End of Term is the fourth episode of Roots of Decay the prequel series of Walking Dead the Survival.


Another day in school for loner Ryder turns into a disaster that threatens to consume the entire student body.


We open with someone's view out of a window onto a school athletics track. Its quite and we see only the sport's teacher and one or two runners are on the field. A voice muffled and far off is heard.

Voice: yder, der, Ryder!

Ryder's head jerks up, turning to look for the speaker only to come face to face with all eyes of the class looking at him. The teacher has a disapproving look.

Mr Lewis: If your quite done admiring the track team Mr Thomas I wonder if you be so kind to read the next passage of Mark Twain for the class.

The boy blinks dumbly and looks down at his opened copy of the book and back up at the English teacher. It's quite obvious he is lost An uneasy silence builds up; before the teacher can reprimand Ryder the bell rings.

Mr Lewis: Well Mr Thomas its seems Time has saved you from a public spectacle but I expect you to read up on the material to take from where we left off after lunch.

Many of the other children snicker at the boy under their breaths but quickly file out before the teacher can disapline them. Ryder just sighs and sets about stuffing his school things into his pack.

Tobias v.o: Human beings are by nature social animals, despite some preferring their own company its only in dire circumstances can we understand the true importance of companionship.

We see Ryder walk into the school canteen practically invisible to the other people in the room. He pays it no head; long used to it.

Boy's voice: Hey Ryder over here.

He looks over to the speaker and smirks.

Ryder: Hey Chad.

We see Chad an unusally tall for his age boy sitting with a few other students. Bryn the tomboy, science geek Winston and goth girl Amara. All social outsider and perhaps Ryder's only friends in the whole of the school. Chad moves down a bit to allow Ryder a chance to sit down.

Winston: Word has it you spaced out in English class.

Ryder: Mark Twain will do that to you, I mean seriously how will Mark Twain help me with anything in the future?

The group chuckle a bit.

Amara: Painting happens to be a very relaxing hobby.

Bryn: Pictures perhaps but you wont make much money painting fences these days.

The group all chuckle again and set about pulling out their food to start eating. For awhile there is silence while people eat.

Chad: They cancalled Basketball again.

Ryder: That's the third time this week?

Bryn: Seriously Chad its like the universe is playing games with you man.

It sound like an insult but the otherboy knows its not; despite his unusual height its obvious to all it could be an assest in the sport.

Winston: Any idea why they called it off this time?

Chad: Not sure, some guys called in sick, others did not really give a reason but they looked spooked.

Bryn: Sorry but what have a bunch of star athletes got to be afraid of?

Amara: I don't know, mom's been worried about stuff at work.

Winston: What kind of stuff? She works at phone company right?

Amara: Not to sure but she and dad have been having some pretty serious arguments about leaving town, something about....

She stops at the sight of Ryder wincing at the talk of arguments.

Amara: Shit, sorry Ryder I didn't mean....

Ryder: Its nothing....the way my folks argue getting out of town for a bit sound like a.....

The fire alarm rings overhead startling the students.

Chad: What the? there isn't supposed to be a fire drill today?

Bryn: Yeh and.....

Before she can continue a scream cuts through the air, the fact its a scream of mortal dread seems to cut over the sound of the fire alarm.

Ryder: What was that?

Winston: It came from the hall.

They and a few other students run to the door the sound cam from while others either sit pinned in confused fear or head off through the other doors to parts unknown.

Chad: What the hell?

A few yards down the corridor we se an open fire exit and about six walkers in the middle of feasting on an unfortunate student while other walkers are slowly poring in through the open door. Its a small hears of perhaps 80 walkers and while the humans have numbers the sight of these goughls sends most into a panic or paralysed fear.

Ryder: Back in the canteen now.

The group of friends rush back inside. Has an extra bit of precaution Chad and Ryder quickly push a table up against the door which starts to thud weekly. It could be students or walkers but the friends are not going to take any chance. The room is abandoned now and the sounds of scream echo every where making it impossible to tell where the danger may be.

Winston: What... what were those....

Bryn: I, oh my god they looked like...

Amara: Zombies

The others look are he with slight skeptism and disbelief but in the face of what they have just scene even they can not deny the evidence of their own eyes. The door lurches again and a bloody hand followed by hungry moans fill the room. The group backs away in panic.

Winston: We need to get out of here.

Chad: Where do you suggest thouse things could be all over the school by now.

Bryn: Well there's more of them than us we could chance it.

Ryder: No, you so what it was like out there people are its chaos we may not all make it out.

Another lurching bang.

Ryder: Grab all the food you can carry.

Chad: What?

Ryder: Look it would be better to wait them out so we find a place to hold up; the guy's changing room isn't far from here.

Amara: Well how do you know those things wount get in.

Ryder: I dont but they don't seem that smart; we push a row of lockers in front of both the doors and we are safe, wait till its quite then slip out through the gym.

The group are silent but despite their fear its plan.

Chad: Lead on then.

They get to work scavenging supplies.