Love on the Dead of Night
Season 2, Episode 13
Episode 2.13
Air date July 19, 2013
Written by Terelili
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Love in the Dead of Night is the thirteenth episode of season two of Survivor, and the twenty-six episode overall. It will be written by Terelili and was  released on July 19, 2013.


Deep at night, Karina and Nathan share their feelings. Ryder and Tamara get intimate, while Diego redeems himself and a mortal plot is unraveled.


- It`s deep dark at night, and Tobias shoots zombie after zombie, getting his way back to the factory as he reaches the gates. Evans and Michael start opening them.-

Tobias: Hurry up!

-Tobias carries a big bag on his arm, as he shoots down the zombies that try to rip him off. Evans and Michael open the gates just in time for him to come through, and they immediately colse it.-

Evans: What could you get?

Tobias (catching his breath): As much cans as possible.

-Moe comes rushing to Tobias.-

Moe: Are you alright?

-Tobias nods, and opens the big bag he`s carrying, showing all the canned food he brought.-

Tobias: All I managed to bring.

Moe: Good job.

-Camera moves up the yard to the top of the factory, where Karina and Nathan are observing the situation, iluminated by the bright full moon.-

Karina: Do you trust them?

Nathan: I think i do. Still, one has to stay precautious.

Karina: What do you mean?

Nathan: You know, never lower your guard.

Karina: Tell me.

Nathan: What?

Karina: How does it feel like? How does it feel like being you? Loosing the woman you love the most, having to kill her.

-Nathan`s face suddenly changes.-

Nathan: I don`t want to answer that.

Karina: Just tell me, I`m tired of playing games. Isn`t it time for you to move on with another woman in your life? 

Nathan: Karina...

Karina: We watch people die almost every day. Mark, Mia, Noah.. Hiro, Sara, Michaela. They`re all gone, and everyone we knew before this are gone. I never told this to anyone before... back when it started, I was in prison. I was tricked into prison, was used by a man to kill people he wanted gone, promissing me I was killing my mother murderers. My own father sent me to prison. I hope he is dead, truly. 

Nathan: Karina, why are you telling me all this?

Karina: Because I trust you. And you have to know about me before anything happens. 

Nathan: I tried to kill you. How can you trust me?

Karina: You didnt. He did. 

Nathan: the other me, he... he can be very dangerous. I`m sorry but you shouldn`t trust me. I`m a big danger for you. 

Karina: Like I told you, you`re not, he is. 

Nathan: It`s crazy isn`t it? All this?

Karina: Yeah... tell me, is this crazy?

-Karina leans forward and kisses Nathan. Nathan pulls away and then kisses her back.-

Nathan: I... I shouldn`t have done that. I`m sorry, I gotta go.

-Nathan walks away, with remorse on his head.-

-The whole group except Karina is dining out of the cans on the base room. Tamara is eying Ryder. Nathan looks upset .-

Moe: We gotta do a full cleaning outside. Before we know it the walkers can all tear the gates down. Where`s Karina?

Nathan: Keeping watch on the roof.

-Diego stares at Bill with a cold look on his face.-

Moe: Do any of the newcomers know anything about the outside world?

Cage: New York`s done a while ago. Too many people concentrated, the rest of the world`s the same. All the major cities are in chaos. It seems like the world is gone. The president is dead. Last time I heard, something was going up on Los Angeles, but I don`t know much more. 

Tank: L.A?

Cage: I heard a great number of people was holding up there. 

Tank: Well, they said the same about New York.

-Everyone is done with their cans and leave. Diego stays by the fire with Moe.-

Moe: You say we try up to L.A?

Diego: Too risky now. We have grown up a strong home here, dropped a lot of innocent blood for it.

Moe: Listen, I noticed you`re not okay lately. What is it?

-Diego doesn`t talk for a minute.-

Diego: I can`t stop thinking about them... Anita and Eric. Cole, that man, he was a dictator. Got a group of more than 50 people and convinced them his way was the right way, turned kids into soldiers, men into beasts. He turned himself into a beast. Before all that, he was the most down to the earth guy you`ll ever knew. This whole new world just gets into peoples minds. And now, I`ve acomplished my word to Eric, made sure he and Anita didn`t die in vain. Made sure Cole is down, he payed. And this place.... this place.... I just wish they both were here with me. But no, they`re rotting somewhere. I just want to be with them.... you know. 

Moe: I completely understand. I couldn`t be more than grateful for all that you`ve done for us. For all that Anita and Eric also did for us. I`m sure they are proud of you, as everyone here is.

-Diego smiles and then comes back to his stern look.-

-Tamara is pulling Ryder out on the night, through the grass and trees.-

Ryder: Where are you taking me?

Tamara: Somewhere private, you know. 

-Ryder and Tamara stop, at the dead of night, and kiss.-

Ryder: Are you sure Bill is okay with this?

Tamara: Trust me, you`re like my 1000th guy, and he doesn`t give a shit. He`s just happy he`s married to me, and that I get to kiss him once in a while.

-Tamara and Ryder kiss again.-

Ryder: Do you think I`m big enough to be with you?

Tamara: On this times, you`re big enough for anything.

-Tamara leans over Ryder on the floor.-

-Karina is keeping watch on the roof. Suddenly, the door opens and Bill appears.-

Bill: Time to switch.

-Karina says nothing and leaves.-

-Bill stares outsides, and catches a glimpse of Tamara and Ryder getting back to the factory from some bushes, he then stares at the zombies pushing themselves down on the gates.The door opens again.-

Bill: You know, I`ve been thinking of when you would show up. You took your time.

-Bill turns around and faces Diego.-

Diego: You did too. 

Bill: Come on, Diego, a big hug for your old pal?

-Diego says nothing, but stares at him with a stern look on his face.-

Diego: Huging you is a disgrace for Anita and Eric. I`m surprised you`re still laying low. I thought I would wake up with you and your knife sometime.

Bill: Well... lets say Tamara`s been holding me up. You know how she is. The question is, why didn`t you tell your dear friend, the arab that  I was with Cole?

Diego: Taking my time, seeing if you had changed, thinking about Tamara. You escaped the attack on Chems, I see. Cole`s underdog, you always were. His servant, his admirer, yet, the one he gave a crap about. Trying to make his memory last, aren`t you?

Bill: Your level of intelegence surprises me, Diego, you turncloak scum. 

-The door opens again, and Tamara steps in.-

Diego: Just setting out things with your husband.

Bill: Stay out of this, Tamara. 

Tamara (to Diego): Kill him.

-Bill seems in shock.-

Bill: What? We were supposed to infiltrate this people, Tamara! To kill them, not to befriend them! The killed Cole!

Tamara: This people acepted us, they`re nice people, Bill! Not like that fucker Cole!

Bill: You certainly did fucked him, you bitch!

-Bill draws out his knife.-

Tamara: The only one that will die is you, Bill. You crazy fucker! Come on, Diego!

-Diego points his gun at Bill trembling.-

Bill: He can`t even kill me! He`s got nothing left to live for, do you? LONG LIVE COLE!

-Bill runs towards Diego and stabs him with his knife. Diego shoots three bullets at Bill, who stumbles, blood pouring out of his mouth and dies. Diego also falls to the ground.-

-Tamara leans besides Diego, blood puring out of his chest.-

Tamara: Diego!

Diego: He`s.... dead....

-The door opens and Moe, Nathan, Karina and Ryder enter.-

Moe: What happened?

-They lean besides Diego.-

Diego: Bill..... he was with Cole...... Tamara`s good, trust her.... 

-Moe applies preshure to Diego`s wound.-

Tamara; Bill was crazy, I`m so sorry he ended up like this, I did my best so that he wouldn`t harm you.

Diego: It`s done.... (blood comes out of his mouth)... Anita and Eric.... it`s done.... I kept my word..... proud....

-Diego smiles, he leans his head and dies.-

-Moe shoots him straight on the head.-

Moe (with tears on his eyes): He was a great man.... we owe him all.

-Tamara walks towards Bills corpse, shoots him in the head. She grabs his body and throws him down with the zombies at the other side of the gate.-

Tamara: That`s what he deserves.

-The rest of the group come to see what happened, and they all mourn over Diego`s body, down under the moonlight on the dead of night.-

-Fades to black-



Main CastEdit

Naveen Andrews as Muhammed Saied "Moe" Abdullah Alkwar

Gareth David Lloyd as Nathan Holt

Frank Ocean as Evans Rango Lamb

Michele Rodriguez as Karina Djovovich

Thomas Brodie Sangster as Ryder Thomas

IronE Singleton as Thomas "Tank Engine" Elkiroone

Javier Bardem as Diego Rolands

Also StarringEdit

Mila Kunis as Tamara Jason

Wayne Knight as Bill Jason

Jeremy Irons as Tobias Redcliff

Bill Goldberg as Cage "Hunter" Jackson

Eric Mabius as Michael Everet