling and picks up the ball and motions his friends to follow along. Only Angela remains briefly to cast the other boy a glance of concern before following after her friends. Cory comes out of his counting daze; looks around for a moment a bit confused to se the other children gone but dismises it at the sight of the stick.

Later, it hard to tell the exact time but from the way the sun hangs in the air its late evening. Most people have gone home, the men from the start are nowhere to be seen. Cory is alone sitting on a swing looking around expectantly.

Cory: Quarter past four... that's what she said... wait in the park and ill come and pick you up.

We realize he talking about his mum and is waiting for her to come and pick him up.

Angela: No... help.

Cory looks up in confussion to see the girl running from the direction she and the boys went. She is frantic and her clothes are torn and covered in splatters of blood. Its impossible to tell if the blood is hers, someone else, if she is simply injured or bitten.

Cory: Ang....

His sentence is cut short at the sight of her persurers; one bloody adult and two of the boys from before. Its impossible to tell where the other boys are. They might not have noticed Corey but his brief shout has caught their attention. The adult walker and one of the boys turn, spot him and lumber forward.

Cory: What....

He is routed in confusion has they approach only for a hand to fall on his shoulder. Its the man from before; someone who will one day rise to be leader of the group these two will be a part of. Its Mark.

Mark: Kid we need to leave.

Corry: There bleeding.

Mark: They are sick kid we need to stay away from them.

The boy comprehends this and nods realizing another important fact.

Cory: My mom said she was going to pick me up here but she's not here...

Mark looks at the boy in sympathy but he knows they can not linger.

Mark: Well I can help you find her, do you know where she is?

Cory nods and heads off leading the man has the two make an exit from the park and the approaching walkers.

Karina v.o.: Observation is one key to survival but it also helps to have friends watching your back