Blood On A Lonely Road
Season 1, Episode 10
Episode 1.10
Air date January 6, 2013
Written by AnubisGirl12
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In episode 10 the remaining survivors are low on supplies fleeing a heard of walkers and a pack of rabid dogs.


We open on a deserted road. The sound of an engine fills the air and we see the car the survivors are using tear down the road. We go inside and its bad. Slade has a bandaged arm with fresh blood oozing through it while Salvatore and Moe try to apply pressure. While Mark drives and Corey looks at the map.

Corey: Turn left here.

Mark: Got it, how we doing back there?.

Slade: Oh terrific considering Ive been fucking bitten by Cujo.

Moe: Just be thankful it was a dog and not a walker.

Slade: Oh yeah rabies is so much better in the grand scheme of things.

Mark: Look at least their is a cure and according to the map the Pine Ridge folks gave us their should be an emergency center from the local hospital around here somewhere.

Salvatore: We just have to find it first.... Jesus Christ Mark stop the car now!

Up ahead we can see a heard of walkers approaching to thick and to dangerous to drive through. They don't see the car come to a stop and mindlessly approach.

Corey: Everyone get down and stay quite.

The group covers themselves in blankets and get as low as possible in the vehicle and remain still has the herd approaches the car. Its a group of about 100 walkers all in various states of decay and a mix of army and civilian along with some med staff. Most walk past the vehicle while some nudge it having smelt fresh meet but unable to pinpoint the source. A walker with half its face ripped off presses up against the glass on Mark's side of the car its rotting tong traces across the window has its tries to locate its prey. A bead of sweat runs down Marks head despite the fact the thing cant get in its proximity is unnerving and his hand its tracing his weapon. A howl suddenly draws the walker's attention.

Salvatore: Shit that's all we need the dogs followed us.

A pack of 20 or so dogs has  appeared from the direction the survivors came. Some of them are twitching and have frothing mouths indicating rabies. The leader; a black mastiff is covered in blood around the mouth area indicating he is the one who bit Slade.

Slade: Could our luck suck any harder?

Moe: Wait..... listen.

They listen an here the sound of the dogs yelping and Salvatore dares to look up and can not hide his grin.

Salvatore: Guys I think we still got a bit of luck left after all.

We see the walkers going for dogs having smelt the blood on the leader. They swarm and collapse on top of the dogs and themselves in a frenzy. Some are damaged has the dogs fight back but the walkers have numbers on their side.

Mark: Lets go while their distracted.

Mark starts the car and the slowly drive off.


The survivors car pulls up at the medical site. The place is a mess and it looks like people left in a hurry has their is stuff strewn across the floor.

The group gets out of the car.

Moe: Ok lets make this quick and quite, Corey you stay with Slade.... keep him safe.

Corey: Got it.

The three men head off.

Mark: Here we go.

They find a supply van that look undamaged but its locked.

Moe: Salvatore and I will try and open it why don't you look around for some supplies Mark.

Mark: Alright if you find the vaccine go straight back to Slade and Corey and we will meet back in 15.

They nod and Mark goes off to look in some tents. He pokes his pistol through one first before finding its safe and enters. It a med bay and by the look of it several patients were walkers has the beds have broken restraints and limbs still in them.

Mark: Shit.

He looks around rummaging through some overturned buses and find a few things including aspirin, bandages and some drugs that he dose not recognize. A sound catches his attention and whips around expecting an attack only to come face to face with a doe. Man and beast stare at each other for a moment before the creature is spooked and runs off back the way it came.

Mark: Don't blame you this place is not right.

He goes back to searching the back of the room and finds a medical box sealed with a padlock. Lifting it up onto the table he finds a heavy rock and hits it a couple of times before it smashes.

Mark: Here we go

The box contains the heavy stuff with a lot of top class medicine and drugs within. He looks through them and finds some vials of immunological and the rabies vaccine which is more than enough to help Slade.

Mark: Thank you god.

A scream suddenly fills the air air cutting through his relief.

Mark: Shit

Mark runs back to the van to find Corey and Slade have arrived also and to find Moe trying to stop the bleeding from a wound in Salvatore's stomach.

Mark: What the hell happened, was it a walker?

Moe: No a booby trap.

He indicates to the open doors of the back of the van. Inside we see a shotgun trap has been rigged to the door so the gun would fire when the door is forced open. Inside we see an emaciated Walker struggling to rise and attack. Mark looks at it with a mix of sympathy and disgust.

Mark: You son of a bitch, you hid from them didn't you but you ran out of food....

He shoots the walker in the head and walks over to the group who have collected around Salvatore. Moe looks at Mark and shakes his head and we see a large pool of blood around Salvatore's body. Mark hands Corey the medicine. His face is blank but he is only hiding his sadness. Mark knows Corey must not see what has to be done next.  He looks at Slade who nods taking the medicine.

Slade: Say kid you wanna help me with this

Corey: Hmm

Slade: Well I need to hands and one of mine's out of commission so what do ya say.

Corey: I guess but...

Slade: Its alright kid Moe and Mark have got this one

He ushers Corey away and Mark goes to kneel next to Moe and Salvatore. Moe has his eyes closed and is mumbling a small prayer. Salvatore is starting to play from blood loss.

Salvatore: Be honest its bad right

Mark: I... yeah were not doctors and you've just....

Moe: It was just....

Salvatore: Stow it you to..... all the ways I expected to go getting shot by some booby trap was not on the list ( he laughs weakly)

Mark: Save your strength we can still....

Salvatore: No you said it yourself it over.... Moe... I don't if its allowed but... I want you to... end it... end me

Moe: Salvatore I....

Salvatore: Please... we all know what the alternative is if you don't and I will be dammed if I turn into one of those things.

Mark: If you want I can...

Moe: No... Salvatore is right and it is his wish that I do this.... can you.

Mark: I understand

Mark gets up to leave and we follow him has he walks in silence. A single shot rings out in the air startling a flock of birds that fly away.