Prey is the seventh episode of Roots of Decay the prequel series of Walking Dead the Survival.


Faith is a strange and easily shattered thing. How will Moe survive the birth of a world of horror with his life and faith intact.


We open in a street where pandemonium has broken out; its a mix of panic and rioting but all in all sheer chaos. We see a newspaper trampled on the ground the headline is hard to make out but the picture shows hazmat wearing soldiers storming a hospital.

Mark (V.O) Panic is like a wildfire, it consumes all in its path.... sometimes it moves faster and can be more savage than the dead.

The scene then switches to Moe walking through the chaos; perhaps the only man in the area not gripped by fear or greed. He is wary though watching for any kind of threat to himself or his pack of supplies. He carries a steel baseball bat ready in case someone were to try and steal his supplies.

Man 1: Out of the way.

Moe jumps back has a man races past pushing a shopping cart full of stolen electronic, jewellary and other such items. Moe can only shake his head in disgust at the greed and poor planning of people like that.

News Reporter: We are reporting live from.... airport's are now closed.... transport minimal martial law has....

The report is cut off has a rock sails through the air and smashes the screen.

Moe: No, No, No....

Homeless Man: The end, end of times, end of days, god has sent his wolves to ravage the wicked and save the just.

The homeless man grabs Moe by the shoulders; he is a wide eyed vagrant and its hard to tell if he is drunk, crazed, stoned or a little of all three.

Homeless Man: Repent and be saved!

Moe shoves him back more out of anger at the partial news he learnt than at this supposed mad man's ravings. He tries to carry on his way but the man grabs hold of him again.

Moe: Out of my way.

Homeless Man: Judgement is coming for us all, repent to God

Moe: Leave me be.

He tries to push the man away but the homeless man holds on tighter like a small child wanting attention.

Homeless Man: Those who refuse God's word belong to the wolves.. find truth and be saved.

Moe may be irritated by this crazed man but he is to wrapped up in his own concerns to deal with the man. Still the man is a hinderance he does not need now. Looking around him its clear he needs to get off the streets, before things go from bad to worse.

Moe: I'm sorry.

He quickly pushes the man back and wacks the back of the one of his legs to disable him before carrying on ignoring the man's howls of pain and insane ramblings.

Homeless Man: They come for us now, they come for....

His cries are drowned out by the rioting and a faint soon to be familiar sounds; the od cry, gasp and scream has something other than looters and rioters starts to make its precense known in the crowd. Moe is not aware of it; eyes scanning the sign posts for something.

Woman: Stop please... please that's all I have.

Moe turns briefly to see a woman struggling to hold onto a bag of groceries that a man is rabidly trying to take from her. Another man is rummaging through an already taken bag stuffing his pockets with stolen items. What get's Moe attention is the two small children clinging to the woman crying in panic and fear. The youngest looks no older than three.

Boy 1: Mama, I'm scared.

Boy 2: Want go inside.

This sight is enough to give Moe angered pause. This is something both at home and here he can not abide and he approaches quietly as one of the men draws a switch blade on the woman.

Thug 1: Ok Bitch either you give me the bag or ill cut your fucking hand off.

Thug 2: Better do what he says sweaty.....

The second thug goes limp has Moe's bat lands on the back of his head.

Thug 1: What the fuck?!

Moe: Take your friend and leave while you can.

Thug 1: Fuck you Abu we were here first (notices Moe's bag) or hell why don't you give us a little something for out troubles and we will leave the bitch and brats alone.

Moe shakes his head in disgust.

Moe: Your less than animals, to prey on women and children.

The thug just laughs at that and advanced on Moe, quickly drawing a gun to point at his head.

Thug 1: Brave words, perhaps you can eat them along with a side helping of led.

Woman: Behind you!

Both men turn in confusion at her words but the thug is the one who is tackled to the ground by the vagrant from earlier. They both struggle for a moment and then the mugger lets out a howl of pain.

Thug 1: Fucker you just bit me!

He manages to push the vagrant off him and we se has his face is pushed up its covered in blood is the face of a freshly turned walker. We also see the vagrant's stomach has been torn open and his entrails spilling behind him. He reaches hungrily for the humans.

Moe: What on Earth

Thug 1: Bastard's tweeking on something (notices his companion starting to stir) Bout time you woke up.

Thug 2: What the, someone get the number of.... fuck.

He narrowly avoids a swing from the walker; its hand catchets on a loaf in his pocket and pulls it free spilling more food out.

Thug 2: Oh no you don't asshole that's ours.

Seeing the two thugs distracted Moe looks at the woman and her children; indicating them to run now. The woman indicates she has car keys in hand and nods to Moe. The sound of gunfire draws their attention has the men fire on the walker doing little to stop it. What it does seem to do is draw more attention from the crowd.

Boy 2: Mama more monsters.

We see other walkers stumbling towards them ; some attacking others that get in their way but more are being drawn by the gunfire. Moe has no clue what they are but instinct tells him he can not fight them and saying wont lead to anything good. He turns ignoring the thugs who are now wrapped up in dealing with the walkers to focus on their old targets. Moe nods to the woman and runs to scoop up her youngest and the four run off.

Woman: Why you... didn't have to.

Moe:.... I.... it was better than the alternative.

The sounds of the men screaming cause them to wince.

Moe: We need to leave the city.

Woman: My car's not far from here I can get you somewhere safe... its the least I can do.

Moe nods in silent thank has they continue to run to an uncertain future.