Season 2, Episode 5
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Air date March 30, 2013
Written by AnubisGirl12
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Wendigo is the fifth episode of season two of Survivor. Recovering from recent events the survivors race to rescue a kidnapped friend.


An abduction in the dead of night sets the survivors on the hunt for a missing friend. Meanwhile, Cole seeks the identity of the traitor by any means necessary.


We open in a field where Diego is digging a grave for Alliosi Junior. He dose not notice two grunts approaching. We see the field is a graveyard of sort inside the compound but away from the main building.

Grunt 1: Hey Diego what the hell are you doing?.

Diego: Digging.

Grunt 2: I can see that but your wasting good walker bait....

Before he can finish Alliosi appears with a gun pointed at the two grunts.

Alliosi: Any of you try and I will put a bullet in your head... my son will get a proper burial, end of story.

Grunt 1: But Cole says.....

Before the Grunt can finish Alliosi shoots him in the head.

Alliosi: Now you have your meat.... take it!

Grunt 2: You asshole when Cole finds out.....

Diego: Cole's got bigger problems to worry about, in case you forgot, someone let those people into our base and believe me, they will be back..... to avenge their dead.

We follow his line of sight to see Sara's corpse strung up in the fence as a macabre warning to enemies and outsiders.'

Back at the factory

We see the survivors eating a sombre meal in silence. Michaela is hardly touching her meal and avoiding eye contact with just about everyone. She jumps with fright when Mia nudges her shoulder.

Mia: Hey.... I just thought you wanted another helping.

Michaela: Just don't touch me...

She gets up and leaves the room nearly breaking into tears.

Ryder: Dam, what the hell did they do to her.....

Tank: Don't know... she wont talk about it and that worries me.

Ryder: Why? I think she got off a lot easier than Nathan did.

Looks at Nathan whose face has healed somewhat but still has a few angry scars.

Ryder: No offense

Nathan: None taken but Tank has a point..... take it from me, the wounds you cant see are always worse than the ones you can.

Back at Cole's base we see Anita waiting nervously when Eric enters closing the door quietly to make sure no one has followed.

Anita: Where's Diego?

Eric: Meeting with Cole and some of the others..... dam it why did you have to kill the kid Anita.

Anita: I.... it just happened ok..... I've been through enough with Cole not to wish any of it on another person.

Eric: Still Cole and Alliosi are out for blood... there is going to be trouble.

Anita: Another attack?

Eric: No not for a while but Cole's not an idiot either he knows someone helped them and he wants to find the weak link first.

Anita: So we keep our heads down.... It could give Mark and the others time to recover.

Eric: Not that simple, Cole's sent the men out to gets some drugs.... he wants me to dope the camp to get the truth, and if that dose not work... it will get worse.

Anita: Shit!.... what do we do....

Eric: I don't know.... I have no idea.

Back at the factory we see Michaela walking down the hallways trying not to cry has she passes Karina who is carrying a bowl of boiled water.

Karina: Hey you OK?

Michaela:( Annoyed) Yeah why dose everyone keep asking?

Karina: We are just worried about you.... its been a rough couple of days for everyone.

Michaela: I will be when people stop asking.

She stalks off and Karina shakes her head as Moe passes.

Moe: She needs time.

Karina: Time we don't have.... we don't have the benefit of breaking down right now.

Moe: I will talk to her but only when she is ready.... these things can not be forced.

Karina: Ok, I'm taking this to Nathan.... we don't have that much in the way of medicine so we have to keep those wounds clean.

Moe (nodding): Alright but be careful, Nathan might not show it but he's struggling to.

Moe leaves and Karina nods and carries on her way. We change to the inside of Nathan's room where he is resting his head on the wall. eyes closed as he remembers the beating he got from Cole's people. He winces and opens his eyes and looks at his open diary in worry: The recent entry half started has degraded into his others writing and is covered in the words KILL THEM ALL.

Nathan: I wont... 

He hears the door knocking and slams the book shut and the sound of the door opening and Karina enters with the water.

Karina: Hey

Nathan: Hey 

Karina: I brought you some water for your wounds.

Nathan: How's Michaela?..... not good huh?

Karina: No, first Noah, then the abduction..... I'm worried this is going to get to her in a bad way.

Nathan: Keep an eye on her.... but don't crowd her and make sure she is not alone after dark.... trust me.

Karina: You sound like you've been what she's been through.

Nathan: (slightly nervous): Not exactly, Mark told you I was in the Army?

Karina: Yeah what about it.

Nathan: Guy in my regiment.... he saw half the squad blown up in front of him.... he would have been killed also if he was a few inches closer. He said he was fine and after a while everyone believed him, heck I believed him, he just bounced back..... we found him in the armory with his brains blown out one morning.

Karina: Shit, you don't think Michaela would?

Nathan: I don't know but the stuff we have seen..... (he winces trying to fight off a headache) the stuff we have done...

Karina: Nathan?

Nathan: It nothing... listen I think Id like to turn in early tonight.

Karina: Ok.... Listen Nathan I'm not an idiot.... if you need to talk to someone about this, what ever it is my door is always open.

He just nods and she leaves missing Other Nathan looking up darkly at her.

Other Nathan: An invitation, how thoughtful,

Back at Cole's Base in the med lab Cole and a few soldiers are overseeing Eric's work as he sets up the interrogation equipment.

Cole: How long is this going to take doc... we have a war we would like to get back to.

Eric: Well I can do it quickly or I can do it right.

Cole: You'll do both!

Eric (nervous but finding courage): No.

Cole: What was that? (he whips a round pointing a gun at Eric's head),

Eric: If I do it your way the best we have a bunch of spaced out soldiers at worse cooked brains that even a walker would avoid.

Cole: You know if I didn't know better I would say you were stalling, protecting someone?

Eric: No.... I'm just stating a fact.... you want a fair fight I take it then?

Cole: (Smiles darkly) Of course not... (lowers the gun) but I want the Judas found.... so try not to kill more than 10 people or I am going to need to find a new doctor.

He leaves the room with the soldiers. A nervous Eric gets back to work wiping a bit of sweat from his head

Eric: We need a miracle.

Back at the factory its night time and it is early and calm despite a few walkers lumbering around outside. We see a figure moving among them; its movements are to stable to be a walker but the creatures don't react to its presence as it reaches the fence and pulls out a rope.

Inside everything is still and quite. Ryder is on watch walking through the empty corridors. He whistles weakly to keep away the nerves. Suddenly he hears a noise.

Ryder: Who's there?

No response save the sound of something being dropped.

Ryder: Evans? If that's you I swear to god this is not funny.

Still no response but we see someone's point of view has they sneak up on Ryder. The boy turns just in time to see someone swing a metal pipe down on his head. His torch drops and we see someone dragging his body away.

Next Day.

Most of the survivors are looking at the rope and the few walkers nearby gnawing on the remains of flesh that have been left out to keep them distracted.

Evans: Fuck! Dosen't Cole sleep?

Moe: This wasn't Cole.

Evans: How can you be so sure?

Moe: Quite abduction in the dead of night. Its not his style he would have killed some of us or made a show of the kidnapping all the more to make us suffer.

Mia: Then who the hell grabbed Ryder?

Tank: No clue but the tracks go off into the woods.

Mark: Well we follow them.

Moe sees the same look in Mark eyes as when Corey vanished and died.

Moe: Mark.

Mark: Save it Moe... I will not lose another person.... not to Cole, to the walkers or some sick psycho who comes in the middle of the night.

Mia: So what do we do?

Mark: Mia you, Evans, Michaela and Karina stay here and keep guard.... the rest of us will search the woods.

Nathan: Maybe I should stay behind....

Mark: No your good at tracking.

Nathan: But.....

Mark: But nothing we are going now

Nathan sighs and follows the others to get their gear. Only Moe is concerned and pulls Mark aside.

Moe: Do you know what your doing Mark? He's been getting worse these last couple of days since the abduction, Karina is already suspicious.

Mark: He can handle it....

Moe: Yes but can you?

Mark: What

Moe: The others may not see it but you have been slipping for a while now. You cant hold yourself accountable for every death that happens. Corey was killed by walkers and the others by Cole's men not you.

Mark (silent for a moment before speaking quietly): We are going now end of story.

Meanwhile in a cabin in the woods. Ryder comes round, he has a nasty gash on his head where he was hit. He tries to move and we hear the clanking of chains and realize he had been chained to the wall by his ankle.

Ryder: Where....

He hears a noise and we see a crazy looking guy come in with a bloody bundle under his arm.

Man: Good.... good meat not dead.....

Ryder (getting freaked out): What?

Man: Quite, meat dosen't talk

He hits Ryder on the arm but stops when Ryder cries out in pain. He gets worked up at starts hitting his own head.

Man: Idiot, Idiot, got to keep the meat fresh, Wendigo's don't want dead flesh.... has to be fresh.

Ryder catches sight of the room he is in and its not a pretty sight. Its like a nightmare butcher shop filled with blood and the remains of previous victims strewn across the place. He winces in fear has the man comes close with a tape measure taking measurements of Ryder's chained arms and legs.

Man: Good, good size, will keep to but have to get the fire.... must not let the meat bleed out.... has to last.... keep the Wendigoes happy.....

He walks off taking a large axe for fire wood and leaving Ryder alone in the dark helpless and afraid. We change to the survivors searching the woods. Tank and Mark watch the group's back while Moe is in the center following Nathan who is looking at the ground following the trail of the abductor.

Moe: Have you found anything?

Nathan: Not much yet... though it would be easier if I don't have a gun pointed at my back

Moe: Just being cautious.

Nathan: I don't blame you.... but its under control.

He bends down picking up a piece of torn fabric has the others gather around. There are a few drops of dried blood on it.

Tank: Shit, that's from Ryder's shirt, you don't think he's?

Nathan: Cant tell but its not even dry yet.

Mark: Then we might be close...

He suddenly spots some smoke through the trees and heads off in that direction.

Moe: Slow down Mark, you cant go blundering in without a plan. whoever's there might not even have Ryder.

Mark: Then I'll just apologize but if they do we are getting Ryder out and I will kill the son of a bitch myself.

He heads off and the others knowing they cant stop him reluctantly follow after him.

Elsewhere at Cole's base, a huge gathering has been called. Anita sits on the back of the podium while Alliosi and Diego stand behind Cole who is addressing the crowd.

Cole: To might great regret I must bring you all some terrible news.... as you know our enemies managed to break in a few nights ago and take the life of a promising young man.

Everybody is edgy and angry, they want blood.

Cole: Unfortunately this was no random accident.... there is a Judas among you... one who led these wolves to our door.

The crowd erupts in angry outcry, several people eying each other with suspicion and a few accusations break out. Cole waits for the noise to die out but seeing it is not shoots his gun into the air. People quite down.

Cole: Now I know this is hard to accept but the truth is the truth, now maybe it was not your fault, maybe these assholes got the drop on one of you, threatened you.... if that the case your an idiot but I can forgive that... so if that's the case speak up.

Nobody speaks up.

Cole: Fine, in that case I have had Eric set up a little something to loosen everyone's tongs. Everyone is to report to the Doc at once, no exceptions, anybody who dose not, well I am just going to assume the worst and we all know what happens then.

He indicates the gallows and nobody argues and starts filing off. Anita is about to join the others when Cole stops her.

Cole: Not you pet.

She winces as Cole strokes her hair.

Anita: But you said no exceptions?

Cole: I know but, we both know you were "resting" after our little "session" besides Eric says the stuff might kill you mixing with half the stuff you already take . And besides I need time to brake in your new playmate?

Anita: My what.

Cole: (Softly like he's dealing with a slow child) Lets just say I found someone to keep the pair of us company on this winter.

With that he walks off leaving Anita to contemplate what she has heard. Unaware Cole is watching her, he turns to face Diego.

Cole: Diego keep an eye on my little lovebird, if she decides to fly the nest I need her dealt with.

Diego just nods gripping his sword.

Back at the cabin in the wood we see the survivors watching the outside from the bushes. There is blood and several chained up walkers on posts outside the cabin currently gnawing on flesh.

Tank: Welcome to the Cabin in the Woods.

Nathan: Yeah.... look do we even know he's here Mark?

Mark gripping his weapon says nothing as the door of the cabin swings open and the madman appears dragging Ryder out by the chain. We see the boy's clothing has been ripped and black marker has been drawn on his arms and legs along the joints. The man attaches the chain to a post and goes off mumbling to himself and we see him come back with an axe covered in blood. He approaches Ryder looking like he is about to cut the kid's head off but buries the axe in a stump nearby.

Man: Got to start the fire first, then we serve the meat (looks at the chained walkers) keep the wendigo's fed.

Ryder: Please.... you don't have to....

Man: Meat dosen't talk (he raises his hand only for a shot to ring out and he howls in pain as his hand has been shot by Mark who has emerged from the trees)

Mark: That's enough of that.

The chained walkers turn in the direction of the fresh blood, straining at their chains as Mark walks past them just out of their grip. The others cautiously follow and Tank kills one walker who gets a little to close to him.

Man: No, you killed my wendigo.

Tank: Your what?

But the man lunges at Tank only to be tripped and put into a sleeper hold by Moe. Nathan and Tank go to free Ryder.

Tank: You ok? He hurt you.

Ryder: No... just whacked me about a couple of times.... this guy is five different shades of crazy.... I think he's been feeding people to walkers.

Nathan: The fuck, why in the world would you do a thing like that?

Man: Not walkers, wendigo's... give them fresh meat they don't come after you, keep them happy and they go away ( he breaks down into hysterical giggles)

Mark: How many? (He walks up to the man his gun pointed at the guy's head a look of spirituous fury on his face)

Moe: Mark what are you doing?

Mark: Asking this shithead a question before I put him out of his misery.

Nathan: Mark no we found Ryder, he's ok lets just go home.

Moe: He's right we saved Ryder there is no need for more death.

Mark: (ignoring them) How many?

Man: (Half serious half giggling): So many... they are always hungry... so often I go off to market catch the little pigs....

A loud blam fills the air and Moe jumps back covered in blood as Mark has just blown the man's brain out. Moe isn't hurt since the bullet went through the skull into the earth but his arm is a little scorched from the proximity.

Moe: Mark the hell?

Mark: You heard the guy, he was insane, killed who knows how many and he knew where we lived. What was to stop him coming back in the dead of night to take someone else.

Tank: He's right we have enough problems without a nut job in the woods threatening us.

Nathan: That dose not give you the right to execute him.... the guy was unwell.

Mark: I did what I had to, now lets get back... that shot was bound to have drawn in walkers.

Tank begins to follow helping the injured Ryder along but Nathan and Moe stay put.

Moe: Maybe you did but I will tell you this Mark, you are walking a dangerous line.... you cross it and your no better than Cole's people.

Mark: (Stops but dose not turn around) I'm keeping us alive, if it means I have to make the hard choices then I will, You disagree then take your things and get out.

Nathan: Mark?

Mark: Can it!

Nathan goes quite and starts to follow after while Mark turns now to look at Moe waiting for his answer.

Moe: Ill stay, but only to keep you from doing something you will regret. Mark you have to be careful that when you protect us you don't turn into the thing your trying to protect us from.

Mark dose not say anything but walks off in silence and the others eventually follow.

Back at Cole's base Diego, Eric and Anita are meeting.

Eric: Ive almost finished with everyone and so far nothing.... heck, how did you not crack Diego?

Diego: Simple, you asked me if I had anything to do with letting the outsiders in and I did not.

Eric: I guess that's true but Cole is going to try stronger methods after this and I cant keep covering for Anita, it will look suspicious.

Anita who has been quite and thinking over what Cole said early comes to a worrying conclusion.

Anita: That dose not matter, now I think there is a bigger problem.

Diego: What kind of problem?

Anita: I... think Cole might have gotten to one of them... turned one of the captives or cut a deal with one of Mark's group.

Eric: Anita you cant be serious, he did not even have them that long and why would they even think of doing such a thing.

Anita: Survival can make you do crazy things and you know what Cole is like.... he gets in your head..... changes you for the worst if your not careful.

Eric: Well he has not got to everyone... we are testament enough to that.

Anita: Sorry only because he thinks you are to afraid of him to do anything and he dosen't have anything he can use on Diego.

Diego: And you?

Anita: I.... I don't know if its luck or not but I just know I cant stand him anymore..... I have to go there tonight and warn them.

Diego: What if you are wrong... misinterpreting his words....

Anita: I cant take the risk.... you saw the captives Diego, don't tell me its not possible.

Diego: I don't know, the girl was so terrified I don't think she would have known up from down let alone be convinced to turn on her people and the other one was rabid half the time they were beating him up.

Anita: We can not take the chance...

Eric: Anita its to risky.... for you, for any of us to go.....

Anita: What if I'm right Eric and there is a traitor in their group someone who could let Cole's people in the dead of night to slaughter them or worse I just couldn't live with that.

The other two are silent but finally relent.

Later in the dead of night we see Anita exit the camp the same way as before. We see a night vision goggle view of her and pull back to see Cole watching her, a look of dark fury and betrayal on his face.

Alliosi: Cole?

Cole: Oh Anita, Anita, I had hopped they just threatened you but I guess I was just fooling myself....

He just nods to Alliosi who is holding a sniper rifle.

Cole: I am a man of my word, Am I not Alliosi? I promised you the life of the one who took your son from you even it was someone close to me, so take your vengeance for your son.

Alliosi just nods and lines up the shot as Cole walks away, eyes closed until the shot echoes through the night and a dull thud is heard.

Cole: Now the unpleasantness is out of the way I think its time we get back to dealing with our main problem. Get the men ready..... in a few days wee are gonna throw a going away party the likes of witch nobody has seen.

Fade to Black



Main CastEdit

Denzel Washington as Mark Williams

Naveen Andrews as Muhammed Saied "Moe" Abdullah Alkwar

Gareth David Lloyd as Nathan Holt

Frank Ocean as Evans Rango Lamb

Michele Rodriguez as Karina Djovovich

Allison Scaglioti as Mia Tores

Anja Aguilar as Michaela Oahn

Thomas Brodie Sangster as Ryder Thomas

IronE Singleton as Thomas "Tank Engine" Elkiroone

Michael C Hall as Cole Morgan

Kate Bracken as Anita Cross

Javier Bardem as Diego Rolands

Jack Coleman as Eric Smide

Guest starringEdit

Al Pacino as David Alliosi

Unknown as Cabin Man

Unknown as Grunt 1

Unknown as Grunt 2


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 BOSS  The character was the key figure of the group on this episode.
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 RISK  The character was harmed badly on this episode.
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