Bad Trip is the eighth episode of Roots of Decay the prequel series of Walking Dead the Survival.


A night of clubbing turns deadly serious for Slade.


We open to the sound of a low base beat, muted but riseing in pitch in what seems to be darkness.

Man's voice: Are you ready to party?

The loud cheer of a crowd fills the air has things come into focus. Its some kind of warehouse or underground club though its hard to tell in the shadows and strobing lights of a wild rave. People are either dancing hard to the music, drinking, making out or passed out.

Man's voice: I cant here you.

The voice belongs to the DJ who is on stage in the middle of the room surrounded by gear. The crowd roars in applause has he plays the music louder to match their enthusiam.

DJ: That's what I'm talking about... might be some crazy shit going down out in the big bad world but tonight we are gonna party like rock gods.

Penelope V.O: When chaos comes knocking at the door there are those who stand and try and beat it down while others face it with a laugh and a smile.

Slade: Man that guy's got em eating out of his hands but where's the fucking passion?

We see Slade sitting in a booth in the back of the room with a few other guys watching the show.

Man 1: Relax Slade you aint working tonight, kick pack and party.

Man 2: Yeh man, we got everything we need, babes, booze and ..... (he bends over to snort some drugs off the table) and some fine ass coke.

Slade: Keep it down Zeke, you want to get us in trouble?

The rest of the group laugh like Slade told a very good joke; only Slade is not laughing.

Zeke: Get a load of this guy.... worried about the cops in a place like this.... they got other shit to worry about aint that right Ryan.

''Ryan the first guy just nods and whips out his phone to show a few news reports of the past few weeks. We see reports of attacks and riots in various parts of the country. Odd news to them but clear sighns of the spread of the walker plague and the fall to come.

Ryan: Cops going nuts, riots, cannibal campsites the world is getting crazier by the day.

He shakes his head while one of there other friends gets up. In the light he looks sweaty but the grimace he is pulling tells Slade he is not hot.

Slade: You fell ok Ty?

Ty: Guts spinning.... I need some air.

He stumbles off through the crowd of people to a door that leads outside. Slade shakes his head.

Slade: And that is one of the main reasons I kicked the habbit.... bad trips suck.

Zeke: Oh come on Slade the good ones far outweigh the bad any day..... hey hun you want a dance.

He gets up to follow to pretty girls and starts dancing with them.

Ryan: Well at least one of us is gonna get laid tonight.

The two watch as Zeke whispers something in one of the women's ears only for her to turn and slap him in the face and walk off with her friend.

Slade: Or not.

He laughs but winced has the DJ puts on the next song.

Slade: fucking amateur hour.

Ryan: I told those guys bringing you to a club on your night off was a bad idea.

Slade: Bad idea nothing but I would have settled for a backyard BBQ but you guys said we needed to do something "fun"

Ryan: Slade your passionate but even Da Vinchi took a day off from time to time.

Slade gives him a less than impressed look but concedes somewhat.

Slade: I tell you what one of you guys by the next round and I might consider enjoying myself.

Ryan: (laughs) Now that's a bit more like it.

We then jump a forward through the evening with a few shots of the party and everyone having a good time. Its now super early in the morning and outside the club. Most people have left or can be seen stumbling off. Slade is waveing off Ryan who has a very drunk Zeke on his shoulder.

Slade: You get that guy home in one piece now.

There is a soft laugh between the men before Slade turns to leave and walks off to his car. The sound of a trash can falling in the distance causes him to jump slightly but he shakes it off.

Slade: Dam it Ryan, those reports can make a guy scared of his own shadow.

He gets in his car and stats the engine and turns on the lights; illuminating what seems to be a couple. One is familiar to Slade and he chuckles.

Slade: Ty, so that's where you got to you lucky bastard.

He smiles and drives off. What he does not see has he drives is the woman's arm flailing weakly and a trail of blood running down her arm leading up to her mangled throat has the walker of TY devoures the woman.

Penolope V.O: Sometimes we don't see the Chaos coming until its to late; but sometimes not seeing the initial danger can save from a greater threat.