Season 2, Episode 14
Episode 2.14
Air date July 27, 2013
Written by AnubisGirl12
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Vodka is the fourteenth episode of Survivor, and the twenty- seventh episode overall. It will be written by AnubisGirl12.


The group picks up the pieces while Moe struggles with his leadership. Evans and Tank take on a decision about Ryder and Tamara.


We open outside a small hospital in the town. Its half trashed with a few crashed ambulances and stuff strewn around but other than that its quite.

Evans: This the place then?

Tamara: Yep

We pull back to reveal Tank, Tamara, Evans, Ryder and Karina looking at the hospital from a safe distance.

Karina: So you think we will be able to find anything.

Tamara: Its possible but the building is not stable, there was a fire a month ago, would have ripped the place apart if not for the rain.

Ryder: Well lets get going then.

Tank: Hold up kid.

Ryder: What?

Tank does not say anything but throws a stone through a nearby window which makes a loud metal clunk has it lands inside that echoes through the hospital. They wait and listen.There is no sound of movement or groans.

Tank: Now we go in.

Ryder looks embaraced but gets a look from Tamara.

Ryder: You did not have to do that I've dealt with plenty of walkers.

Tank: We all have (he shows his injury) but all it takes is one rotten day to fuck everything up.

The group enters the building and Karina and Tamara cover there mouths at the smell while the guys just hold there breath. The smell of rot both material and flesh is nearly overpowering there is a dead nurse on the reception desk her body picked clean by walkers and scavengers.

Ryder: Sick

He gose closer to investigate behind her and jumps back in shock when the body twitches weakly. Its a walker but its lost to much flesh to move its body and its eyes are a milky white.

Karina: Its blind.

Evans dosent say anything and stabs it through the head with little resistance.

Tamara runs over to a bin to barf and Karina gose to help her.

Karina: You ok?

Tamara (woozy but recovering) Yeh, I just never saw one that far gone, it was almost pitiful.

Ryder: Come on, lets get we need and get out.

He heads off with a determined look on his face. Evans and Tank share a worried glance noting Ryder has been getting way to reckless lately. Any more screw ups and it could be fatal.

Tank: Karina you go with Ryder we will head off with Tamara.

The two lovebirds share a look but Tamara breaks the ice.

Tamera: Ryder's right, but we cant stand around arguing all day so lets be off then.

The group slips up and we change scenes back to the factory where Moe gose up to the roof only to find Tobias and Michael allready there.

Tobias: Care to join us?

Moe: Not really I hopeing for some time to myself..... to reflect.

Michael whispers to Tobias and the other man chuckles.

Moe: What did he say?

Tobias: That your a bad liar, that your beating yourself up over Bill and Diego.

Moe: I made a call.... I'm supossed to look after these people, that the reason the followed me after Mark died.....

Tobias: And?

Moe: Its adding up the... the deaths, im starting to see why it changed Mark in such a way that it did.

Tobias: And your afraid its changing you to?

Moe moves to sit down a little way from the pair, he can see Nathan and Cage watching the perimiter of the fences with a few Walkers outside the fence. Most have wandered off apprently satisfied for now by Bill's corpse.

Moe: Its not that, I'm afraid that I´ll let them down, lead you all down the wrong path.

Michael and Tobias share a glance and Tobias and Tobias speaks up again.

Tobias: Its my experience that the right or wrong path are impossible to chose, we are not gods, we cant see whats coming for us, heck if you tolled me a year ago the dead would rise I would have thought you were high or insane.

He pauses.

Tobias: Who knows if I hadnt decided to finish of that archiving I wouldnt have survived that swarm that swept the libary.

Moe: Still,

Michael whispers to Tobias.

Tobias: Michael says you should stop looking at the negative, believe me there is plenty of that around these days for everyone to worry about. Focus on the posative.

Moe gets up looking away not wanting to show the pain and worry etched on his features. They say talking helps but all it is really doing is bringing out his worries and anxieties and despite the fact these guys are new he dose not want to appear weak. He is the leader after all.

Moe: Its hard to do that with all this death around us.

Tobias: Death is like the air Moe, always been here always will be its just decided to start waveing its arms around lately like a kid who wants attention the best we can do is ignore him or go into the next room.

Moe looks away still unconvinced. Tobias sighs.

Tobias: All right if I can not convince you with words lets look at the facts, you led a small band against an army and won, the David that slew Goliath, thanks to you made sure a madman wont be terrorising any more lives.

Moe starts to leave in silence and thought.

Tobias: Ok think on this a good leader makes the hard choices and lives with them while a bad one will just give up and quit. Wich one are you Moe?

Moe: (Whispering has he leaves) Thats the question I'm trying to answer.

We go back to the hospital and see Ryder and Karina walking down an abandoned hall. As they walk they pass several demolished rooms. Some were wards with patients and we se several weakly strugling walkers bound in the beds. Ryder approaches one room intending to take out an emaciated walker but Karina stops him.

Karina: Leave it, its not going anywhere.

She points to the door and we se the lock has been melted so that no one can get it.

Ryder: Whatever

Karina: Ryder, please we need to stick together.

Ryder: No you need to stop treating me like a kid anymore.

Karnina (Sighs): I never did but youve been acting like a brat ever since you hooked up with Tamara.

He shoots her a look.

Ryder: Whatever Tank and Evans tolled you its a load of bull crap, just because she was with Cole's group you guise have treated her like the plague. We all excepted Diego!

Karina: That was different, we knew he was with Cole from the start and helped us from the inside lost firends for it.

Ryder: We lost people to so that makes us even I guess.

Karina sighs knowing this argument is pointless and she knows she has to sooth Ryder before his voice gets to high and attracts the wrong attention.

Karina: Ryder, I get in your in love and thats great but it can put blinkers on you stop you from seeing the big picture. The trick to being in love is not be so enamoured that you completly ignore the faults in the other person.

Ryder: Is that why your fucking the Psycho.

Karina looks offended and angered at this.

Karina: How dare you, Nathan and I.....

But Ryder is on a roll now, he's struck a nerve and is going in for the kill. He wants to be more assertive even if it means being and assehole to the people he has considered family through this hell.

Ryder: Are what  pals? Funny considering half of him wants to rip your face off with his teeth.

Karina has finaly lost patience with Ryder and puches him square in the jaw. He staggers back but recoveres and lunges for Karina. The two start to scuffle sending some debrie in the hall across the room. Finaly Karina kicks him the gut and gets him in a choke hold. She holds him and puts her head close to his ear and speaks in a low serious tone.

Karina: None of us asked for the shit we were thrown.Cage didnt ask for his daughter to be ripped apart by Walkers, Moe didnt ask to be seperated from his wife not knowing if she is alive or not, Nathan didnt ask for that monster in his head and Tank didnt ask to have his hand ripped off.

Ryder is silent looking st her angrily.

Karina: I get it your young, pissed off and in love but for God's sake get you head out of your ass and focuss, do something constructive instead of letting a pretty face pump your Ego because its going to get you killed.

Both are silent when a scream echoes through the building.

Ryder: Tamara.

He manages to get free and runs off while Karina is forced to follow behind to stop him from doing something stupid.

We change scenes to another part of the hospital where the floor has given way to a basement level and Tamera is dangling from a pipe in the hole. The floor of the hole is littered with jagged debrie that could scewer a person like a kebab.Fortunantly there are no walkers but that dose not lesten the danger. We see Evans trying to reach for Tamara but she is to far out. Tank is nowhere to be seen.

Ryder: Tamara..... what the hell happened?

Evans: The floor just gave out, Tank's gone looking for a way into the basement.

Karina rushes up to help Evans has they both work to reach Tamara who is starting to lose her grip.

Tamara: Please, Ryder... hurry.

This spurs the paralysed Ryder into action.

Ryder: Get out of the way.

He rushes over to help Tamara. In his haste however he roughly pushes past Karina who is half way over the hole trying to reach for Tamera. She loses her balence and falls.

Evans: Karina!

Karina does not even have time to scream before falling into the blackness. There is a heavy clunk followed by a sickening crunch.

There is silence but the pair know they have to save Tamara first and work to pull her up and to safety, She falls into Ryder's arms.

Tamera: You saved me.

Evans: Fuck that what about Karina!

Tank: V.o: Guys what the hell!

The three look at each other and run to the hole to see Tank in illuminated by the light from above. He is covered in some blood from a walker but other than that he is fine. We see him with a look of horror on his face has he holds a bloody wound on Karina's leg. We see she narowly missed being skewered in the leg but from the odd angle of her leg its clear its in a bad way and has a nasty scrape from where a piece of metal scratched her leg in the fall.

Evans: Is she?

Tank: She' unconsious but I think her leg is broken. Get down here I need some of the bandages we found or she's gonna bleed out.

Evans nods and throws the bag of supplies down the hole. He looks at the other two angrily.

Ryder: I....

Evans: We will discus this later right now we have to worry about Karina.

He stalks off in the direction Tank whent leaving Ryder speachless.

Later its early evening and Moe is in his room preying whe he hears a comotion downstairs. Sighing he gets up and leaves for the main hall and what he see's is not a pretty sight.

Far in the back Karina is lying on a table consious and talking to Tobias who is examening her wounded leg while Michael is working on an improvised splint for the leg. But the real source of the row is coming from the centre of the room. Evans and Ryder are in each others face while the others watch. As a precation Cage has cuffed Nathan to a pipe in case his other makes an appearance.

Moe:(Shouting to get attention) What the hell is going on here!?

Everyone turns to face him and start babling over each other in an uniteligable din. Moe just shakes his hands for silence and they comply though some are staring daggers at each other. Moe frowns its obvious there is some tension thats been brewing for a while now. He knows he needs a voice that is not going to get ripped apart by the others. He makes a choice.

Moe: Ok I am going to ask one person to speak and the rest of you are going to shut up until I tell you to speak.

Ryder: Fuck that!

Moe: I mean it, for gods sake we are supposed to be a group but your acting like a pack of wolves fighting over scraps. God sakes where are the people who stood up to Cole? If the others cold you see you now they would be disgusted.

Moe knows that was probably be the wrong thing to say but seeing the group at each other's throats has not only angered him its sparked the leader in him. If that means he has to give these people a painful slap in the jaw to wake them up so be it. He looks over to Cage.

Moe: What happened?

Cage:(Rolling his kneck before speaking) They got the supplies but there was an accident.

Moe: And thats how Karina was hurt?

Cage: (shakes his head) No a floor gave and they were trying to save Tamara...... Karina fell in.

Its a lie and everyone knows but the last suspected person speaks up.

Tamara: Thats not true.

Ryder: Tamara, what are you doing it was an accident it,

Tamera:Ryder please this is serious...... Karina could have died.......

Moe:(interupting while looking over to Tobias) How is she anywhay?

Tobias: Hard to say, from what we can tell the break's clean but she's weak..... to be honest its going to be hit and miss.


Karina: (Weak and shaking) I'm... fine il take more than a gimp leg to keep me down.

She winces has Tobias returns to pouring some vodka over the wound its stopped blleding but we can see it was dangerously close to slicing an artery.

Moe returns to looking at the others his eyes foccused on Ryder who has the look of a cornerd animal. He is giving nasty to looks to Tank and Evans while avoiding eye contact with Nathan who is watching Karina like a hawk, he unshackled hand is white from gripping into his knee.

Moe: What happened Ryder?

Ryder: Moe, its nothing they are blowing it out of preportion, I saved Tamara, Karina was an accident.

Evans: Thats an understatement you practically steamrolled her out of the way to get to Tamara.

Ryder: Tamera is alive thanks to me I didnt see you going out of your way to save her.

Tank: Thats not the point you didnt think, what if the basement was full of walkers, or I didnt get there in time, Karina could have been killed! She could still die

Ryder:But she's alive I dont see what the problem is.

Nathan: Its you, you asehole!

The others look at him suprised he has spoken let alone he is stil himself.

Nathan: Look I dont blame Tamara but since you got together with her your ego's the size of buec and that along with your overconfidence is a liability.

Ryder: You can talk about liabilities.

Nathan laughs has Other Nathan comes out.

Other Nathan: The welp's cowerdice is a problem punk, but its half the reason he's still around, Im the other. Guys like you are more likely to blow themselves up than the enemy.

He grips his head as Nathan takes over again.

Nathan: (Panting) Sorry did I... did he?

Cage: Just a flying visit, but Hyde agrees with the rest of us.

Ryder: Oh come on you taking his side he wasnt even there!

Ryder is really angry now and shakes off Tamara's hand away from his shoulder. He walks for the door only to be stopped by Moe who blocks him.

Moe: No one talled you to leave.

Ryder: Bullshit Moe.

Moe: I said no one tolled you to leave, now get back in the room before I drag you back

Ryder: (Laughing despite the serious look in Moe's eyes) Come on Moe the tough guy act dosent suit you, your no Cole.

In a move quicker than the others can track or predict Moe grabs Ryder and pins him to the wall a knife pointed to his kneck. The others try to move to help but Moe sjoots them all a look that freezes them. This is a side of the man they have not seen and it scares them.

Moe: Your right about one thing Ryder, I'm not Cole..... if  I was I would probably do one of three things. 1 idd kill you where you stand, 2 Id kick you out of this place on the end of a gun or three.... Id lock you in a room with Nathan and see what happens.

He sighs before removing the knife but holding Ryder in place.

Moe: Luckily for you I'm not Cole. Starting from today your off the missions.....

Ryder: Fuck you

Moe: I mean it, you dont go anywhere or do anything withought one of us watching you, untill you can learn to be a functioning memeber of this community and the man you claim you want us to see you has we will treat you like a boy.

He gets up a look of disgust and contempt at Ryder and stalks off upstairs withought a word. The others are silent but get the message. Moe has just laid down the law, they might not like it but its as fair as it comes in this world. Everyone begins to leave the room and Ryder to his anger. Tobias and Nathan take Karina by a stretcher to her room. Tamara tries to put a hand on Ryder but he roughly knocks it away. Tamara leaves to shocked and saddned. Alone in the candle lit gloom all there is for Ryder is his anger and the groans of the walkers.

Ryder: Its Fucking on, Moe!



Main CastEdit

Naveen Andrews as Muhammed Saied "Moe" Abdullah Alkwar

Gareth David Lloyd as Nathan Holt

Frank Ocean as Evans Rango Lamb

Michele Rodriguez as Karina Djovovich

Thomas Brodie Sangster as Ryder Thomas

IronE Singleton as Thomas "Tank Engine" Elkiroone

Also StarringEdit

Mila Kunis as Tamara Jason

Jeremy Irons as Tobias Redcliff

Bill Goldberg as Cage "Hunter" Jackson

Eric Mabius asMichael Everet