New Law
Season 2, Episode 2
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Air date March 22, 2013
Written by AnubisGirl12
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New Law is the second episode of Season Two of Survivor. It sees the survivors dealing with another group.


Settling into their new home the survivors learn they are not the only group in the area and tensions run high when the other group make startling demands.


We open in some underground hallways; a bunker or underground storage area of some kind. A nervous looking guy called Roland stops in front of a door holding a camera. The sound of music on an old record can be heard on the other side. After a few seconds the guy picks up courage and knocks on the door, the music is abruptly stopped. Cole, half dressed, sticks his head out of the door.

Cole: Roland this better be important.... Anita and I were having some quality time.

Roland: One of the runners took these in the west sector, thought you might be interested.

He hands the camera over and we see several shots of the factory and some of the survivors, Cole seems to take special interest in the women of the group.

Cole: Well it looks like we have some new neighbors.

Roland: You want us to send out the usual group?

Cole gives Roland a look that could freeze magma and he quiets down.

Cole: Roland.... where are your manners? A situation like this requires... diplomacy before violence.

He turns back into his room and brings out Anita; dazed from drugs.

Cole: Take her back to her room and go and find Diego I want him along on this.

Roland just nods and takes the dazed woman away with him.

Elsewhere at the Survivor camp we see a storeroom has been cleared out and is being used as a shooting gallery of sorts. A dummy walker has been made out of scavenged supplies and already has a few bullet holes in it. Karina and Nathan are trying to teach Mia to shoot while Michaela and Noah are also there practicing.

Mia: I don't see why I have to use a gun, the Javelin suits me just fine.

Nathan: I agree your weapon is quieter but its not that compact, if you get it caught or jammed on something then your walker chow.

He hands her the gun while Karina looks annoyed by Michaela and Noah making goo-go eyes at each other. Noah kisses the back of her neck while he helps her hold her gun properly.

Karina: Hey love birds save it for latter, I don't want you shooting us or anything.

Noah: Bite me Karina.

Nathan: She's a bit young for him.

Karina: You were living in that cave far to long.... to few people around to care about laws like that anymore.

Nathan: Still....

Karina: Just don't go there, at least you did not have to share a bus with them for six months.

Mia: Yeah... love in an apocalypse may be touching but it gets a bit sick after a while.

Mia goes back to trying to shoot but keeps missing the bullseye painted head. She lets out a frustrated groan.

Mia: I'm never gonna get this. (She hands the gun back to Karina who hands it over to Nathan)

Karina: Maybe it would help is she saw a pro do it.

Nathan: What?

Karina: I saw the way you took down those walkers when you got here.... you obviously had some training.

Nathan: I guess....

He turns to face the dummy and steadies his hand and fires the three remaining bullets. One hits the heart while the other two are clean head shots. The group looks dumbstruck at what he had done while Nathan lowers the gun. Wincing as he feels an oncoming headache. The echo of the gun and the fact he is holding it has brought up bad memories.

Noah: Dam I don't want to get on your bad side.

Nathan: I need some air.

He stalks off dropping the gun to the floor. Karina follows him.

Noah: What was that about?

Mia: No clue.

Karina has followed Nathan on to the roof of the factory. He is looking down at Mark, Moe, Sara, and Tank sorting through supplies while Ryder, Hiro, and Evans are working on making the place more secure. He doesn't notice Karina approach.

Karina: Nathan?

He turns slightly and we see a dark look in his eyes and realize other Nathan has come out,

Other Nathan: You do know its not a good idea to sneak up on people.... I could have mistook you for a walker.

Karina: Not funny.

He turns fully and walks past her and Karina tenses. She cant tell what it is but there is something off with Nathan and unnerves her. She subconsciously reaches for her gun but he grabs her hand .

Other Nathan: Now that's not very polite.

Before anything can happen between them the door bursts open and a breathless Ryder appears having run up all the stairs looking for them. Other Nathan gives him a pissed off look.

Other Nathan: What?

Ryder: There's people at the gate, they want to talk to Mark and Sara..... Mark and Sara want us all in the main store room.

Karina: What kind of people?

Ryder: Don't know but Tank and Moe are with them, they don't want them to see all our numbers in case they turn out to be trouble so when you go down be quite.

Ryder disappears back down the stairs and Karina moves to follow as Other Nathan trails behind.

Other Nathan: Shame.... I was hoping for a little fun with you.

But Karina did not hear him. He sighs and walks after them.

In the loading bay of the Factory we see a sort of meeting room has been set up with a table for a canteen dragged into the center and several chairs nearby. We see Mark, Sara, Moe, and Tank watching the other party with guarded suspicion.Two nameless grunts stand to one side while Diego sits on a box his eyes closed as he rocks the broadsword in his hand back and forth on the stone floor. Cole is walking up and down in a line with a smile on his face.

Cole: Well I have to hand it to you people, you sure made this castle your own.

Sara: Not difficult we saw it, we took it, end of story.

Cole: Feisty, and the walkers did not give you any trouble?

Tank: I think that pile of bodies answers your question.

Grunt 1: Oh this one's got some balls.

Tank: Why don't you come over here and say that.

The two look ready to square off but Moe holds Tank back while Diego who has now opened his eyes has walked up behind the other guy and clamped a hand on his shoulder.

Grunt 1: Diego cut the shit will ya.

Diego: We are here to talk not spill blood.... unless you want me to spill yours?

Grunt 2: Cole?

Cole just smirks at Diego like he is an overactive pet, before turning to the Survivors.

Cole: My apologizes, my people can be a little excitable... but Diego dose have a point, we came here to talk not start a war.

Diego lowers his head.

Diego: (Whispering) Lies

Mark: So what do you want to talk about? Better not be a telemarketing scam.

Cole: No, we just thought it was a nice idea to welcome our new tenants to the neighborhood.

Sara: Tenants, this place was abandoned when we found it, not counting the walkers.

Moe: Yes and from what we have seen the town is abandoned two.

Cole: A necessary precaution but we are a private group, we don't want to advertise our location to just about anyone.

Mark: That still doesn't explain your statement.

Cole: You people have been here what a couple of days... well "we" have been here a whole year, made our self a safe heaven.

The group is suspicious of this but say nothing. Moe and Mark share a glance like Cole less and less with each passing second.

Sara: So what you've come with an invitation for us to join you?

Cole: Well yes and no, we have to think about numbers, to few and we cant defend ourselves, to many and that will draw the wrong attention. Of course if any of you are interested you are more than welcome but if you would prefer to stay here then there would have to be some ground rules.

Tank: Such as?

Cole: Supply and demand?

All: What?

Cole: You people need to understand the society of old is gone but people are soon going to start to bounce back. Walkers cant stay standing forever, We are simply ahead of the curb.

Moe: You mean you want to be in charge of everything.... I think the four of us can manage on our own and we have nothing you could want.

Tank: Yeah, four people cant run a farm and factory this big.

Cole: Are you sure about that?

He nods to one of the grunts who walks over with a digital camera and hands it to Mark and Sara. Cole is smirking at their shocked faces at the pictures of almost all the group.

Cole: Now food is not the problem for us but it never huts to have a little extra and we would be willing to spare you the manpower to help with any extra work and protection.

Grunt 2: Places like this starts humming again are gonna draw a lot of hungry mouths.

Sara: (Angry but guarded) And what may you ask us to have to give in return for this protection?

Nobody says anything but Sara dose not like the way the two grunts are looking at her. The others are disgusted as well having worked out what they want.

Mark: Go to hell!

Moe: Our friends are people, not items to be traded and bartered.

Grunt 1: That's rich coming from a Muslim.

Cole: Sebastian!

He shoots the other man a look.

Cole: We are guests hear and I will not have you insulting our hosts in such a way.

Grunt 1: But....

Cole: Now I understand that this is a.... difficult demand but you must understand the Walkers still outnumber us and if we are going to rebuild then we need new souls and that is where your "friends" come in. I promise you they will be treated with the utmost respect and you can see them whenever you wish.... We want to start this new world with as little bloodshed as possible.

Our heroes remain silent. Cole is still smiling politely but his eyes are dark has he knows our heroes are not going to agree to this despite what is being offered to them. Diego notices the dark look in his leader's eye and sighs before turning to leave.

Grunt 1: Hey where are you going?

Diego: To start the truck, this talk is over.

Cole: As ever Diego is correct. I understand you probably need some time to think about our offer, It would be wise if you except.... working alone, well..... accidents can happen.

Mark: Is that a threat?

Cole: No just a fact.... we will be back in a few days to hear your decision.

Sara: Well we will be sure to leave the carpet out for you.

The groups part. Outside Cole turns to the two grunts.

Cole: You two, I want you to show these people an accident. Leave the women alive... the rest are fair game.

They nod and disappear into the trees outside the factory.

Later most of the group are gathered in the meeting area listening to what the others learned. Only Noah and Michaela are absent.

Ryder: I say fuck there offer, we can look after ourselves.... have done and still can.

Karina: Kids right... anyone tries to sell me as a concubine I'l castrate them.

Nathan: Your missing the point....

Tank: You want us to go along with these assholes?!

Nathan: No.... but they have us at a disadvantage.... they know where we live and they know our numbers, we don't know anything about them.

Hiro: He's right... My grandmother always said to never wander into a dark cave because you might not like what lives there.

Sara: That still dose not give us an answer and I don't think they are going to except a......

Suddenly several gunshots fill the air followed by the sound of Michaela screaming.

Mark: Shit.

Everyone runs outside and we see Michaela on the ground with a bloody arm trying to stop the bleeding from an oozing wound in Noah's neck as bullets rain around her.

Michaela: No, no, no, please Noah stay with me.

Noah: Mich.... Run..... (he then drops, losing consciousness from blood loss. Mia runs over with Ryder and they try to pull the hysterical girl away from the body).

Ryder: Come on we have to get inside.....

Michaela: No! I wont leave him, we can still....

Mia (Slaps Michaela): Dam it girl... he's dead already, the best we can do is put a bullet in his brain now before he turns.

Michaela: But....

Mia: But nothing.... look the last time something like this happened I lost everyone I knew on a bus in Ohio, I will not lose another friend today so get inside.

The other girl finally nods and follows Ryder inside. The pair is mostly safe since the gunfire is mostly directed at the rest of the heroes who are spread out trying to get a clear shot at the attackers. Mia turns to look at Noah's body which is starting to twitch. Without thinking she rams her javelin through his skull. A tear falls down her face.

Mia: Sorry Noah.

Elsewhere the group is looking for an opening.  They can see the direction the enemy is hiding but they are pinned. Suddenly Karina notices one of the vans closest tot the fence with a few walkers around it. She nods to Moe and Hiro who nod back as she grabs Tank to follow her. The others offer distracting fire while the pair sneak over the fence.

Mark (Yelling): What a say you show yourselves!

No response but more gunfire.

Other Nathan: Let them waste their bullets then we can kill them.

Sara: Nathan no, we need answers.

Other Nathan: Answers to what? I think its pretty obvious whats going on.

Sara: We don't know that, it could just be a coincidence.

Moe: I highly doubt that.

Just then the sound of Karina and Tank's guns can be heard and then silence. We then see Karina and Tank appear in the trees holding the bloodied bodies of the two dead grunts.

Sara: Fuck!

Mark: Fuck nothing, I think we have a serious problem.

We then see a goggle view of the factory and pull back to see Cole and Diego watching from the parked vehicles hidden on the top of the road to the factory. Diego is blank faced but eying Cole darkly for the lost lives he has caused. Cole, despite the loss, is smiling and we realize this is what he was hoping for. A challenge is much more fun than just getting something for free.

Cole: I love it when they play hard to get.

Fade to black.



Main CastEdit

Denzel Washington as Mark Williams

Naveen Andrews as Muhammed Saied "Moe" Abdullah Alkwar

Gareth David Lloyd as Nathan Holt

Frank Ocean as Evans Rango Lamb

Hideaki Ito as Hiro Nagasaki

Michele Rodriguez as Karina Djovovich

Allison Scaglioti as Mia Tores

Anja Aguilar as Michaela Oahn

Billy Burke as Noah Baker

Thomas Brodie Sangster as Ryder Thomas

Danielle Harris as Sara Johnson

IronE Singleton as Thomas "Tank Engine" Elkiroone

Michael C. Hall as Cole Morgan

Javier Bardem as Diego Rolands

Kate Bracken as Anita Cross

Guest StarringEdit

Sebastian (Grunt 1)

Grunt 2

Unknown as Roland


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 BOSS  The character was the key figure of the group on this episode.
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 RISK  The character was harmed badly on this episode.
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