Blood, Death and Love is the sixteenth episode and the season two finale of Survivor. It was be written by AnubisGirl12 and Terelili


The group is hold up on the factory threatened by hundred of walkers. They must unite and find a way out of this hell, and not everyone will survive. 

Blood, Death and Love
Season 2, Episode 16
Episode 2.16
Air date August 3, 2013
Written by AnubisGirl12 and Terelili
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Episode 2.15: The Tale of Survival
Season 3


We open in the grounds of the factory where a large number of walkers are muling around. One large group in climbing over it self to get at Evans remains.

Moe: Foul beasts.

We pull back to reveal Moe and Tobias on the roof watching the carnage below and looking for a way out.

Tobias: Evans did not deserve that, we can only hope his last bullet was used on himself.

Moe: I know....

Moe walks back inside, angry and also frightened. Tobias follows him has he looks down on the others who are taking stock of supplies and trying to comfort one another. Moe collects himself before heading down to join them. They turn to notice him. No one says anything waiting for him to speak first.

Moe: Ok, im not going to lie we are in a tight spot, but we are not giveing up, none of us lasted this long to put a bullet between our eyes or end up in the stomachs of those beasts. We have to, no we will find a way out of this.

Everyone looks amoung themselves, they are still scared but Moe's words have one them back a bit of courage.

Tank: Could we wait them out? Like Tobias did?

Cage: Tobias waited six months before it was safe to leave, im not sure we have enough food for even a month.

Nathan: What about the outside, the fences surly there must be a gap?

Tobias: Nothing big enough for us to get through withought being swarmed first.

Tamera: Can we distract them, set an explosion or something?

Karina: Sure if you happened to have a stick of dynamite lying around.

They fall into an uncomfterbul silence with only the sound of the walkers in the background reminding them of their current plight. Suddenly a black glob of gunk flies through the air and lands of Tamera's face.

Ryder: Dude what the hell?

We turn to see Michael holding a pot of machine oil from one of the factory machines in one hand and a blackened hand.

Tank: Dude this is hardly the time to get petty.

Michael ignores them and gose over to Tamera and starts rubbing it over her. She tries to resist.

Tamera: Michael cut it out this stuff reaks.

Moe looks up in realization has do some of the others.

Moe: Thats it!

Ryder: What we are going to spend are last moments pretending to be mud men?!

Cage: Kid use your head and think for a moment how do the walkers tell the diffrence between uss and themselves.?

Ryder: Sound and..... smell, but are you sure it can work?

Nathan: No reason it souldnt I've seen some of these guys from a distance you would think were still human and we have never seen them attack each other.

Tobias: Agreed, they are definatly not bright enough to differentiate with a glance it has to be smell.

Moe: So thats the answer, ok grab everything you can remember we are traveling as ligh as possible andget everything we can use to mask our sent.

Everone nods and gets to work. We see montages of them packing and grabbing stuff to use for camoflague. Cage and Tank even manage to lure two walkers inside wich they prompetly kill and drag in to use in the camoflague. They then cover there cloathing and gear in the sludge they have made and there faces to mask their sent. They are all geared up and standing around a table and Moe has a map.

Moe: Ok, the plan is we go out two to three at a time out the west bay door and make for the gate. After that we make for the wood and regroup at the town for supplies and vehicles.

Ryder: Why dodnt we make for the viechles here? It would be easier than trying to find new ones.

Cage: Too risky the noise might provoke the walkers into swarming.

Ryder: We dont know that...

Karina: Yeah but now's not the time to find out so lets slow the arguments until then.

Ryder eyes Karina angrily but complies.

Moe: Ok lets get this done then.

They nod and make their way to a door that leads to the west bay. Through the glass we can see the bay door is open and several walkers are mulling around. Moe gives the signal and they slowly open the door and slip through. Into groups on diffrent parts of the room The walkers turn at the noise and some of them approache' the group. Everyone is tense as they appear to be giving them the once over. Tobias and Nathan remain still as a female walker drags its broken ankle past them. Tamara and Ryder look scared shitless though trying not to show it while Karina lens nervously on Cage's shoulder to support her still healing leg.

The walker is staring at them and its a nasty site with a half torn off face and one remaing eye thats half way out its head.

Cage: Urgh arch.

Karina shots him a look but its enough to get the walker of their back and it lumbers off. Moe nods and they carry on outside.

Moe: (Whispering) Shit!

We  see a sea of walkers in front of them all mulling around. There is nothing left of Evans save a few bloody bones and chunks of flesh..

Tank: (Whispering) Bastards picked him clean.

Michael just nods as he and the other two start to slowly walk through the horde.

Karina and Cage are in the front of the group and closest to the door, Karina's limping combined with her disguise makes her a convincing walker. She suddenly feels Cage tense.

Cage: Emma?

Karina: What?

Cage has a haunted look on his face as he stares at a walker in hikeing gear has it turns to face them. It looks similar to the woman in the picture but its not her. He sighs.

Cage: It's not her.

Karina:(Sympathetically) I'm sorry.

Cage:I know come on.

They continue walking and get outside the gate when a blaring sound cuts through the air. We see the walkers have lumbered close to one of the parked vans and set off its alarm.

Tank: Crap!

The walkers are starting to get worked up by the noise and move twords the van and straight into the path of the other survivors.

Karina: We have to help them!

Cage( Holding her back) There's nothing we can do.

They both watch helplessly has the walkers approach the others. Tank is tense and ready for a fight while Michael is looking for an escape. Moe is looking for Ryder and Tamera who he has lost sight of. The walkers have surrounded Nathan and Tobias who have frozen hopeing there camoflague will hold. Michael gose into a crouch to weave through the gaps between the walkers legs and disapears from view.

Moe: Michael.......

Tank: He can take care of himself its us we have to worry about, ( Pulling out a wrench) Come on you fuckers!

Moe: (Putting a hand on his shoulder) wait they have not spotted us yet.

Tank nods weakly and braces himself as the horde approaches. If this is the end he is going to make the walkers work for the meat.

The walkers approach the two sniffing blindly like hungry dogs, they know there is meat around they just dont know where. Back with Nathan and Tobias the two are holding their breath in a sea of walkers. Finaly the worst passes but one of them pushes Tobias a little to roughly sending him to the floor and cutting his hand on a bit of metal.

Nathan: Crap!

Two walkers stop and turn to the old man ready to approach only to be taken down by Michael and Other Nathan. Michael quickly wraps Tobias's hand in a rag.

Other Nathan: Time to go,  I think.

The three break into a run for the gate followed by a few walkers dividing the herd, They make it through the gates but the walkers are on their heels.

Cage: We have to go!

Karina: No... the others!

Tobias: Im Sorry Karina, but we must,  unless you want to be on the menu!

Other Nathan: Now's not the time to argue unless you want to stay...

They look at each other and the approaching walkers. It would be suicide to stay and they know it. They run.

Back with Moe and Tank who watch the others go.

Tank: Fuckers are leaving?!

Moe: They dont have a choice,  come on we have to find Ryder and Tamara.

Tank: Over there.

He points and we see the other two on the far side of the compound surrounded by walkers and we realise that Tamara has a cut due to a similar experience to Tobias.

Tamara is by the fence trying to open a gap in the fence while Ryder is batting the aproaching walkers away with a piece of metal but the numbers are starting to add up and the walkers have twigged this guy is not one of them.

Moe: Damn. We have to help them!

Tank: It`s done with them! Look, if we go and save them they`ll also recognize us.... they will kill us all. They are getting distracted with them, it`s time to go. 

-Meanwhile, Tamara is finishing opening the gate while Ryder tries to back off the approaching walkers with his crossbow.-

Tamara(panicking): I`m almost done opening it!

Ryder: Hurry!!!!!

-Tamara has finished the small gap on the gate.-

Tamara: Come on, Ryder!

-More and more walkers soround them.-

Ryder: Tamara go.... I`ll push them away while I still can, just go!

-Tamara stares at Ryder, helplessly.-

Ryder: Go! Now!

-Tamara kisses Ryder on the cheek while she goes into the gap. Ryder meanwhile protects her, and causes a walker to bite him on the wrist. He yells and kills the walker. More and more walkers attack him and he falls to the floor. Tamara is now on the other side of the gate in safety, and stares at Ryder in tears, while he stares back on the floor, being devoured by walkers.-

Ryder: Tamara..... run.... 

-Tamara stares one last look at Ryder, being devoured by walkers. She can`t stand the idea of Ryder transforming into one of them. Crying, she points her gun at him, who still is conscious, and shoots.-

-Meanwhile, Moe and Tank have managed to get out in safety and approached Tamara, who is shacking.-

Tamara: He couldn`t.... turn.... 

-Moe nods, silently.-

Moe: Ryder was a great young man. I`m glad he rought himself back together. We should be proud of him, Tank and I couldn`t be as brave.

-The three of them walk out of the gates, and into the forest. Moe stares back at the factory one last time. The graveyard still there, sorounded by walkers, and he remembers all the sacrifice that had been done for the place. Their home was gone. Nothing was left to do. He turned around again to meet the other survivors on the town. His home, his effort, left behind to extinction.-

-Night has fallen. The survivors were all grouped up on the store that had once been Bill and Tamara`s base. Moe and Nathan are staring at a map, while the rest are grouped up together, still nervous of Evan`s and Ryder`s deaths and the attack on the factory  Karina is intercepting a signal on a radio, the sound penetrating everywhere.-

-Everyone is silent.-

Moe: Okay, everybody listen up.

-Everyone sits down and stares at Moe.-

Moe: We have lost many great people today, defending us. We have lost our home today. But there is still something we haven`t lost today. Us. We are all still together, fighting back this world. I think that`s the most important thing of all. We fought back an army together, we fought back the walkers together. Yeah, I know we lost many people we loved along the way, but we are still alive. We are all still together and we won`t give up to this world. 

-There`s a sign of approval among the group.-

Moe: Now, this is not the end of the world. We`re gona stand up, and keep going, find somewhere definitely safe.

-Karina suddenly drops a yell of hapiness and she turnes up the radio for everyone to listen, an assuring voice of a woman is heard.-

Voice:  Anyone out there... don`t give up hope. The governemnt and army have fallen, but not society. Together we managed to build up resistance to the plague on Los Angeles. Los Angeles is clean, safe. It is our time to rebuild our great nation, starting from here. Together, we can stand up from death, rebuild what we have lost... this is transmition 2330, to anyone out there-

-The survivors all stare at each other.-

Cage: That`s the same voice I heard. I told ya, L.A is our hope. 

Tank: Maybe it`s been repeting itself for a year, how can we be sure it`s okay?

Moe: Hope. It`s all we have.

Nathan: Eitherway we`re on the other point of the country, it`ll take us a while getting there, crossing it all.

Karina: Still, what if we give up this opportunity? What if society is rebuilding itself? We can`t stay isolated here.

Moe: Okay, everyone get ready. Sleep tight, `cause we are going to Los Angeles. 


-Camera shows people on the movies, it ends and they all stand up and exit the theatre. The streets are lighted, cars circulate across them, and people walk peacefully. Camera starts going up and farther away, showing a helicopter with army and the big buildings of the city, and a huge circular wall sorounding the city, everything outside it, decaying and dying.-

-Fade to black.-



Main CastEdit

Naveen Andrews as Muhammed Saied "Moe" Abdullah Alkwar

Gareth David Lloyd as Nathan Holt

Michele Rodriguez as Karina Djovovich

Thomas Brodie Sangster as Ryder Thomas

IronE Singleton as Thomas "Tank Engine" Elkiroone

Also StarringEdit

Mila Kunis as Tamara Jason

Jeremy Irons as Tobias Redcliff

Bill Godberg as Cage "Hunter" Jackson

Eric Mabius as Michael Everet