The Kindness of Stargers
Season 2, Episode 11
Episode 2.11
Air date July 9, 2013
Written by Terelili
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The Kindness of Strangers is the eleventh episode of season two of Survivor and the twenty-fourth episode overall. It will see wheter the strabgers save Tanks life. It will be written by Terelili and will be released on July 9, 2013. 


Karina, Nathan and Tank are faced on a perilious situation on the store. The two new faces must decide wheter to save Tank or let him die. Nathan struggles to stay in control. 


-The young woman is pointing her gun at the trio.-

Woman: Give me a reason why I shouldn`t kill you right now.

Man: Tamara.... that man`s bleeding.

Tamara: I don`t care if that man`s bleeding, Bill! 

Karina: Look, if you don`t help our friend he`s going to die. Please, we just need some drugs and alcohol. 

Tamara: Was he bitten? Was he bitten?!

Nathan: We had to cut his arm off so the infection stopped. He`s okay, but he won`t be if you don`t help us. He will die.

Tamara: Put your weapons on the floor. Put your weapons on the floor!

-Karina and Nathan take out their guns and place them on the floor.-

Karina: It`s okay. We`re not here to hurt you. Just give us what we need and we`ll go.

-Tamara looks at Bill.-

Bill: Give them what they need. Lower your gun, they`re not bad people.

Tamara: We don`t even know them.

Bill: Tamara. You`re going to let that man die?

-Tamara stares at Tank, whose arm is spreading blood all over.-

Karina: Please...

-Tamara nods. She walks towards them.-

Nathan: Thank you so much.

-Tamara smiles.-

Tamara: No problem.

-Tamara hits Nathan with her weapon, leaving him uncousious, and then does the same to a stunned Karina.-

-Nathan wakes up on a room. He slowly opens his eyes and examines the place. It seems to be some sort of storage. He is tied up on a chair, and he feels a growing pain on his forehead. He remembered all that happened. Tank.-

Nathan: Tank....

-Nathan stares all around him and finds he is alone on the storage.-

Nathan: Tank! 

-Nathan tries to let himslef go from the chair.-

Nathan: Tank! Karina!

-Nathan starts sweating and tries to remain in control.-

-Karina is being hold up on the same spot she was left uncouscious. She overhears Bill and Tamara, but has no signs of Nathan and Tank. She closely listens Tamara and Bill talking on another room.-

Tamara: We don`t even know who they are! Maybe they`re on Chems, maybe they came here to attack us undercover.

Bill: Oh yeah. And they let one of them on a death situation. We have to help them.

Tamara: I`m going to go talk with the woman. Stay put and check on the bleeding man.

-A door is heard being opened and then closed, followed by footsteps. The next moment, Tamara is in front of Karina.-

Karina: Please! You have to help our friend! He will die any minute!

Tamara: Why should I trust you? Do you think I don`t know you were on Chems?

Karina: Chems is destroyed. You won`t find anything there. Go look by yourself.

Tamara: Destroyed? Who did that?

Karina: Who do you think did? Us.

Tamara: Us? You`re only three.

Karina: We`re more. Much more. If you help us, I prommise you we won`t do you anything.

Tamara: Your group. Where are they recluding?

Karina: We.... we`re on a factory at 47.

Tamara: You`re there the whole time?

-Karina nods.-

Karina: Help us. 

Tamara: Let`s do this. We help your friend, and you take us to your factory. We join you.

-Karina looks perplexed.-

Tamara: My husband and I have been here ever since it started. I NEED more people. I can`t even stare at him any more. We barely know what`s been going on outside here. except this town is ruined. We help you, we join you. 

Karina: That depends on our leader. 

Tamara: Okay then, your friend dies.

Karina: Okay fucker, you join us. Now, move your fucking us and save Tank.

-Tamara smiles.-

-Other Nathan is  hold up on the storage.-

-Bill opens the door and steps inside.-

Bill: Hi.

Other Nathan: Hello yourself.

-Bill seems nervous.-

Bill: Look, I`m up to save your friend. It`s just that my wife`s kinda... 

Other Nathan: YOU`RE WIFE`S A BITCH!

Bill: Well. I suppose you can say that. She slept with nearly every man on town. I don`t really care, I`m happy to have her.

-Other Nathan laughs.-


-Other Nathan tries to let go from the chair.-

Bill: Woah. Take it easy, man. 

-Tamara and Katrina enter the room.-

-Other Nathan smiles when he stares at Katrina.-

Other Nathan: Hello, courgeous. 

Karina: My god. It`s not him.

Tamara: What?

Karina: Nathan has an issue. This just isn`t him. This is his other self.

-Other Nathan laughs.-

Karina: Nathan, relax. Tank`s fine. We took care of his arm, he`s just unconsious right now. But he`s fine, okay? This people agreed to help us. They`ll come with us.

Other Nathan: They`ll come with us?! Have you gone mad?! They can`t come with us! They`re mad. Kill them!

Karina: Nathan. Please.

-Tamara points here gun at Nathan.-

Tamara: Your friend is crazy. He will kill us! Not if I kill him first.

-Tamara loads her gun.-

Karina: No. Nathan, listen to me. You have to come back. We have to go back to the factory with Moe and the others. It`s been more than a day already. We gotta go back. Trust me, Nathan. Please.... if you continue like this, Tamara will kill you. Think about the others.... think about me...

-Other Nathan stares at Karina. Suddenly, a whole other expression comes to his face.-

Nathan(breathlessly): I`m ........ I`m sorry for that. 

-Tamara lowers her gun.-

-Karina smiles.-

Nathan: How did you managed to change me?

Karina: I did. 

-Later that night, Karina, Nathan, Tank, Tamara and Bill are walking down the road to the factory. They also took some supplies from the store with them.-

-Tank has his hand half the size it was before, until his elbow. It`s parched up.-

Karina: I had to do it, Tank. I had no choice

Tank: I know. Thank you.... if it weren`t for you I would be a walker already. 

Nathan: You did not shoot me. I told you to do it. 

Karina: I know you did.

Tamara: How many are there in your group?

Nathan: Many of us were killed by Cole. We`re 7 now.

-The factory looms in just in front of them and they step in.-

-What they see leaves them in shock.-

-Walkers had gotten into the factory`s grounds. Moe, Evans, Ryder and Diego, along three unknown men from them were fighting back for their lives.-

Karina: I suppose we have some job to do.

Nathan: Home, sweet home.

-The five of them run to aid the rest.-

-Fade to black.-



Main CastEdit

Naveen Andrews as Muhammed Saied "Moe" Abdullah Alkwar

Gareth David Lloyd as Nathan Holt

Frank Ocean as Evans Rango Lamb

Michele Rodriguez as Karina Djovovich

Thomas Brodie Sangster as Ryder Thomas

IronE Singleton as Thomas "Tank Engine" Elkiroone

Javier Bardem as Diego Rolands

Guest starringEdit

Mila Kunis as Tamara Jason

Wayne Knight as Bill Jason

Jeremy Irons as Tobias Redcliff

Eric Mabius as Michael Everet

Bill Goldberg as Cage "Hunter" Jackson