The Tale of Survival
Season 2, Episode 15
Episode 2.15
Air date July 30, 2013
Written by Terelili
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The Tale of Survival is the fifteenth episode of season two of Survivor, and the twenty-eight episode overall. It will be released on July 30, 2013 and will be written by Terelili. 


Ryder and Tamara come to terms. The group comes to a decision that will change their lives forever, while they´re surprised by a shocking attack.


-Moe is kneeling by the graves under a bright sunlight.-

Nathan: Reflecting?

-Moe turns his head around to see Nathan. He nods. Nathan kneels beside him.-

Moe: Michaela, Sara, Mark.... Diego, they´re all dead. One does not have any time to think of those fallen nowadays. They all died to protect this place. I just don´t want them to die in vain.

Nathan: They didn´t. Listen, Cole is gone. We did it, Moe. We were no more than ten against his hole army, and we did it. This place is safe. The only thing we have to worry about is those walkers.

-Nathan stares at the fences, where more walkers were balancing themselves than ever before.-

Moe: We have to take them off. 

-Nathan nods.-

Nathan: You´re a gret leader, Moe. 

-Evans comes rushing to meet them.-

Evans: Karina woke up.

- Back at the factory, an injured Karina is laying on the floor, Tobias and Tamara with her.-

Tamara: Listen, I´m sorry Ryder did what he did...

Karina: It wasn´t you. It was him.

-Karina tries to stand up.-

Tobias: Your leg is almost completely healed, just try to move the less as possible.

-Evans, Nathan and Moe enter the factory. Nathan and Karina exchange looks.-

Moe: Karina, how are you okay?

Karina:Better than ever. 

Nathan: It was Ryder... that kid is getting crazy because of you! 

-Nathan points at Tamara.-

Moe: Nathan, calm down.

-Nathan does his best so as to stay on his normal self.-

Tobias:You should be able to walk soon. 

-Karina nods.-

-Ryder, Michael, Cage and Tank join them.-

Nathan: There´s the little bastard!

-Cage and Evans hold Nathan, but still his other self comes up.-

Other Nathan: You come here like nothing! You don´t even apoligize to her! YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT!

Ryder: How can we even let him still be here? If bad I remember, you almost killed her!

-Other Nathan lurches to Ryder.-

Karina: Nathan! Please, don´t start it... 

-Other Nathan stares at her and then comes back to his normal self.-

Nathan (gasping): Sorry... about that...

-Ryder stares at him, angrily, and then leaves upstairs. Tamara follows him.-

Moe: Leave him, he´s a teenager...

Tank: That woman really got him. Moe, he´s turning.... dangerous.

Moe: You know the guy he was before, I think that guy is still in there. 

-Scene changes to Ryder entering his room upstairs. Tamara enters it behind him.-

Tamara: Ryder....

-Ryder turns around.-

Ryder: Get away! 

-Tamara walks closer.-

Ryder: I-I don´t know what the hell is going on with me! 

Tamara: Ryder, listen to me. I think we should stop... seeing each other for a while. 

Ryder: You´re the first girl I´ve ever "been" with. Well, I guess you don´t even count ´cause you´re a bitch, and oh! who killed her husband.

-Tamara slaps Ryder on the face, and without another word, leaves.-

-The rest of the group is debating on the main floor.-

Moe: The pile of walkers has been growing a lot lately. I don´t know how much the fences will last, we´ll launch a full attack today. 

-The group nods.-

Moe: We gotta make this place our home, and we can´t with walkers threatening to tear or fences down. We all gotta work together to make it our home.

-Michael whispers something on Tobias´s ear.-

Moe: What is it?

Tobias: Michael says that this place won´t last.

-Everyone stares at Michael, who is staring at Moe, and again whispers at Tobias´s ear.-

Tobias: He says we should try L.A. 

Evans: Really, try L.A? After all the blood that was spilt defending this place. How are we even sure L.A is okay?

Cage: We heard transmissions, there was a fixed one that said that a group of survivors are holding on there, and that the whole city is walled and cleared?

Karina: Walled?

Cage: That´s what they said.

Moe: Listen, this place is walled and clear, we are comfortable here now, okay? So, let´s concentrate here. 

-The group nods.-

Moe: I was thinking we should start doing our own crops here, and then making this place brighter. If we want to survive, we all have to stay together, coperate and make this place be our home. 

-It´s late on the afternoon and the group is getting ready to clear the walkers on the fences outside, loading gun and handing weapons.-

-Karina comes up and meets Nathan.-

Nathan: You sure you want to do this? Your leg...

Karina: It´s just some bones, I´m okay. 

-They both uncomfortably stare at each other, and then turn around when Moe starts talking.-

Moe: Okay, everybody, listen up. 

-Karina, Nathan, Tobias, Cage and Evans face Moe.-

Moe: Those walkers will keep on pounding and it will be difficult to get out of the fences, that´s why no one else can come. We gotta do it as quick as possible and once there, be organized. I don´t want anyone to die today. No one will die today, alright?

-They all nod.-

Moe: Okay, let´s go.

-Just then, Ryder comes from the factory holding his crossbow.-

Ryder: Moe.

-Ryder walks to Moe.-

Ryder: You´ll have a better chance if I try hitting some from the roof.

-Moe smiles and nods.- 

Moe: Get going, we´re going now.

-Ryder rushes back to the factory.-

Moe: Let´s do it.

-The six of them go to the gate, with hundreds of walkers pounding.-

Tobias: One step there and we´re dead!

Moe (worried): We can do this.

-The walkers push themselves even more against the gates as they smell human flesh.-

Moe: Evans, open the gates!

-Evans starts opening the gates, but the amount of strenght the walkers are doing is too strong, and they all brings the gates down, and direct themselves against the six survivors, while panic arises.-


-The walkers numbers are ay too high, hundreds of them enter the factory´s grounds and lurch against the survivors while they shoot some and back away. Ryder shoots some from the roof.-

-Evans was right in the middle of walkers, killing all he could.-

Karina: EVANS!!!

-Nathan grabs Karina by the arm as she tries to help Evans.-

Nathan: Karina, if you go there, you´ll die!

-The walkers keep entering and force the survivors to slowly keep backing to the factory, while they trie to put down all they can. Evans keeps killing all the walkers around him.-

Evans (blood all over him) : Come and get me!

-The walkers start ripping Evans apart, his screams echoing everywhere, while he still kills walkers, he fells to the floor as walkers group themselves around him, leaving the survivors some time to safely back away to the factory.-

Moe: NO!!

-There´s a deep sound of suffering on Moe´s voice, his plans of keeping the factory safe and turning it into a home gone, and a deep sense of remorse feeling his heart. But there´s nothing they can do. They retreat back to the factory as houndreds of walkers soround it.  

-Fade to black.-



Main CastEdit

Naveen Andrews as Muhammed Saied "Moe" Abdullah Alkwar

Gareth David Lloyd as Nathan Holt

Frank Ocean as Evans Rango Lamb

Michele Rodriguez as Karina Djovovich

Thomas Brodie Sangster as Ryder Thomas

IronE Singleton as Thomas "Tank Engine" Elkiroone

Also StarringEdit

Mila Kunis as Tamara Jason

Jeremy Irons as Tobias Redcliff

Bill Goldberg as Cage "Hunter" Jackson

Eric Mabius as Michael Everet