Smile of the Devil
Season 1, Episode 11
Episode 11
Air date January 14, 2013
Written by AnubisGirl12
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Episode 10: Blood on a lonely road
Episode 12: Grip of fear

Episode 11 see's the remaining survivors arrive at the foot of the Rockey Mountains.


We open in someones point of view has they trek through the woods outside a town. At first we are unable to tell if they are one of the survivors or a even human. A low moan of a walker is heard and the person tenses before ducking behind a tree confirming they are human.

A walker shambles past the tree and pauses sniffing the air has a dead rabbit is thrown to the ground a little to the left of it. Ignoring the sent the creature goes straight for the rabbit and we here the slung of metal meeting bone has a large hunting knife lands in the creature's head.

Back in the stranger's point of view we see them pluck the blade from the walkers skull and pick up the rabbit dusting off the carcass before putting it back in a bag with other caught animals. From the shape of the hands we are able to tell the person is male. They continue to walk on but pause at the sound of a car in the town. They consider for a moment before turning to walk deeper into the woods.

Man: Forget it

We then go into the town to find the survivors cars coming to a stop the noises from the engine indicating the vehicle is on its last legs.

Mark: Shit, lets hope there's fuel here.

Corey: Um hmm.... hows the arm Slade?

Slade uncovers his arm and we see from it some time has past since the bite is now a pink scar.

Slade: How do you think kid?

Moe: He's just curious you know....  and a bit scared

Slade:.... I know its just....

They both nod and get out of the car following Mark and Corey to explore the town for supplies. Corey has stopped to stare at a large  poster on the side of the building. Its a faded poster of a devil mascot for a local football team grinning down at them group with faded eyes.

Corey: Do you think he made the walkers?

Moe: I don't know but if he did God gave them weakness so we could fight back.

Corey: I guess.

Slade: Hey guys I found a town map.

He leads them over to one of those you are here maps. Its a bit faded but still in good enough condition to read.

Mark: Ok according to this their should be a gas station down the block and a mountain gear shop across the street from their.

Slade: Good... especially if that where we are going.

He indicates the Rockey mountains looming behind the town. Cocooned in low hanging clouds against the grey sky they look ominous.

Mark: All right lets go and lets stick together.

Slade: Don't have to tell me twice.

They head down the middle of the street keeping an eye out for walkers and watching any fallen corpse they do see with suspicion. Nothing rises though and they continue on unaware they are being followed by an unseen figure from they alleyways.

The group approach the gas station which is as deserted has the rest of the town. A half eaten walker tries to rise and attack but its tangled tightly in the pumps and cant move and just sits there reaching for them. Moe takes it out with a pipe through the skull.

Moe: Lets be careful, there could be more nearby.

Slade: Shit... I think we have a problem.

We follow his gaze to see a petrol tanker smashed into the wall of the back of the building the back of the tank torn open from the crash. You can see inside but there is still quite a bit of petrol inside and one spark would be enough to light the thing up. Mark begins to approach it with their petrol can but Moe stops him. He indicates to the dark inside of the tank and pulls out a flashlight. Mark get where he is coming from and they approach quietly. Once they get close enough Moe switches the Flashlight on and they pear inside. There is nothing dangerous within and the group lets out a rev leaved sigh.

Corey: How are we gonna get the petrol out then?

Moe: Slade, you and I will give Corey a boost and hold onto him ok.

Slade: Sure just be careful you don't get any of that stuff on you alright kid.

Corey: Got it.

The pair boost him up and dangle him into the tank and he dips the can into the liquid until its full. Giving the single he is hoisted out and seals up the can. Mark who had been keeping watch turns noticing they are done. Ok next stop the gear shop. They head off again and Mark stops getting the feeling they are being watched and turns to look around but no one is there.

Mark: Weird.

They come upon the shop and like many others its badly wrecked. Slade is opening the door while talking to Moe not paying attention for potential danger.

Slade: Lets hope there is still some stuff we can.... ( a body swings through the  door knocking him over) holy fuck.

Corey: Slade! was it a walker.. did it bite you! did it bite you, DID IT BITE YOU!

Moe: Corey calm down! I don't think its going to hurt anyone look.

He has had to physically restrain the terrified boy and is shocked by his reaction at the same time. He has been concerned about the boy since Black pine and now his fears are being confirmed he just dosen't know what to do and its killing him. He looks over to Mark who understands and walks over to the dangling corpse and turns back to Cory with a smile.

Mark: See look it dead Corey.

Corey: But why did someone hang it up like that?.

We now see the corpse which was once a walker has been hung up like a macabre scarecrow its face locked in a ictus scowl.

Moe: A warning, someone wants us to stay away.

Slade: Well it sure as hell worked I think I just pissed my pants.

He gets up and dusts him self off. And cuts the walker corpse down and drags it away and we see from the back of its head that it was stabbed in the same manner as the walker at the start of the episode. Cautiously now Slade stocks his head into the building and grins.

Slade: Well I think I figured out why that scarecrow was hanging up like that?

The group look inside and we see the place is well stocked with gear and a few other supplies.

Moe: Lets just take what we need.

Slade: Are you kidding  there is more stuff here than we have seen in a good while why shouldn't we take extra.

Mark: He's right, whoever hung that walker corpse up was trying to scare off looters. If they come back and find a lot of their stuff missing they are gonna be pissed.

Slade: Alright.... then.


Its dark and the group has set up a camp site outside of town. Corey and Slade are asleep while Mark and Moe are still up keeping watch.

Moe: I am concerned about Corey..... he has seen to much death and I fear its getting to him.

Mark: I know but what can we really do for him, we don't have enough supplies to go back the way we came and I don't think he would want to leave the group even if we asked him to.

Moe: I just fear for him....

Mark: We will keep an eye on him.... don't worry everything will be fine.

They go back to their watch unaware Corey is awake a sad look on his face.

Next Day

Slade: Corey

Moe: Corey

Mark: Corey

The group are standing in different parts of the forest and we realize Corey has gone missing. Slade is holding a hastily written letter in his hands.It reads


I don't want to be trouble so I'm going back to Black Pine



Mark: Shit he could be anywhere by now

Moe: He could not have gotten to far... Mark listen don't beat your self up we couldn't have known he was listening.

Mark: I know its just I promised we would keep him safe.

Slade: Guys I've found his trail come on we might be able to catch up.

The walk on and has they walk we get inter cut scenes of someone digging in the woods there are dead walkers on the floor and a corpse wrapped in blankets.

Later near the dusk the group come upon a clearing and find the grave sight. There are two walkers dead and discarded and one has the remains of a child's hand dangling from it's mouth. Both have been shot through the head. The grave nearby is fresh and the right size for Corey.

Mark: No... Nooooo

Moe: Mark... we don't know its....

Slade: It was... look.

Pinned to the grave is a message written by whoever dug the grave.

Sorry I couldn't get there in time

He was bitten

I did what I had to, he didn't suffer

Mark takes the note and crumples in rage before collapsing on the ground in a mix of anger and sorrow.

Moe: Now what

Slade: I....

Mark: We keep going... kid would have wanted that way.

He gets and composes himself unaware the group is being watched through a pair of binoculars. We pull back to reveal the mystery figure to be Other Nathan.