Season 2, Episode 10
Episode 2.10
Air date July 6, 2013
Written by AnubisGirl12
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Episode 2.9: The Calm After
Episode 2.11: The Kindness of Strangers

Aim is the tenth episode of season two of Survivor, and the twenty-third episode overall. It will see the now split group of the factory facing a group of survivors at their dorstep. It will be written by  AnubisGirl12.


The group is slipt in two as some are away looking for supplies. The group in the factory is faced with a situation when three unknown men reach the factory. 


We open in a field near a small pond; its miday and all is quite. There is music playing softly from a nearby jeep its Dion's Wanderer. We go into the point of view of someone aproaching the jeep has they sneek up on the back of Tobias who is working on the viechle. He dosent notice until the gun clicks.

Thug: Dont move old man.

He pauses and we pull back to show two thugs, one holding the gun and the other looks realy sick and on the verge of turning.

Tobias(turning slightly): Now what can I do for you gentlemen?

Thug: I said dont move (presses the gun into Tobias's back for effect) you think we're jokeing?

Tonias shakes his head and puts the wrench down but in a curious way that makes it tap a bit. It sounds almost like a code.

Thug 2(Coughing): What you do there ?

Tobias: Nothing... I am an old man has you say, shaky hands thats all.

Its a reasonable explanation but there is something about the man's calm attitude that puts the thugs on edge.

Thug: You alone?

Tobias:Not at the moment.

Thug 2: You cheeky..... (breaks down into a fit of coughing)

Tobias: Say your friend dosent look to good.

The two thugs are distracted by their friends plight that they have not noticed that the radio has been switched off. Tobias has and we see him signaling with his hands to someone unseen. The thugs turn back to Tonias. The first deadly serious.

Thug: Ok here's the deal you give uss all your gear and we dont blow your fucking head off?

Tobias: (Smileing despite the peril): Not going to happen.

Thug 2: What the fuck you say?

Tonias: No, its genraly used to speak in the negative, in this case I am negativly responding to your request.

He smiles at something the thugs can not see. The audience see's the barrel of a gun nearby lineing up a shot.

Tobias: Now I have a propersition for you, leave now...(he steps back oposite the viechle) and my friend wont blow your head off.

The second thug is confused while the first one laughs.

Thug: Shit old man at first I thought you had balls now I can see your......

He dosent finish has a bullet wizzes through the air from the trees and flies through the side of his head killing him instantly. Before the second thug can react a second bullet hits his head to. For a while there is silence and then Cage appeares from the woods carrying a hunting rifle and some dead ducks over his shoulder,

Cage: You ok

Tobias: Yes, I was lucky these two were not the brightest bandits in the bunch.

Cage walks over to the dead bodies and pulls down the collar of the sick thug revealing a walker bite. Its a few days old and has a funy smell around it

Cage: Dumb's right, traveling with a guy so close to turning.

He gets up and dusts himself off.

Cage: You think they came from the chem lab?

Tobias: More than likely.... we did hear that Cole chap had been taken down. I guess now we know.

Cage: Yeh... say where's Michael.?

Tobias: Scouting the factory up ahead.... good thing to because I think our pest control might mean a few unwanted dinner guests.

Cage: Ill get the truck ready then.

We pull back has they get to work to reveal the factory roof above the tree line.

At the factory we see Moe and Diego looking out from the roof in the direction the rest of the group left.

Moe: Its been a day now.... I hope nothing happened to them.

Diego: You shouldnt worry your people can take of themselves, Cole's thugs picked much of the area clean and anything thats left was probably hidden. Some of those aseholes had their own private stashes.

Moe: I guess, still puting Nathan and Karina together even with Tank keeping an eye on him might have been unwise.

Diego: No it was the right thing to do, Nathan's demons are not going to go away by simple being locked out of the building. He needs to learn he can keep the wolf shackled.

Moe: True.....

A gun shot echoes from the west.

Moe: Shit so much for a quite evening.

The pair head down to the source of the noise revealed to be Ryder who has his gun pointed at one of the storage containers in the base. Evans is first to arrive.

Evans: Ryder? what the hell are you doing?

Ryder: Up there.... look.

Evans follows his line of sight and draws his own weapon to point at a figure perched in the shadows on the container. At first glance its muddy desheveled appearance would make you think it was a walker but the bright alert eyes and the fact its holding a machete defensivle shows its a human.

Evans: where the hell did he come from?

Ryder: No clue if the light hadnt changed when it did i would have missed him.

The others have arrived so the pair now have back up.

Ryder: Ok, tell us who you are and I wont blow your fucking brains out.

The man dose not respond and suddenly vaults off the container starly Ryder into fyring a round into the nearby wall.

Evans: Shit get after him.

The group chase after the man with Ryder and Evans in the front and Moe and Diego in the back.

Moe: You recognise him?

Diego: Cant be sure... fast son of a bitch whoever he is.

Up ahead the man has reached a fence that only has a few walkers mulling around it and he approaches it. The walkers turn and sniff the air but turn away uniterested. We then realise the man's grime covered clothing acts like a camoflague. Whatever it is is masking his scent. However has the other humans arive the Walkers start to get riled up and begin to crowd blocking his exit.

Ryder: Hold it.

He tackles the other man to the floor taking advantage of the speed he built up running after him. They start strugling and while Ryder has the advantage at first the older man quickly pins him down knife pressed to his throat has the others arive.

Evans: Ryder!

Diego: Carefull no sudden moves.

Moe: (Pointing his gun at the other man) Let the boy go.

The stranger dose not respond but looks at Moe in a lopsided way like he can not or wont make eye contact

Moe: Who are you? Whats your buisness here?

The man dose not respond just look between his hostage, the men and the fence. Suddenly a radio blares up attatched to the man's coat distracting him.

Tobias: Michael are you there?

Evans takes advantage of the distration and tackles the other man off Ryder knocking him out and sendin the radio skiding to Moe's feet. He picks the thing up cautiously his finger dangling over the button debating a response. He is distracted when the man bolts up trying to reclaim the radio onlt to be tackled and restrained by Evans who holds him has best he can.

Ryder: What are you doing dont answer that thing.

Diego: He's right we dont know what sought of people are on the other end.

Evans: (Still strugling to hold the mute Michael): He's right they could be dangerous... after everything we have been through you dont want us to go down that road again

Moe:.... What choice do we have..... I know we just survived one war but I will be damed if I start another one today. The deaths of the others will be meaning less if that happens.

The three look at each other understanding he is right and nod at him to proceed. Steading himself Moe pressess the talk button.

Moe:Who is this?

Tobias (R.V.O): Whos is this? Where is Michael?

Moe: Your friend is with us he's alive for the moment.

Tobias: Whoever you I can assume you have taken up residence in the factory?

Moe (Looks surprised but hides it in his voice): What makes you think we are in a factory.

Tobias: Because dear sir I am looking right at it.

We pull back to see the trio's viechle on the hill overlooking the factory their lights flashing to draw the humans attention.

Moe: Shit.

Later we see the survivors in front of the main gate has the viechle approaches has Evans and Diego work to keep the walkers distracted and to open the gates. Ryder is standing next to Moe his eyes on a cuffed Muichael who is watching them with an unreadable expression.

Ryder: This is a bad idea.

Moe: You think?

Ryder: We could have at least agreed to meet them somewhere else.... its to risky letting them in.

Moe: Its only three people and besides I think we can take them if we have two with one of them allready down.

Ryder: Still....

Moe:Ryder dont think I do not understand your concern, espesially after what we have been through but if we dont at least try and trust people we are better off dead.

They turn to watch Cage and Tobias exit the viechle.

Ryder: Shit that guy's bigger than Diego.

Seeing his firends Michael begins to strain at the cuffs but can not get free. Tobias frowns at this.

Tobias: You cuffed him?

Moe: He did have a knife pointed at one of our people.

Cage(Laughing): What ya expect, ya spoked him.

He lifts up the sleeve of his shirt to reveal a long scar down his arm.

Cage: Gave me this has a thank you for pulling him out of the Harbour back in New York.

The Factory group exchange concerned looks at the casual reactions of Cage to a dangerous situation.

Tobias: Now Cage dont play games.

Cage: Who's playing? Truth is the truth.

Tobias: Yes but your making them think young Michael is deranged.

Moe: Well he could have fooled us and actions to speak louder than words, espesially for a mute.

Tobias regards Moe for a moment.

Tobias: Not exactly a mute... but then again I think you might have guessed that since I gave him a radio.

Ryder: So what he's acting?

Tonias: No, but if you release him I would be more than happy to show you what makes out friend tick.

Moe: Why should we? How can we guarantee he wont try anything or that you wont for that matter?

Tobias: You cant.... look I doubt you know this but there are some unsacory charecters in these parts.... a rather nasty group in Chem lab a little way from here.

Evans: You threatening us?

Cage: Nope just daying when it comes down to it we are the lesser of two evils.

Moe: Or the only one left on the board.

The two men share a look again, they have identified each other has the leaders of their respected families and know there is no point playing games.

Tobias: So your the ones.

Moe: Yeh.... is that a problem?

Cage: Hardly we had no interest in that little hellspace espesially after the massacre at Redgate. Bastards took out a convoy of 30 people mostly women and children and all for oil and spare parts. God only knows what they did to the people they did not kill or leave for the walkers.

Moe shoot Diego a look for eleabaration and he just nods that it did happen.

Moe: And what part did you three have in that.

Tobias: Nothing but the unfortunate plesure of coming upon the the bloody results, now if you wouldkindly release our friend ?

Ryder:: Hey arnt you worried what we are gonna do to you... after all we did take down Cole.

Tobias: Well thats why I need to see Michael.

The others are confused but Diego gets it.

Diego: He's been watching us.

Ryder:Shit I tolled you Moe this was a bad idea we should....

His words are cut short since Moe has moved to aproach Michael. Withought a word he releases the young man who quickly gets up and walks over to his companions. He approaches Tobias and begins whispering in the older man's ear. The voice is low and raspy from disuse and the survivors cant make out what he is saying but Tobias listens with great interest The survivors look at each other and everyone has a hand on their wepons incase something will go wong. Finaly Michael finishes speaking and turns to face the survivors.

Tobias: Well it would seam the boy trust you despite what you did to him just now, dosent know what to make of your wayward friends though but I suspose time will tell if allowed.

Evans: And you believe him after he's been watching us for a couple of hours.

Tobias: Selective Mutism is a strange condition but it dose have certain advantages.... for example Michael is quite the observent chap.  He feels that you might be a little rough around the dges given your history but he feels we can trust you.

Moe: Trust us with what.

Tobias: To put it quite simple we are looking for somewhere to put down roots.... we wish to join you.

The group looks at each other stunned.

Fade to black.



Main CastEdit

Naveen Andrews as Muhammed Saied "Moe" Abdullah Alkwar

Gareth David Lloyd as Nathan Holt(absent)

Frank Ocean as Evans Rango Lamb

Michele Rodriguez as Karina Djovovich(absent)

Thomas Brodie Sangster as Ryder Thomas

IronE Singleton as Thomas "Tank Engine" Elkiroone (absent)

Javier Bardem as Diego Rolands

Also starringEdit

Jeremy Irons as Tobias Redcliff

Eric Mabius as Michael Everet

Bill Godlberg as Cage "Hunter" Jackson