Over the Mountain and to the Dawn
Season 1, Episode 13
Episode 113
Air date January 27, 2013
Written by AnubisGirl12
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Episode 13 is the finale of Season 1 of survivor. Having been rescued from certain death the remaining survivors attempt to work out if their new friend is a help or a danger.


We open on the inside of a cave that has been converted into a home of sorts. There is a makeshift bed in the back, supplies stacked here and there, a fire pit and several other items.

Nathan: Ok we're here now.... just be careful.

Nathan slides into view and we realize the cave is carved right into the rock and the only way in is a narrow path. Moe eventually appears and helps Mark in who is dragging his leg along.

Mark: Why the hell would anyone live in such a hard to reach place.

Nathan:(starting a fire) One walkers cant get in and.... its secure.

Moe: How long have you been here?

Nathan: I.... couple of months Id have to check (he indicates a wall close to Mark)

Moe goes to investigate and we see the wall has been made into a calender. In any other situation that would be fine considering the state of things but Moe notices there are words scratched in the wall also. Some are names while others are nonsensical violent words. He casts Nathans back a concerned glance.

Nathan: Can you fetch the pack over there it has bandages and some alcohol.

Moe just nods and walks over to a small pile of supplies and picks up the gear and pauses at the sight of a black leather bound journal. It could just be a book but in Moe's mind there is no doubt its the twin of the book Corey found in Black Pine.

Nathan: Um... can I have the meds or do you want your friend to bleed out?

Moe: What... here ( no one see's him pocket the journal).

Nathan: Hold him down for a moment (he uncorks the alcohol and indicates he is going to poor it over the wound).

Mark: You ever do anything like this before?

Nathan: Well.... lets just I haven't killed anyone yet.

Mark: well that's comforting.

Nathan: Ok I'm not gonna lie to you this next bit is gonna kill.

He nods and Moe holds Mark down while Nathan pours the alcohol on the wound. We pull away from the scene and here Mark scream.

Later the fire is crackling when Mark wakes up and looks around disorientated before realizing where he is. He looks around and finds Moe but no sign of Nathan. He notices Moe is reading the journal and frowns.

Mark: What are you doing?

Moe: We have a problem.

Mark: What do you mean and where is Nathan?


Mark: So why are you going through his stuff?

Moe: Look familiar (he pulls out the book Corey found and puts the pair down in front of Mark open showing identical handwriting)

Mark: Shit.... we cant jump to conclusions.... Nathans a little jumpy but he's not that guy the Black Pine folks were talking about.

Moe: I normally wouldn't but the man has to many ticks and some of these journal entries are a little disturbing. ( he shows Mark a page covered in threatening words written in a different but similar hand to Nathans)

Mark:... we watch and wait... he may be a little damaged but nobody could last this long without a little scaring.

Moe: And should the worst come to worse.... we don't hesitate.

Later the three are sitting in front of the fire while Nathan is cooking a rabbit on a home made spit. There is an uneasy silence.

Moe: So.... Nathan where are you from.

Nathan: Back south a little place outside Atlanta.

Mark: Family?

Nathan: (looks at him with a guarded look) Dead!

Moe: I'm sorry... walkers.

Nathan: It dosen't matter now dead is dead.

The pair don't notice his hands trembling which he only just manages to hide,

Nathan: So you guys were heading out here to wait it out?

Mark: Something like that.... the city's we were in went to hell fast.

Nathan: Wouldn't know that, the group I was with we figured it was best to stay out of the cities especially after what happened with Anton.

Moe: Who?

Nathan: He was our leader.... he couldn't take it almost got us all killed but wound up getting himself killed instead.

The two men share a look knowing all to well what happened with Phil and don't question it.

Moe: Where is your group now.

Nathan: Dead.

Moe: But not you.

Nathan: What are you implying?

Mark: Look we don't mean any offense but its like you said yourself we cant be to careful these days.

Moe: Appearances can be deceiving.

Nathan: What... (he laughs nervously again) just because I live alone in a cave you think I'm some kind of maniac.

Moe: Your words not ours

Nathan: Please can we just drop this....

Mark: Look all we're saying is we don't know that well... hell you said it yourself you have some trust issues of your own.

Nathan: I guess your right but that dosen't mean I appreciate the interrogation (looks at Moe) or people going through my stuff.

Moe: How...

Nathan: I was in the army and one thing I was really good at is concurrence so I know when someone's moved my stuff.

There is a sinister tone is his voice that barely hides a veiled threat. A slight change has come over his features that only Mark notices. A dark predatory look.

Moe: Well since we're being  honest you every heard of a place called Black Pine Ridge?

Nathan: Maybe... why?

Moe: (drops the other journal in front of him) Look Familiar?

Nathan winces at the sight of the book and just covers lifting his hand to his head which is starting to hurt.

Nathan: Its a book... lot of them around these days.

Moe: Really all with your hand writing?

Suddenly Nathan has had enough in a move quicker than both can track he has moved to tackle Moe to the floor he has his knife pressed to the other man's throat. His whole posture has turned violent. The two men don't know it but Other Nathan has just entered.

Other Nathan: You know you really ask to many question Moe (he traces the knife over the side of Moe's face laughing softly to a joke in his head)

Mark: Let him up Nathan

Mark has managed to prop himself up and has a gun pointed at Nathans head.

Other Nathan: You wouldn't.

Mark: (Pulling the trigger back) try me.

Other Nathan: I don't doubt it ( he gets up and walks over to Mark do the gun is pressed over his heart)

Mark: What the hell are you doing

Other Nathan: Seeing if you have what it many have you killed since this started.... people that is.

Moe: Mark don't listen to him... shoot.

Mark wants to shoot but there is something hypnotic about the way the man talks that has him pinned like a dear in the headlights.

Mark: Only the one I had to the ones that got in the way that threatened the group.

Other Nathan: Well then I guess we're the same then.

Moe: Like hell.... (without looking Other Nathan throws his knife kicking Moe in the arm)

Other Nathan: You don't get a line in this play Moe....

He turns back to face Mark only for the other man to strike him across the face knocking him out.

Later Nathan comes around at first he is confused but then he see's his hands have been bound and he starts panicking. Mark and Moe are near by watching him guns trained on him.

Nathan: what the hell... get these things off me now.

Mark: No chance after the shit you just pulled.

Nathan: What... shit not again.

Moe: What was that?

Nathan: Nothing ( he is getting more worked up) look untie me now or I have no idea what he's going to do.

Mark and Moe exchange a glance.

Mark: There's just us three.

Nathan: For the most part.... look just untie me.... please whatever he did I.... I have no control over it.

The look in Nathans eye is enough to convince Mark though Moe is guarded.

Later they are sitting around the fire Mark and Moe still have their weapons in hand while Nathan is staring into the flames.

Nathan: It started after.... I had to.... when my fiance died.

Moe understands his meaning and allows a bit of sympathy through having had to mercy kill Salvatore.

Nathan: I was having problems before that... docs called it PTSD then this happened.

Mark: What happened?

Nathan: (Sighs) Sally and I were hiding out in our apartment and we were fine until one of the neighbors bit her when we were scavenging.... I couldn't take her hospital... it was just chaos by then... she lasted 3 days before...

Mark: You did what you had to.... she wasn't the woman you knew anymore

Nathan: That just dosen't change the fact I did it.... stupid army training just took over and she was gone before I realized fully what happened.

Moe: I take it this started after her death.

Nathan: Like clockwork.... I thought it was side effects of the meds at first... then I nearly strangled a guy in the group when he tried to attack me when he was drunk.

Mark: But you never killed them... the people in your group.

Nathan: What... god no.... but I just cant be around people.. its to risky. Monica never trusted me after he the other me threatened her.

Moe: Why.

Nathan: She was a trainee psychiatrist she saw what I was.... tried to use it has leverage before Anton went nuts... the other me didn't take to kindly to that.

Mark: Bust he didn't kill her.

Nathan: No... according to her he said it would have raised to many questions if she was found dead the next day...

Mark: Do you know what triggers it.

Nathan: Stress mostly... well that was Monica's theory when ever I'm threatened or get to worked up... bad things happen.

Both men are silent considering things.

Nathan: Look I didn't ask for any of this but hell its not like I can get treatment so it better that I live here.. where I cant hurt anyone.

Mark: It not.

Nathan: What

Moe: What... Mark are you serious he's dangerous... Millie was more stable than him and look what happened there.

Mark: Dosen't matter.... all I know is its better we stick together for as long as we can... we need to start living instead of just surviving.

Moe: But.... you can be serious about asking him to come with us

Mark: I'm not saying there wont be risks bringing him along but it better than just hiding in a cave waiting to die.

Nathan: I... Moe's right your taking a risk... you cant trust me.

Mark gets up and hobbles over to Nathan.

Mark: Look ignoring what happened today you did not have to save us from that herd you could have just walked away but you didn't, that's all I need to know.

Moe: I guess.... but lets make one thing clear you give a hint either of you will be a threat we wont hesitate to do what we have to.

Nathan: Understood but if were going anywhere we should wait until you can walk on that leg.

Mark: Well until then I guess we plan our next move.


Mark: Aren't we all these days