Mad Dog
Season 2, Episode 7
Mad Dog
Air date April 7, 2013
Written by AnubisGirl12
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Mad Dog is the seventh episode of Season Two of Survivor, and the twentieth episode overall.


Seeking the identity of the traitor in their midst's, Nathan risks his remaining sanity to find out what his Other self saw the night of the attack.


We open in front of the graves of the fallen survivors in the factory as the survivors stand around Mark's recently made grave. Everyone is silent as Moe gives an eulogy.

Moe: I only knew Mark for a few months, I don't know what kind of man he was before this, but I know in his heart he was a good man. We might have questioned his choices but in the end he saved lives and in the end I can only prey that gives him the peace he deserves.

No one says anything has Moe finishes and everyone silently follow back into the Factory. Michaela stops briefly to look at Noah's grave before heading inside. Only Moe and Karina remain outside.

Moe: I know this is difficult to talk about, with everyone still grieving, but I want to call a meeting tonight.

Karina: About what?

Moe: You know what..... the walkers did not let themselves in and the doors were not forced by Cole's people.

Karina: You don't think?.... Shit Moe, the others have been through enough.... the last thing we need is a witch hunt.

Moe: I know its difficult to except but their is no other explanation for it.

Karina: Alright but I will tell you this now, no one is going to like it when you start pointing fingers.... we cant afford to turn on each other now.

They both nod and head inside.

Later we see Karina in her room looking at her reflection in the mirror. She bends down again to bring some water to her face, she dose not notice she is being watched.

Other Nathan: Knock, knock.

Karina looks up startled to see Nathan or Rather Other Nathan standing in the doorway watching her with those same dark unnerving eyes from the roof. Neither says anything as Karina puts her wash cloth down.

Karina: Nathan.... this is not really a good time now.... there is going to be a meeting in a few minutes.

Other Nathan: I know but I wanted to talk, you did say your door was always open

Karina: Yes but I said this is not a good time.

He smiles and crosses the room so they are only separated by a few inches.

Other Nathan: When is a good time?

He reaches out his hand and strokes her arm, the look on his face tells Karina his intent which she roughly pulls away scared and angered by his behavior. He responds by grabbing her throat and slamming her into the wall where they struggle. Karina manages to twist slightly and scratch at his face drawing blood to which he laughs in delight.

Other Nathan: Feisty aren't we?

Karina: Nathan! what the hell has gotten into you.

Other Nathan: Nothing....

He backs away suddenly with a gasp and looks around confused. Nathan is back and at the worst possible moment.

Nathan: Where.... (He reacts on instinct at the sound of Karina drawing her weapon by drawing his own) Karina whats going on?

Karina: It you! you son of a bitch, your the spy!

Nathan: What? How can you say that.

Karina: Save it! I knew there was something was up after that day on the roof but I just couldn't place it.... your insane!

Nathan winces at the word and then changes again.

Other Nathan: Insane is such a harsh word.... now put the gun down and we can talk.

Karina: Like hell.

Other Nathan: (Sighing) Fine if you insist ( He reaches out quickly and disarms her now holding both weapons)

Karina: Go on kill me.

Other Nathan: Nothing I would love more than to do that pet, but your not on my list,

Karina: So Cole sent you back with a hit list? Who's next then? Moe?

Other Nathans face warps into something ugly at Karina's mention of Cole.

Other Nathan: Bitch if you think I'm working with that asshole after he had me chained you have another thing coming. The only thing I will be doing for him is put a bullet between his eyes and only after Ive rearranged his face a bit.

He chuckles again before wincing in pain before turning back into Nathan. Who notices he is holding both guns and drops them in fright. Before Karina can do anything Nathan bolts for the door.

Karina: Get back hear!

She picks up the guns and chases after him.

We switch to the meeting room where the survivors are looking at Moe and each other in silent shock and suspicion.

Evans: Moe are you high or something? If one of us is a traitor then I'm Micky Mouse.

Mia: Evans is right! I cant speak for you or Nathan but the rest of us have been through to much to turn traitor.... Id throw myself to the walkers before Id side with that nutter.

Tank: Big words coming from the person who was supposed to be on watch last night.

Ryder: Hey! we found her tied up like a Christmas ham near the fence if we hadn't the walkers would have been gnawing on her insides by now.

Michaela: Listen to yourselves.... how do we even know there is a traitor it could be another mind game and while we are all at each others throats Cole and his goons are laughing at us.

Moe: She's right... we need to...

The sound of a commotion draws their attention as a flustered Nathan enters the room and heads straight for Moe.

Moe: Nathan? what is it?

A loud bang fills the air and Karina appears pointing her gun at Nathan.

Mia: Karina what the hell?

Karina: Its him, he's the traitor.

Moe: Karina what are you talking about?

Tank: Yeah, he helped save Ryder from that nut in the woods.

Karina: Yeah right up until he just tried to rape me in my room. 

Evans: What!

Nathan: I didn't, it....

He grips his head and Moe understands what's going on. Nathan looks at him with tears in his eyes and we realize that he is barely in control at the moment with all this stress.

Moe: Karina put the gun down now.

Karina: No chance!

Moe walks between Nathan and Karina acting like a shield. Despite their differences he is not about to let an innocent sick man be gunned down like a common thief without proof first. He also knows he cant keep Nathans secret anymore.

Moe: Ryder get the cuffs from the bus now!

Nathan: Moe?

Moe: Save it Nathan we cant keep this up anymore.

Nathan: But.... your not going to tell them are you?

Moe: What's the alternative? have Karina gun you down like a rabid dog?

Nathan lowers his head in defeat, he goes to sit on a nearby chair hands behind his back waiting for Ryder to return with the cuffs.

Nathan: Just make it quick.


Nathan is sitting alone in the meeting room cuffed to the seat while the others stand outside listening to Moe's explanation.

Tank: Shit! Why the hell didn't you tell us one of your group was a maniac Moe?

Moe: It was under control and Mark and Nathan were afraid you would react like this if you found out about it.

Karina: Dam straight... Sara would have kicked him out at the first chance she had.

Moe: It wouldn't have been her call to make, and I think Nathan has proved him self enough.

Evans: Yeah you just failed to mention he's a walking time bomb.

Moe: Like I said it was under control, the abduction just exacerbated the problem.... and besides I don't believe either of them is the traitor.

Mia: How can you be so sure, Karina said that other guy is an animal.

Moe: Yes he's an animal but I know for a fact he's an animal that hates to be caged; he's probably been seething after what Cole and his men did and Nathan would chose death before working with a man like that.

Michaela: Can you be so sure?

Moe: When Mark and I met him Nathan was living in that cave because he was afraid of what his "problem" would do to other others if he traveled with them.

Mia: So what do we do now?

Moe: He wont like it but I say we keep him locked up for now until we can be sure everyone's stories are straight and then we talk to them.

Karina: And if either one of them is the traitor we send him to Cole... in pices if we have to.

Moe: I understand.

In the meeting room Nathan is calmer but still on edge has he awaits his fate at the hands of his friends.

Nathan: Why did you go after her?.... its because of Sally isn't it?

He receives no response and realizes how futile an unnerving it is that he is trying to talk to himself when Moe enters the room.

Nathan: So whats the verdict?

Moe: Well their angry but I convinced them not to lynch you... at least not yet and until we can find the traitor.

Nathan: Its not me Moe but.....

Moe: But what.

Nathan: I cant be sure but before the meal.... I think.... I think I blacked out for a while....

Moe: Shit.... how long?

Nathan: An hour I think.... I know he didn't hut anyone but what if....

Moe: Nathan we will find out what happened but its important you try to remember what happened in that hour your life could depend on it.

Nathan (Angry and scarred): Don't you think I know that!

He calms down quickly terrified by his own outburst.

Nathan: Its getting harder, harder to come back every time he takes over, its like I'm drowning inside my own head and that terrifies me more than anything he might do.

Moe is silent and turns to leave but places a gun in reach for Nathan; another way out in case things go against him.

Other Nathan: That wont work.

Moe turns to face the other personality who has the look of a caged tiger on his face.

Moe: You'd prefer them to kill you?

Other Nathan: Not really but the whelp tried more than once to kill me in the winter, stopped him each time. He knows it wont work so take that gun away before you hurt yourself.

Moe: I'm not the one who's cuffed you to a chair.

Other Nathan: For the moment, but you are the one looking for a certain problem. If I were you I'd keep the gun on hand and start learning to sleep with one eye open.

He chuckles and relaxes back in the seat

Moe: If you know something I suggest you speak up.

Other Nathan: Now where's the fun in that Moe? You don't read the end of the book before the start do you?

He laughs has a frustrated Moe leaves the room to find Evans waiting.

Moe: Evans what are you doing hear?

Evans: Interrogation

Moe notices he is wearing improvised knuckle dusters and frowns at him.

Evans: Don't give me that look. We have a serious problem and if that nut job knows something ill beat it out of him if I have to.

Moe: I know but your dealing with a trained soldier and sociopath rolled into one.... he wont break easy.... and if your the traitor it could be an excuse to kill him.

Evans: Moe

Moe raises his hands to show no offense and leaves passing Mia and Ryder who are going out to keep watch.

Mia: Any luck.

Moe: Evans is trying but I don't think he will get anywhere but I do think the other one knows something.

Ryder: If he knows something why isn't he talking?

Mia: Its a game.

Moe: Unfortunately your right.... they don't remember what each other dose and I think the other one gets off on that.

The sound of the muffled beating can be heard but neither of the trio moves.

Moe: Where are the others?

Ryder: Karina's in her room and Michaela and Tank are watching the fences, so far everyone's story is checking out..

Moe: I need to speak with Karina....

Moe pauses having though of something before heading off leaving the two confused and speechless.

Outside we see Tank and Michaela walking by the fence. Michaela seems distracted and Tank notices.

Tank: Hey you Ok?

Michaela: Yeah its nothing....

Up in the factory we see Karina sitting in Nathans room looking through his journal when Moe comes in.

Moe: I need you to talk to him.

Karina: What?

Moe: Beating him is going to do nothing but piss him off and hurt Nathan.... we need a different approach.

Karina: That son of a bitch tried to rape me... or kill me I don't know which but I am not going to exchange words with that thing in this life or the next.

Moe: I understand your angry but we don't have any other options or do you want to wait until Cole pays us a visit again? We are in a losing battle at the moment and unless we take any advantage, we can the graveyard will have more bodies before the month is out.

Karina: Fine, but I keep a gun at all times.

Later the two are downstairs and we see them come to the meeting room to find Evans wringing his bloody hands in frustration.

Evans: Sick son of a bitch.

Karina: What happened? Did you get anything out of him?

Evans: Aside from a few insults not a lot before Nathan came back the kid's losing it big time in there I don't think he knows where he is anymore.

The pair share a nervous glance before entering the room cautiously. We see Nathan sitting there with a bruised face and several cuts on his arms and legs from the beating he got from Evans.

Moe: Nathan?

Nathan: Go away... please.... I don't know....

Moe: Nathan, you have to focus I brought Karina hear to talk to you.

He lifts his head showing real fear.

Nathan: Get her out of hear now.... before he comes back....

Karina: Why?....

Nathan: Because.... because I don't want him to hurt you....

Karina: (Focused but calm) Why Nathan? why would he hurt me....

Karina is confused but Moe remembers the conversation in the gave.

Moe: It's your fiance isn't it... the one you had to....

Nathan weakly nods

Nathan: I cant switch it off... it just keeps playing in my head.... the things.....

He twists weakly in the seat as if trying to vanish from everything but to no avail. Karina looks at Moe in concern.

Moe: His fiance was bitten early in the plague and he had to put her down when she turned...

Nathan: (More to himself than the other two) Accident....

He groans again and Moe knows they are going to have to dodge this quick while he is still somewhat lucid.

Moe: Nathan, you have to try and focus, I know its hard and it hurts but you have to remember what happened the night of the attack.

Nathan: I...

Karina deciding to try something a bit drastic slaps him across the face to break him out of his delirious state. He dosen't change but looks around in a daze like a man who has woken up from a long nightmare. His head tilts to the side like he is watching something that only he can see or hear.

In his mind's eye we see him following himself or rather his other self through the factory corridors just out of sight of Karina. He is about to follow her through a door when a sound like a radio being clicked catches his attention and goes out to the graves and we see see a figure sitting by one of the graves hidden in shadows so its difficult to make out their identity.

Figure: I understand, the gates in one hour.... just don't kill anyone.... we had a deal.

The figure turns off the radio and buries in the nearest grave which due to the recent top soil would not be noticed and heads in Other Nathans direction as he slips into the shadows unnoticed. The figure pauses briefly, having heard something as the moon comes out from behind the clouds for a moment eliminating the face of... Michaela.

Back in the present Nathans eyes snap open and he looks up to see Moe and Karina holding their weapons warily.

Moe: Nathan?

Nathan( breathlessly): Its me.... I remember, that night

Karina: And?

Nathan: Where's Michaela?

Outside we see Tank and Michaela walking along the perimeter of the fence being followed by a few walkers but not enough to raise concern. Tank turns and knifes one of the walkers which falls back and trips a few of its fellow's.

Tank (chuckling): Dumb Fucks.

He notices Michaela has been really quite.

Tank: You Ok?

Michaela: Yeah... I still cant believe Mark is dead.... its not right.

Tank: I know but if he had not done what he did we wouldn't be hear now.

Michaela: Its still not fair, Mark was a good person.....and....

Tank: And he was nice to you after Noah died I know, but it was walkers that killed him and he died on his own terms. Few people get to do that and save lives.

Michaela whimpers softly gripping her gun tighter.

Michaela: I'm sorry..... I thought things would work out.... that if I could get close enough then maybe... I didn't think Mark would die and now Nathan....

Tank: What are you talking about.

Michaela: I have to go.

Tank: Ok, ill finish up with the rest of the perimeter watch, just give me the gun.

Michael: No you do not understand I have to leave now.

Tank can see she looks scared and panicked.

Tank: Michaela whats going on.

Michaela: I'm sorry.

We switch to the graves where Nathan, Moe and Karina are by the grave and Nathan is frantically digging through Noah's grave until he pulls out a walkie talkie. He tosses it to Moe as Mia and Ryder come along both breathless.

Mia: We just tried her room, its empty.

Ryder: Has in cleared out!

Karina: Shit! Have you found Tank and Michaela yet.

Mia: No and this is place is to big to search,  just the two of us.... whats that?

Nathan: A long distance radio, and no points for guessing where it came from.

Ryder: Fuck, where? no scratch, when the hell did she get that?

Moe: Who knows one of them must have come in the night and thrown it over the fence when she was on watch.

Suddenly a gun shot echoes through the air drawing everyone's attention.

We see Michaela running from the factory covered in blood which masks her sent from the walkers that are lumbering around on the path.

Inside the factory we see Evans leading a bleeding Tank to the wall of the factory his arm is bleeding heavily from a close range bullet wound from Michaela's weapon. He notices the others coming.

Tank: Its Michaela.

Ryder: News flash we just figured that out so lets move on to current events, like why your bleeding.

Tank: (Wiezing from blood loss) She was quite for much of the day then she started freaking out; saying she had to leave.... that she couldn't stay after what happened.... it was her she opened the gate for Cole's people and the walkers.

Evans: We need to get him inside and treated now or he's not going to make it.

The others nod and help him inside while Karina and Moe remain outside.

Karina: I cant believe we didn't see it sooner... that it was Michaela.

Moe: We didn't want to see that was the point, she was in such pain after Noah's death that we gave her the space she needed.... space that Cole took advantage of.

Karina: This isn't the worst of it though is it?

Moe: No its not, What ever hold Cole has on Michaela is bad enough but she is more than likely going to tell him everything  about the base... if she has not already.

Karina: ...... Listen about today I wont lie that I think Nathan is a problem but given the circumstances I'm not about to get of a good fighter especially now.

Moe: Understood, but now I suggest we focus on the main problem..... its time we take the fight to Cole.

Fade to black



Main CastEdit

Naveen Andrews as Mark Williams

Gareth David Lloyd as Nathan Holt

Frank Ocean as Evans Rango Lamb

Michelle Rodriguez as Karina Djovovich

Alison Scaglioti as Mia Tores

Anja Aguilar as Michaela Oahn

Thomas Brodie Sangster as Ryder Thomas

IronE Singleton as Thomas "Tank Engine" Elkiroone


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 BOSS  The character was the key figure of the group on this episode.
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 RISK  The character was harmed badly on this episode.
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