Nuts to this is the sixth episode of Roots of Decay the prequel series of Walking Dead the Survival..


When the world's ending around you suddenly being crazy does not seam like a bad thing. Can a former mental patient escape?.


We open in the grounds of a mental hospital; everything seems abandoned and a few walkers are ambling around and the sounds of gunfire can be heard in the background.

Nathan V.O: In a crisis a person can find out who they truly are, their stregths and their weakness come to the for front and this can be the difference between life and death.... sometimes our strength can be found in a hinderance.

Inside what seems to be a patient lounge we see a walker push into the room following a clanging noise. We follow its line of sight to the noise; a cymbal banging monkey.

Willie: Ahhhhh

The walker turns to meet a fire axe to the head and it slumps dead as the object makes impact. We see Willie dressed in improvised armour made of bedding and whatever else the guy can find and breathing heavily from adrenaline and restrained fear. Just to be sure he gives the walker's head another smash with a nearby fire extinguisher.

Willie: Good job Mr Jingles (Looks at the Monkey) your a braver man than me... oh ok I got you.

He pulls the walker further into the room and quickly pushes a couch and other furniture back in place to make a makeshift barricade. Once that's done he turns to the body and the monkey.

Willie: Sure smells bad I think this time it might work.... no I told you we can'nt stay here anymore.

He walks off to an overturned couch and comes back with a box filled with food bars and other preservative foods and a few bottles of water. He looks grimly at the monkey and while its clear the man may not be of sound mind the conversation with the toy is more a coping mechanism than anything else.

Willie: I don't remember how long we've been here but we are running out food now.... yes I looked around for more but the doctors and the the other patients took almost everything else.

He shakes his head

Willie: We go to leave this place.... castle's no good to hide in if we got no food to eat.

Again he shakes his head.

Willie: I don't care if its dangerous its better than staying here to die.... I know I'm good and putting these things down but I run out food I run of strength and that happens.......

He shudders looking at the walker.

Willie: (low whisper) Then I'm the food and whose gonna look after you?

No answer from the Monkey but Willie tilts his head.

Willie: It ok to be scared sometimes Mr. Jingles and don't worry I'm bringing you along to.... we'll find a place out in the country, maybe a farm or a small cabin.

He nods.

Willie: Yeh somewhere quite less people less monsters.

He sits down and picks up the monkey carfully like it were a small fragile bird.

Willie: That's why needed Mr Ugly over there.... yeh I don't like it either but how else we gonna get out of here the armour's to hot if they all gang up on me.

He nods again.

Willie: I know they are dumb but lots of them are big trouble.... yeh... yeh your right I'm wasting time we need to go now.

We go into a montage of Willie gathering supplies and preparing to leave. He packs a rucksack with food, a few other items and Mr Jingles. He packs some blankets on top of the toy and then puts the bag to one side and turns to the walker with a grimace.

Willie: (To himself) Don't hurl, don't hurl.

The axe comes out of the skull and gets to work on the walker's flesh. We next se Willie smearing his clothes and parts of his body in the walker entrails. He winces at the smell and a few times nearly gags but keeps going. He turns back to the bag and covers it with the guts to.

Willie: Yeh I know it stinks but come on now suck it up.

He chuckles nervously eyeing the door then slings the bag over his shoulders and picks up the axe.

Willie: Just in case, Just in case.

He goes to the door and quickly and quietly pushes the baricade away. He is so busy pushing he does not notice a walker pressed in the door window of the room until it tumbles in behind him with a moan.

Willie: I...

He quickly shuts up but remains tense like a deer in the headlights as the walker gets up and sniffs blindly around the room turning to face the man. In life it might have been a kindergarden teacher but now its a bloody mess with kid sized chunks missing from its arms and neck. It eyes him and Willie tries to match the gaze with the dead stare of a medicated patient.

After a few tense seconds the walker turns its head and shuffles off to the far end of the room. Willie looks down at his axe, considering it but shakes his head; this walker caught him by surprise he cant afford any more mistakes. Carefully he side steps the walker and heads out the door.

Willie: (whispering) To close, to close.

He carries on silent and aware for any threat as he followes the directions to the main lobby, the door once magneticaly locked is now wide open. Wille smiles at this and exits into open sunshine.