Harvest Moon
Season 2, Episode 6
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Air date April 2, 2013
Written by Terelili
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Harvest Moon is the sixth episode of season two of Survivor, and the nineteenth episode overall. It will see another attack to the factory.


After Anita`s death, hope fades for both Eric and Diego, and the factory group. People start questioning; Cole tests Eric and the group grows aware of Mark. A time of peace is shattered by an attack from the enemy.


-A shovel is pulling dirt out of a pit, admits bright sunlight. Soft sobs are heard. Eric's face, covered in sweat and tears is seen.-

Diego: Eric, please stop, if Cole finds out you`re doing this...

Eric: I don`t care. He did this to her. I won`t let Anita rot on the main gate.

Diego: It`s over.

Eric: Over? This has just started. Anita didn`t die for nothing, we will bring Cole down.

Diego: But how do you plan on doing that?

Eric: We`ll have to do it from the inside. We will bring him down, we will finish what Anita started.

-Eric and Diego grab Anita`s body and place it on the tomb.-

Diego: She loved you.

Eric: I know.

-Cole is seen observing them with binoculars from a tower, he places them down, slowly.-

-Moe, Karina and Tank are clearing zombies on the factory's gates.-

Tank: It`s been a while after Cole`s last attack. Maybe he`s done over us?

-Karina kills a zombie.-

Karina: Done? He just started.

Tank: What happened to that girl, Anita?

Karina: Haven`t seen her since the rescue. 

Moe: You think they got her? She killed one of them, they knew there was a traitor.

Karina: Let`s hope they didn`t. What happened the other day, when you went for Ryder? You and Mark have been weird ever since.

-Moe kills a zombie.-

Moe: Marks loosing his head. This world has changed him. He`s not the same Mark I met anymore. This world changes people. I don`t know if he could continue.

Karina: Continue?

Moe: Being the leader. 

-Moe kills a zombie.-

-Michaela is sitting alone, apart on the factory. Ryder approaches her.-

Ryder: Hey.

-Michaela faces up, then down.-

Ryder: I`ve brought you some food, you surely need some.

-Ryder gives Michaela food.-

Michaela: Thanks, but I`m not hungry.

-Michaela pulls the food away.-

Michaela: Do they still hurt? -Michaela touches Ryder's scars.-

Ryder: They`re getting better. How about yours? Your inner scars?

Michaela: Slowly healing.

Ryder: I can`t imagine what you`ve been through. That Cole is insane, I just want you to know that you can always count on me whenever you want to talk, about anything. Know I`m here.

-Michaela smiles.-

Michaela: Thanks.

-Ryder gives her his hand.-

Ryder: Come and eat with the rest of us.

-Michaela and Ryder walk out together.- 

-Cole is sitting on his desk. Alliosi and Diego are standing before him.-

Cole: It`s time again, for another attack. They came at our doors, killed your kid, escaped with our prisoners. We must strike again,  we can`t stand this sort of humiliation to our people. 

Alliosi: Well said, boss, we will take them out tonight.

Cole: We will be swift, and strike them hard. We will not kill them all tough, that will take all the fun out of it. They will want revenge, and that`s when the fun starts. Go on and prepare the troops.

-Alliosi and Diego walk towards the door.-

Cole. Not you, Diego.

-Diego turns around.-

Cole: Come here, sit.

-Cole serves two glasses of whiskey.-

Cole: Come on, drink.

-Diego sits in front of Cole. Cole drinks his whiskey. Diego does the same.-

Cole: We all wished it wasn`t Anita. Such an innocent, beautiful girl. Such a shame she was our judas, don`t you think so?

Diego: Her betrayal was shocking, Cole. Nobody imagined it would be her.

Cole: Nobody?

-Diego frowns.-

Diego: Boss? I`m not sure I-

-Cole laughs.-

Cole: Diego. Diego. I saw you with Eric this morning, at the tombs. Don`t pretend.

Diego: Eric wanted me to help him bury her. He said he had been given the command to take her body out of the main gate and do so. So, I did. 

-Cole takes another sip from his whiskey.-

Cole: You`re one of the few men  I can trust. Let`s hope it can remind that way. Just remember, a traitor failed, another one can. But, thanks to you, I got my other traitor.

Diego: You say it`s-?

Cole: Eric. He was plotting with Anita. He was burying her, he tried to avoid Anita getting tested. He is a traitor. 

Diego: But... what do you plan to do?

Cole: Kill him.

-Back at the factory, Mark is at practice shooting with Mia, Ryder and Michaela. Moe steps in.-

Moe: Mark.

-Mark turns around.-

Mark: Yeah, Moe?

Moe: We have to talk.

Mark: You three keep shooting. 

-Moe and Mark walk together.-

Moe: Mark, look, you lost control the other day. You killed a man in cold blood in front of many of us. They are frightened, Mark. They don`t need someone to fear. People need someone strong, someone to believe in, do you think you can be that person right now?

Mark: These people trust me. I am responsible for everything that happens. I am responsible for Noah`s, Hiro`s and Sara`s deaths! I am responsible for their security! I am responsible for every single one here! The same I was responsible for Corey! I am responsible of every single person here, and I won`t allow any other death. I won`t. I`ll do what has to be done. Is that all?

-Moe remains quiet.-

Moe: Remember this people trust you. You`re the only thing they have.

Mark: I know. I may loose myself sometimes, but all I do is for the greater good. 

- Diego walks down Chem`s underground hallways. He enters Eric`s lab.-

Diego: Dammit, Eric!

Eric: What is it?

Diego: Cole. He found out, he knows you`ve been plotting against him!

Eric: But- how?

Diego: He knows you covered for Anita, he knows you were with her. 

Eric: Shit. At last he didn`t catch you.

-Eric grabs his things, and packs them on a bag.-

Eric: I need to go. I`ll go to the other group as fast as I can, before Cole gets me, and help them from there. 

-Eric walks to the door. He stops as he hears the sound of a gun being loaded. He slowly turns around, and sees Diego pointing a gun at him.-

Eric. He ordered you to kill me, didn`t he?

-Eric slowly walks towards Diego.-

-Diego`s hand is shaking.-

Diego: He did. He`ll know if you escape to the other group, and he`ll know I told you, he`ll know I`m a traitor.

-Eric nods. His face turns pale.-

Eric: Then-do it.

-Diego is shaking.-

Eric: You have to prove him you`re loyal, he`s testing you too. Do it.

-Diego shakes, his face turns red, and tears gather on his eyes.-

Diego: I can`t.

Eric: You`re the one that has to stop him. Do it.

Diego: I can`t!

Eric: Diego, you have to do it!

-Eric grabs Diego`s gun, and points it at his head.-

Eric: Bring him down. Make sure me and Anita died for something. 

-Eric pulls the trigger.-

-Diego enters Cole`s room. His face is pale, and his eyes red, showing the sign that he had been crying.-

Diego: He`s dead.

-Diego shows Cole pictures of Eric's body. Cole smiles.-

Cole: You`re the most loyal man I have, Diego. Don`t feel guilty about killing him, he was a traitor, and he would destroy us. 

-Diego says nothing.-

Cole: We`re attacking. We`ll do it different this time.

-Cole smiles.-

Cole: You`ll know what I mean. Be sure to get ready.

-Diego nods, and walks away of the room. He walks straight to his room, sits on his bed, and cries.- 

-It is night. The factory group lights a fire outside. A bright full moon shines bright on the sky. The group is roasting a rabbit they found on the woods.-

Mark: As soon as we finish with this rabbit, we`re all going inside. It`s too risky out here.

Evans: Come on, we have locked ourselves up for weeks, and nothing ever happened. Besides, Mia`s keeping watch.

Mark: You never know. 

Tank: This rabbit is delicious, haven`t eaten something like this since we camped on the woods. 

Nathan: Shit.

Tank: What?

-Nathan points at the gate.-

Nathan: Zombies,

-Everyone stares at the gate. It had been opened, and a multitude of zombies was entering, walking towards them. They all grab their weapons.-

Evans:: First time we go outside and walkers enter our gardens. Great.

Mark: They`re way too many, there`s no way of closing that gate so easily. 

Ryder: Someone definitely opened it. 

-Karina loads her gun.-

Karina: What are we waiting for?

-The group runs to the gate, and fight against the zombies, putting them down. More and more zombies keep entering through the gates.-

Mark: Someone opened our gate for them!

-Mark kills a zombie.-

-Michaela is alone, frightened. A zombie approaches her from behind, but Ryder kills it, saving Michaela just in time.-

Ryder: You alright?

-Michaela nods.-

-Just then, shots come from the factory's roof. The group stares, and see men shooting at them from the roof.-

Moe: Cole. 

-Moe shoots one of Cole`s men, killing him immediately.-

Moe: On the roof!

-Karina puts another down.-

-One of the men shoot Evans on his arm, causing blood to poor out.-

Evans: Shit!

-Evans ducks down.-

-Tank kills the last of the men on the roof, and approaches Evans.-

Tank: You okay?

Evans: What do you think?

-Zombies keep entering through the main gate.-

Moe: They won`t keep coming!

Michaela: We have to close the main gate!

- The survivors keep killing zombies. Mark is together with Moe.-

Mark: I must be the leader. I must protect them. They depend on me.

Moe: Don`t tell me you`re thinking of-

Mark: You have always been there for me, Moe, and I can`t thank you enough. Right now, I must be the one to save these people, before I turn crazy.

Moe: Don`t even think of-

Mark: Someone has to do it. And I won`t loose anyone else. 

-Moe has tears on his eyes.-

Mark: Take care of them, As I took care of them. Be the leader they want. It`s time for me to go with the rest of them. We`ll wait for you. See you in another life, Moe.

-Mark runs to the main gate, and closes it. As he does so, a zombie bites him on the neck. He keeps on closing the gate Many others balance towards him. The group stays in silence, their leader being torn apart. Saving them, being their leader. They go on and kill the zombies eating him.-

Moe: Mark....

Michaela (crying): He.... he saved us.

-Mark opens his eye, but it is now yellow. He stands up. They all know it isn`t the Mark they knew.-

-Moe walks towards him, steady, but crying. Mark walks towards him, steady, but in another way. They both engage in eye contact, as Mark slowly walks towards Moe. Moe points his gun at him, and shots.-

-Fade to black.-



Main CastEdit

Denzel Washington as Mark Williams

Naveen Andrews as Muhammed Saied "Moe" Abdullah Alkwar

Gareth David Lloyd as Nathan Holt

Frank Ocean as Evans Rango Lamb

Michele Rodriguez as Karina Djovovich

Alison Scaglioti as Mia Tores

Anja Aguilar as Michaela Oahn

Thomas Brodie Sangster as Ryder Thomas

IronE Singleton as Thomas "Tank Engine" Elkiroone

Michael C Hall as Cole Morgan

Javier Bardem as Diego Rolands

Jack Coleman as Eric Smide

Guest StarringEdit

Al Pacino as David Alliosi


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 ALIVE  The character wasn´t harmed on this episode
 BOSS  The character was the key figure of the group on this episode.
 HARMED  The character was leavily harmed on this episode.
 RISK  The character was at risk of death on this episode.
 RISK  The character was harmed badly on this episode.
 DEAD  The character was killed by a human on this episode
 DEAD  The character was killed by a walker on this episode.
 DEAD  The character died due to wounds on this episode.
 FRIEND  The character helped others on this episode.