Promised Land
Season 2, Episode 1
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Air date March 15, 2013
Written by AnubisGirl12
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Episode 2.2: New Law
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Promised Land is the first episode of season 2 of Survivor. It sees Mark, Moe and Nathan meet up with a new group of survivors.


Coming down the Rockey's the trio of survivors from Season 1 meet a new group and find a potential new home. They must first clear out its undead occupants.


We open on a bit of woodland near a roadside as a walker drags it's self up on to the road. In life it was a police officer but now it's a half rotted mess. Before it can advance a javelin sails through the air and impales it in the head.

Mia: That makes seven.

We pull back to reveal a broken down bus on the opposite side of the road, Mia and Ryder are on the roof keeping watch while the others are either out scavenging or working on repairs.

Ryder: Damn it Mia when did you get so good with that thing?

Mia: (Shrugs) Practice.

She jumps down off the top of the bus and goes to reclaim her weapon.

Ryder walks down to the front of the bus and looks down and sees that Michaela and Noah are working on the bus.

Ryder: Hey you two nearly done, it's getting boring up here?

Noah: Hey punk, unless you know anything about mechanics I suggest you shut up and do your job.

Ryder: Sorry I asked. (He sulks off)

Michaela: That was a bit harsh.

Noah: Kid was bugging me and besides soft will get you killed these days.

Michaela: I wonder what's keeping the others.... you don't think anything happened to them do you?

Noah: Nah, Tank and the Cowboy can pick off walkers in their sleep and Sara and Karina are a pair of demons when it comes to fighting in close quarters.

Michaela: I guess.

Noah: Now stop worrying and hand me that wrench ok?

She complies and they get back to work. Back on top of the bus Mia and Ryder are back together keeping an eye out for any kind of trouble when they spot the rest of the group coming back. They are carrying various supplies in hand or in bags raided from a nearby Motel and shop.

Mia: Wonder what they got this time.

Ryder: Don't care as long as it's not more Twinkies. I cant stand those things.

Mia: Hey it's a scientific fact that at the end of the world, roaches and Twinkies will survive.

Ryder: Well I'm not eating roaches.

They head down to meet the rest of the group as Tank and Evans go off to help repair the bus with parts scavenged from other vehicles. Mia approaches Sara.

Mia: Any trouble?

Sara: No its quiet, the walkers must have already passed through here or not made it yet.

Mia: Either way, we can't stay here.... non mobile and in the open like this, we might as well smear Barbeque sauce over ourselves.

Sara: I know, it's the sixth time this month the bus has broken down and I doubt we can keep fixing it up much longer.... you hear that?

Everyone goes quiet at the sound of engines in the distance.

Karina: Everyone off the road now!

The group gets off the road and into the nearby scrub, Noah and Hiro quickly cover the engine and scatter a few things around to make it look like the place is abandoned. They wait, hidden and with their weapons drawn as three Harleys come down the hill with Moe, Nathan, and Mark on each of them and each loaded with supplies. The three drive past and the group thinks they are safe only for Nathan to turn his bike and stop. The others follow.

Moe: What?

Nathan: (Puts his fingers to his lips and indicates the bus engine is still warm) I think we should look around.

Mark: You sure about this?

A crossbow bolt sails from the bushes barely missing Mark's head. The hidden group shoot Ryder a look of anger at his mistake.

Nathan: Positive!

The three draw their weapons and back away from the bus eyes looking for hidden enemies. Mark knows the three of them can handle themselves in a fight but they have no idea what kind of people they are dealing with or how many there are.

Mark: Look we don't want any trouble..... to be honest we haven't seen anyone for months... what ya say we just get back on our bikes and forget about it.

Sara: Sorry that's not gonna happen.

Tank, Noah and Hiro emerge from the opposite side of the road having hid around some overturned vehicles while the others emerge on the first side. The trio are pinned.

Nathan: Pincer move... old one but a good one

Hiro: Drop your weapons

Moe: Why don't you come over here and take them from us.

Noah: How about I blow your head off and then take them.

The Mexican standoff continues until Mark makes a decision. He lowers his gun and kicks it to the trio. Nathan and Moe shoot him a worried look. Mark dose not relent.

Nathan: Mark are you sure about this? I'm all for diplomacy but....

Mark: Just do it Nathan unless you want more "unpleasantness".

Nathan gets where he is coming from and drops his weapon and Moe finally dose the same. Sara nods to the others who approach the trio and subdue them.

Moe: So how is this gonna work then?

Sara: How do you think?

Moe: Well if I had to guess Id say you will search our vehicles and take everything you want and leave us for dead.

Noah: Smart boy.

Nathan: Seems a bit harsh... we didn't do anything to you people.

Sara: And we are going to make sure you don't.... Sorry but its us or you and ill pick my people every time.

Mark: Noble sentiment.

Mark is watching Nathan for any signs of his other self but so far the ex soldier is keeping calm despite the fact Tank has him in a bear hug.

Sara: Tank put them in the bus... if they try anything kill them.

He nods and he, Hiro, and Noah escort the trio off while some of the others get to work looting the bikes for more stuff. Karina and Mia are the only ones who have a problem with this and confront Sara about it.

Mia: Sara what the hell was that about?

Karina: Yeah.

Sara: What we've done this before and you never complained about it (Looks at Mia) you especially after we rescued you from those animals back West.

Karina (Defending the now silent girl): That was different.... they deserved what they got.... we don't know these people they could be alright.

Sara: You cant judge people by appearance these days and I'm not about to let in three people who could potentially butcher us in our sleep.

Sara: Karina how many decent people have you met in your life ( She dose not respond but the pair give Sara defiant looks, finally she relents)

Sara: Ok we'll bring them with us till the next stop but after that they are in the wind.

The pair nod.

Later the repaired bus is traveling along with Hiro at the wheel with Noah while the others sit around. Moe, Nathan and Mark are handcuffed to the backseat while Mia and Tank stand guard.

Mark: I suppose we have you to thank for not being left on a road side.

Mia: Yeah.... look don't blame Sara she's had to make a lot of hard choices to keep us all alive this long.

Mark: Know the feeling.... luck just hasn't been on my side lately though.

Mia: (understands) They the last of your group?.

Mark: Moe is, we found Nathan in a cave a couple of months ago......

The vehicle stops suddenly as the group catches site of something.

Noah: Fuck me!

We see they have stopped near a walled farm and connecting processing factory. The sign "Granny Emma's Corn" can be seen on the door. The place is built like a fort with sturdy walls and a metal fence going around the factory. There are a few walkers mulling around the outside and one or two inside the factory grounds due to the half open gate but other than that the place is to tempting to pass up.

Hiro: Sara?

She just nods and the bus starts for the gate drawing the attention of the walkers. Their is just enough room for the vehicle to get through, though it scrapes the side of the bus. They stop on the far side of the grounds. The group gears up.

Sara: Michaela, Noah you are our runners, get that gate shut and secured, Mia, Ryder get on the roof and pick off an strays, the rest of us have got some clearing out to do.

Tank: What about them?

Sara thinking before going over to them evening them up, gun and key in hand. Mark locks eyes with her if they are going down at least he will look death in the eye. Finally she makes a decision and unlocks Mark's handcuffs. Giving him the key to unlock the others.

Sara: Help us and Ill think about letting you stay... try anything and you go down with the walkers.

Mark: Understood.

The group exits the vehicle splitting into their two separate groups while Noah and Michaela make a run for the gate. They reach it, as the walker of a body builder approaches. Noah shoots him and he falls back pinning three other walkers under his bulk. The two humans work to pull the gate across and the lock engages. Just to be safe they wrap the gate in a chain and padlock it.

Noah: (to the walkers) Sorry no eats tonight

Elsewhere the two groups are fighting the walkers and its clear they are not amateurs when it comes to fighting them. From the bus roof Mia and Ryder take down any walker that tries to get the drop on the group. Hiro and Evans fight back to back taking down approaching walkers while Sara manages to trip one walker and impales on a nearby pipe. Mark and Moe are busy shooting. Nathan takes out a walker that was about to sneak up on Moe, his eye is twitching slightly.

Mark: You holding up?

Nathan: Yeah... I don't have a problem with Walkers.

Moe: Well keep it that way and lets get back to business.

Later that evening there is a pile of dead walkers nearby as the group sits to eat around a campfire. Its clear they have bounded somewhat.

Sara: Ok I admit I was wrong about you guys, you know how to handle yourselves.

Nathan: Its why we are still alive.

Hiro: Then I guess your sticking around.

Nathan: Well I think I will, this place seems secure enough and we can check the rest of the area in the morning.

Moe: It would be nice to rest for a while... take stock... we all need it.

He look at Mark still knowing the man is haunted by the past.

Mark: then I guess we stay.

Sara: Ok, who knows maybe tomorrow will be just as lucky.


We see another camp. Its hard to make out the details but we see a gathering at a gallows of about 30 people. The moans of walkers can be heard somewhere. A man is in the nose terrified and begging for his life.

Gordon: Cole please think about this... I... we built this place you cant....

He cant finish as the noose is released but rather than hang he falls into a pit filled with walkers though an opened hole beneath the gallows. His screams are muffled by the hatch being closed. Cole Morgan a guy in his late 20s with dark charismatic eyes appears on the stage watching the silent crowd.

Cole: I know many you may not agree with what I have tonight, that Gordon was your friend but he broke the law and had to be punished. It is the law that separates us from them and Gordon crossed a line. Now I promise you as long has you stay hear I will keep you safe but break the law and I wont hesitate to punish you. We are the future now and we are going to fight for every second. If you object to this please say now.

There is only silence and we see these people completely agree or are to scared to say anything.

Cole: Glad to see we are in agreement.... now I suggest you all get some rest.

Everyone departs.



Main CastEdit

Denzel Washington as Mark Williams

Naveen Andrews as Muhammed Saied "Moe" Abdullah Alkwar

Gareth David Lloyd as Nathan Holt

Frank Ocean as Evans Rango Lamb

Hideaki Eto as Hiro Nagasaki

Michele Rodrigez as Karina Djovovich

Allison Scaglioti as Mia Tores

Anja Aguilar as Michaela Oahn

Billy Burke as Noah Baker

Thomas Brodie Sangster as Ryder Thomas

Danielle Harris as Sara Johnson

IronE Singleton as "Tank Engine"

Michael C. Hall as Cole Morgan

Guest StarsEdit

Unknown as Gordon


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 BOSS  The character was the key figure of the group on this episode.
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 RISK  The character was harmed badly on this episode.
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 DEAD  The character died due to wounds on this episode.
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