In Memory
Season 2, Episode 12
Episode 2.12
Air date July 13, 2013
Written by AnubisGirl12
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Episode 2.13: Love in the Dead of Night

In Memory is the twelth episode of the second season of Survivor, and the twenty-fifth episode overall. It was written by AnubisGirl12, and was released on July 13, 2013. 


With new faces in the group many take time to reflect on the past and those lost to the war and the plague in general.


We open in the forest outside the camp where a deer is peacefully grazing. Suddenly it stops spooked by a sound, it looks around finding nothing out of place and begins to lower its head when a crossbow bolt sails through the air nailing it between the eyes.

Tamara: Good shot.

She, Cage and Ryder emerge from the woods, Ryder beaming at his accomplishment and the praise he recieved. Cage notices the look he is giving the back of Tamara.

Cage (Low so Tamara wont hear): Quit grinning like an idiot and help me with this will ya.

Ryder: What....

Cage: Kid trust me she aint worth it.... a girl like that will chew ya up and spit ya out faster than a walker with indigestion.

Ryder: What would you know?

Cage: Married one.

Ryder:(Stunned silent by the look on the other man's face) I'm sorry.... is she?

Cage: Dont know......

Tamara: Are you to going to sit there gossiping or are we going to get this thing back to the factory before it starts to smell.?

Cage: Coming.

We switch back to the factory in the courtyard where people are going through daily activity's. Evans and Diego are shifting walker corpses from the last attack. Bill and Karina are keeping watch from nearby for any approaching walkers. The others are mulling around either training in the open air or just sitting around due to the heat. Tank is working on trying to use a gun with his other hand but its trickly. He throws the gun down in frustration.

Moe: You ok?

Tank: Yeah.... no its still hurting.

Moe: Just be thankfull thats all its doing.

Tank: Yeah

Moe: Look Tamara mentioned there was a hospital nearby mabye we can find you a prosthetic if its not to rundown or overun.

He looks up to notice Michael watching them before turning to look away after being caught. Due to the heat we can see he back and its marked by a long burn going from the top of his right shoulder down and disapearing under his clothing.

Tobias: You really shouldnt stare at it.... makes him uncomfortable.

Moe: How.....

Tobias: He was out on a boat when this started, they lasted a few months, fishing vessel you see then one of them died from an infected wound from an accident.

Tank: Let me guess they did not know it was not just the bites?

Tobias: Correct, the crew was torn apart and Michael was thrown overboard when the engine blew though not before he got that brand there.

Moe: Lucky.

Tobias: Luck's a matter of perspective these days. Some would say the dead have in better than the living.

Tank: Come again.

Tobias: We're still here we think we feel.... we grieve though I doubt anyone's really had the luxuary to do that.

Tank: People have been a little concerned with survival.

Tobias: True but I bet you talk to any survivor you meet they will tell you they have all lost someone, friends, family, lovers the list is endless and factor in they might have had to kill them. In the end its going to add up and come out wether we like it or not.

Moe ponders this knowing he is right thinking about the letters to his wife. He turns to go inside.

Tank: Where are you going?

Moe does not respond but instead carries on inside.

Tank: What was that about?

Tobias: That I believe, was grief catching up with your friend, its only taking a year.

Karina approches having heard the conversation.

Karina: A year, shit old man dont tell me youve been keeping score of how long this has been going on.

Tobias: I have been six months locked in an attic with little better to do other than read old journals and look out a dusted window as the world rotted away so yes I kept score.

Tank: No offence Tobias, but that a bit messed up, who really wants to mark Z Day down on a calendar?

Diego and Evans have also returned from cleanup and we see the three hunters going into the main building with the deer.

Diego: Your both right in your own way, if and when this gets sorted we will need a record of it in history but there are some things that are just to painful to be remembered and should be forgoten or at least remembered in private.

Everyone is silent pondering this for a moment.

Evans: Well on that pleasent thought lets get ready for dinner.

Everyone splits up to their rooms to freshen up.

Later we see Moe on the roof of the factory in thought as he clutches the letters he has written over a small fire started in a trashcan.

Moe: Forgive me.

He is about to drop them in when the sound of the door opeing behind him startles him somewhat and he relaxes when he sees its just Nathan.

Nathan: Take it easy, its me, the right me.

Moe: I know, I was just.

Nathan: Having a private moment.

Moe: Tobias got me thinking about my wife again, I dont even know if she is still alive, hell we dont even know what happened to the rest of the world. Maby I've just been holding on to a ghost.

Nathan: At least the person you loved was alive the last time you saw her.... It was her Birthday last week.

He lowers his head sadly.

Moe: Nathan.... I

Nathan: Its allright, I havent really thought about it that much, havent had the time and it would just be an excuse for "him" to wake up.

Moe: Nathan, if Sally could talk to you I think she would thank you for what you did.

He looks up slowly his breathing slightly ridgid. He pulls out his gun but dose not use it and looks up caught somewhere between himself and his other,

Nathan: Moe no offense but think carefully about the next sentence that comes out of your mouth.

Moe: (Sighs) there is nothing to think about, if you had not done what you did she would killed you and countless others, all the while wandering around as a slowly decaying corpse. Thats not the kind of fate anyone would want.

The other man lowers his gun looking out at the night sky and the stambling walkers around the fence

Nathan: It.... it can never change what I did, what its turned me into or the pain.

Moe: Grief is a pain that never leaves us, all we can really do is numb the pain and I think youve allready started doing that.

Nathan: What are you talking about?

Moe: You and Karina.

Nathan:(His expression and manner changes to awkward embaressment ) What.... I m not I mean.... we havent really?

Moe: I dont mean anything like that but you have to admit she has been helping you a lot these last couple of days.

Nathan: I guess... so what are you going to do with those then?

Moe looks down at the letters in his hand thoughtfully. Finally he drops all but one letter into the fire and pockets the remaing one.

Moe: Mabye its best to hold onto something of the past. The good that is.

Nathan nods and the two men head inside.

We switch scenes to see Cage sitting on a walkway holding a photograph of a smiling family; himself his wife and their daughter. He traces his finger of his daughter's face.

Bill: She's pretty.

Cage looks up a little startled.

Bill: Sorry man didnt mean to scare ya.

Cage: Na its alright.

Bill: You seen Tamara anywhere? I was talled to get everyone for dinner.

Cage gives a dimissive shake of his shoulders though he might have an idea he does not want to say.There is an awkward silence.

Bill: if you dont mind me asking what happened?

Cage: No its allright, my wife, I mean ex wife I dont know what happened to her we were divorced when this started, I searched her flat when I had the chance but she wasnt there.

Bill: And your daughter?

Cage: Jean, she was a wild one that one..... a good kid, when I found her at her school she was allready one of them.

Bill: I'm sorry.

Cage: Dont be....(He composes himself though in his eyes we can see he's still hurting)Well come on that deer is not going to eat itself.

Scene changes again and we see Evans and Tank walking to the meal when they stop at the sound of some giggling. Up ahead they see Tamara leaving Ryder's room. She does not see them and turns to look back into the room.

Tamara: Il try and pop by again sometime and remember what we talked about.

She walks off and Ryder leaves the room with a pleased expression on his face. The two men decide to make their presence known.

Tank: Yo Ryder whats up?

The boy looks around startled by the two men's arrival. He has no idea how long they have been there or what they have seen or heard.

Ryder: Nothing just on my way to dinner....

Evans: Kid we wont pretend we know whats going on but you be careful thats a married woman.

Ryder: Dont call me Kid.

The two are surprised by his out of charecter outburst.

Tank: Hey take it easy we just met this people and we dont want any kind of trouble with them, thats all what ever is going on with Tamara and Bill is something they need to work out, you dont need to get mixed up in any of it.

Ryder: What would you know about any of it Tank, she was scared we you lot turnned up and besides Bill's dosent give a crap about her or he would have done something about it ages ago.

Evans: She tell you all that?

Ryder: Yes.

Tank: Ryder she's turning your head, your young.

Ryder: I'm not a little kid anymore, I fought with you guys, watched Mia die..... grieved for her.

Evans: We all did she was our friend to.

Ryder: .....I've heard enough.....

He walks off to leave leaving the two men in stunned silence.

Evans: What the hell has she said to him, Ryder's....

Tank:Diffrent I know, we should keep an eye on him though we dont want him doing anything stupid it could be the death of him.

Evans: Should we tell Moe?

Tank: Not now, we dont want to cause trouble but we tell him later and to keep an eye on things.

Evans: Ok come on the others will be expecting us.



Main CastEdit

Naveen Andrews as Muhammed Saied "Moe" Abdullah Alkwar

Gareth David Lloyd as Nathan Holt

Frank Ocean as Evans Rango Lamb

Michele Rodriguez as Karina Djovovich

Thomas Brodie Sangster as Ryder Thomas

IronE Singleton as Thomas "Tank Engine" Elkiroone

Javier Bardem as Diego Rolands

Also StarringEdit

Jeremy Irons as Tobias Redcliff

Mila Kunis as Tamara Jason

Bill Goldberg as Cage "Hunter" Jackson

Wayne Knight as Bill Jason

Eric Mabius as Michael Everet