Bars (Four Walls) is the ninth episode of Roots of Decay the prequel series of Walking Dead the Survival.


Karina seems to have an average day in prison, until it all suddenly changes and it´s the survival of the fittest. .


We open to the sound of a prison alarm. A long low sound to start the day for the prisoners of the women's correctional facility.

Voice: All right you little bitches get your asses out of bed and fall in line.

We close in on the sleeping eye of Karina that flutters open at the voice. She grumbles and roles over to get up and blearlily looks at the clock on the side of the desk near her bunk.

Karina: Fucking hell its not even nine yet Saunders.

Before she can even get fully off the bottom bunk a guard yank her in line; Saunders is a rough looking guy that might be more at home as a prisoner than a guard. Its clear from the glint in their eyes and guarded looks the prisoners hate his guts.

Saunders: When I tell you to get in line berishnakov you get in fucking line!

Karina roles her eyes at his behavior; she has faced tougher men than him and they both know it. Despite that its clear this is a guy who gets his kicks trying to break peoples spirits.

Saunders: You sassing me?

Karina does not respond but eyes him defiantly; he cant do anything without proper cause and she, the other prisoners and the guards on the doors know it. The sound of approaching people coming draws his attention.

Saunders: You got lucky you little slut.

He turns and walks down the line to meet another guard and a man in a lab coat and clip board. The three talk amoungst themselves while the prisoner stand waiting. A few look pisses and irritated but no one is ready to try anything with the guard at the doors on alert with guns. Karina does note something odd though.

Karina (muttering): Lot more Guards on the doors today Shans

Shannon; Karina's cell mate is a tall well built dark skinned woman. She might be pretty if not for the ugly scar from a knife fight from year ago running down her face.

Shannon: Yep... could be a problem... you think someone talked?

Karina is silent but her eyes show us she is thinking things through.

Karina: Not that I know of but.... shit people been getting real jumpy lately and those guard look green to me.

Karina looks at the guards again and think some more.

Shannon: Perhaps it was Becks.

Karina turns to look at her cellmate in disbelief.

Karina: No way Becks is....

Shannon: She was pretty messed up when they took her to the medwing after that tussle with that crack head a few days ago. Space case was like a rabid dog biteing everything that moved.

Karina: Becks wouldnt talk... even on Morphine or half out of it that woman's quieter than a mute.

A prisoner opposite her ribs Karina to be quite has the guards and the doctors are approaching.

Saunders: Listen up ladies the doc here is going to give you all a quick exam, and if your good you get to go about your day, if not you go to the med wing.

Prisoner 1: Like hell we are, everyone who's gone there lately aint come back!

Saunders: Riggs you got something to share with the class?

The Guard has strode of to the far end of the line to a young latino woman who looks ready to pick a fight.

Riggs: We aint going anywhere with Doc Frankenstein over there....

Before she can continue Saunders puts her in a choke hold to quite her. She struggles valiantly but the guy is twice her size, trained, experienced but more importantly short tempered.

Saunders: I said you got something to say Riggs?

But Riggs has gone limp under his shoulder; head lolled to the side. With a boared sigh he drops her to the ground and indicates to waiting guards.

Saunders: Get her to the med wing now!

Two of the guards come forward without a word and drag her off.

Saunders: Anyone else got anything to say.

No response; some frozen in shock but most are two angry but wise to the rules to move.

Saunders: Didn't think so.

He turns to leave walking down the line of female prisoners has the guards come forward with the doctor.

Karina: I swear.....

Shannon puts her hand on her shoulder, the look in her eyes tells Karina he is not worth it.

Shannon: Don't want that prick ruining "graduation" day do we?

Karina:.... No.

They stand in line quietly now has the staff approach.

The events of the day progress with Karina passing her medical, going through her day in prison. It seems standard stuff; shower, work in the prison laundry, food. We come to normal time again to find her in the prison yard. Most inmates are chatting, doing sports or trying to pass the time. Karina is staring out the mesh fence to the world outside.

Shannon: Bird watching again?

Karina: Yep, got a problem with that?

Shannon: Hey I wont judge... worse ways to pass the time.

Karina gets where she is coming from and turns to sit next to the other prisoner.

Karina: So they figure a distraction?

Shannon: Lets just say things are going to get smoky in the woodworking room.

Karina: Dare I ask how Dobbs managed that?

Shannon: I wouldn't.......

The sound of an alarm going off gets there attention but its not the fire alarm. Its the call for all to return to their cells.

Shannon: What the they only ring that thing if someone's already tried to escape.... you don't think one of the others....

Karina is about to say something but notes the way the crowd is heading back in. With so few guards its messy almost like kids pileing after break instead of organized lines.

Karina: Wait, we might be able to use this to our advantage come on.

The two get up; Shannon following Karina's lead has the two melt into the crowd. Karina using her agility and Shannon her size to get through with minimal effort. Inside Karina quickly notices a spot where a guard would normally be and quickly slips that way and through a door into an empty corridor followed by Shannon.

Shannon: That was pretty slick.

Karina: Come on were not out of the woods yet; someone's bound to have seen that on the cameras.

Shannon nods and the two quickly start walking; not to fast to rouse suspicion of anyone they pass but fast enough to get to their destination before any opposition comes to detain them.

Shannon: Seems quite, you think the others made it?

Karina: Not sure but we will find out when we get there... to risky checking there cell blocks, a guard see's us then we are done.

A scream followed by a gun going off causes them to stop.

Karina: That came from uphead.

Shannon: The medwing's that way.

The sound of more gunfire and footsteps follows and its approaching the pair.

Shannon: Shit its coming right at us and that's the way we got to go.

Karina looks around quickly eyes sharp for an escape or a weapon. She spots a door to the roof of the prison.

Karina: Through there now, we are meeting on the roof anyway and we can use the pipes to get aross to D block.

Shannon: Shit I forgot your used to tight squeezes like this.

The two quickly go through the door. Karina wips around, see's a fire extinguisher. With out a word she pulls it off its rest and slams into the door mechanism. Once she is sure its damaged she turns to continue.

Shannon: Bloody hell is that Riggs?

Karina looks up and jumps back in fright at the sight of the other prisoner now a bloody walker. She has a bullet wound through her cheek and blood smeared over her face from some unfortunate victim. Karina stares at the woman in horrified wonder and just out of perspective behind her we can see a few more walkers of other inmates and prison staff. The Riggs walker slams on the door trying to get to the two women. Shannon: What the fuck did they do to her.... she looks....

Karina: We need to move now

Shannon: But...

Karina: Look I don't know what's going on but I know we cant stay here and that aint Riggs's blood.

Shannon: I guess but shit it look like chaos out there what if the others.

Karina: Its better than staying here and waiting for the guards or those things to find another way through this is not the only door to the roof.

Shannon is silent for a moment but she knows Karina is right.

Shannon: Lead the way then.

The two head off for the roof and freedom to an uncertain world.