Battle Lines
Season 2, Episode 8
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Air date April 12, 2013
Written by Terelili
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Battle Lines is the eight episode of season two of Survivor, and the twenty-first episode overall. This episode is the mid-season finale.


Each group prepares for final confrontation. Diego must accomplish Eric's last words, while Michaela faces her inner demons. The final battle is drawn.


-Zombies lean themselves towards the factory`s fence, under a bright sunshine.-

-Michaela walks down Chem`s underground hallways, her face pale.-

-Diego is in his room, staring at a picture of Anita and Eric.-

-The factory group is getting ready for fight, equipping themselves with weapons.-

Karina (loading a gun): Those suckers will have it this time. 

Tank: Can`t believe what Michaela did. Treason, to all of us. You think she will be there?

Moe: Of course she will. She`s probably with Cole right now, telling him everything she knows.

Ryder: Michaela, she was always so sweet, and shy, quiet. It can`t be she betrayed us.

Evans: People do that kind of stuff kid, everything they can to survive. She was smart, probably smarter than we are.

Moe: Today, we will bring Cole down. We have our plan ready. Nothing can go wrong. I know they`re five times what we are, but we can`t loose. If we do, we do. It`s time to finish this war, once and for all. We`ll make sure Noah, Hiro, Sara and Mark didn`t die in vain. We`ll do it, we`ll beat Cole.

Mia: Well said. 

Moe: Now, who`s ready to take the war at their door?

-Michaela is with Cole in his room.-

Michaela: I did it. I did what I was told. 

Cole: So can I see.

-Cole leans his arm on her shoulder.-

Cole: Thank you for your contribution.

Michaela: Wait, that`s it? After all I`ve done-

Cole: By that you mean backstabbing your friends on their back, and causing the death of your leader. If I were you, I wouldn`t stand my own reflection. 

-Michaela`s eyes turn red.-

Michaela: Like you did nothing.

-Cole laughs.-

Cole: You got much to learn, girl. The things I did, I did them for me, and my people. Not like you.

-Michaela seems angry and sad at the same time, she breaks into tears.-

Michaela: Promise me that you`ll leave them alone! Just promise me!

Cole: Sorry, Michaela, but I can`t do that. As of you, you can do as you want. Now, I have more important issues to matter, rather than staring at your miserable face.

-Cole walks to the door, leaving Michaela alone. She sits on the bed, covers her face, and cries.-

-The factory group is finishing getting ready for the attack. Moe is praying on his kneesthe Salat. Nathan approaches Karina.-

Nathan: Karina... I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for the other day. I wish I could just control him, I hope you understand I try to-

Karina: Nathan, it`s okay. It`s okay. And you also deserve an apology, I almost shot you.

-Nathan laughs.-

Nathan: What kind of friends are we?

-Karina smiles.-

Karina: Hard time ones.

-Moe stands up.-

Moe: Everybody, gather around.

-The group, armed, stands around forming a circle.-

Moe: The hour is here. We are all ready. The plan is established. Do you all remember what to do?

-The group nods.-

Moe: Good. Remember, today, we win or we die with honor. 

Mia: Time to go. 

-Diego enters Cole`s room, and finds Michaela crying on the bed. Michaela stands up when she sees him, scared.-

Diego: Easy, there`s no need to worry. 

Michaela: Who are you?

Diego: My name is Diego. I believe your name is Michaela, right?

-Michaela nods.-

Michaela: Did Cole sent you out for me?

Diego: I`m not here because of Cole. Well, you can say that in one way.

Michaela: What do you mean?

Diego: I mean that you and I share the same objective. Kill Cole. 

-Michaela keeps staring at him, and a sly smile draws up on her face.-

-Alliosi and a soldier, named Brad, are keeping guard at Chem`s fence. They are walking around it, from inside.-

Brad: Any news on the boss?

Alliosi: None. 

Brad: No new attack?

Alliosi: No.

Brad: The next time we do attack. I`ll be sure to take them down. Everyone I can. They killed my brother the other night. They killed them, those bastards. I`ll make sure they suffer. Boy they will.

-An engine is heard, approaching the gates.-

-Alliosi raises his hand.-

Alliosi: You hear that?

Brad: Yeah...

-The engines get louder, until a school bus is seen on the road, approaching the gates full speed.-

Alliosi: Out of the way!

-Alliosi and Brad duck, as the bus slams through the gates, and continues until it hits the building, crashing.-

-Alliosi and Brad stand up. and run to the bus. Most of the soldiers were already around it. They all pointed their guns towards it.-

Brad: What in the-?

-Movement is heard inside the bus, and Moe steps out of it, hurt with wounds.-

-The soldiers all aim at him.-

Alliosi: Freeze, right now!!

-Moe kneels, and raises his arms.-

Moe: I am not armed! 

Alliosi: Grab him! This one will be good for interrogation.

-Soldiers grab Moe and take him inside the building.-

Brad: What was that! We had the chance to kill him.

Alliosi: Don`t you see? We torture him, slowly, every day, until he`ll wish to die. But he won`t. That`s much better, isn`t it.

Brad: Guess so.

-Alliosi, Brad, and the rest of the soldiers enter the bus.-

Alliosi: Anything or anyone else here?

-Brad hears a small noise. He goes towards it and finds a home-made bomb, it`s match about to run out. Alliosi walks behinds him, and finds it.-

Alliosi: Oh shit, run!

-BLAM! The whole bus explodes, killing everyone inside and surrounding it. A great ball of flame is seen from outside, taking out everything surrounding it, and part of the building.-

-Nathan, Evans, Karina, Mia, Ryder and Tank stare from nearby bushes at the huge ball of flame killing everything,. Tank smiles.-

Tank: Shit it worked. Phase one, done.

Karina: Now, phase two. 

-As the gates are open, all the zombies outside enter the gates, and enter the building.-

Mia: Time for us to go.

-Once most of the zombies pass, they all go to the hidden underground entrance.-

-Diego  enters Cole`s office. Cole is loading his rifle.-

Cole: Shit, you heard that, Diego?

Diego: I did, Cole.

Cole: Those bastards think on attacking us, bombed us and let zombies into the building! We`re going right now, Diego, the few of us left, and we kill them ALL!

-Cole raises his view.-

Cole: What are you waiting for?

-The door is heard being locked from the other side.-

Cole: What the fuck`s going on?!

Diego: It`s just you and me inside here, Cole. Just you and me. 

-Diego takes out his gun.-

Diego: I`ve been waiting for this.

-Moe is laying down on a pile of debris inside the recently exploded building. Some screams are heard around him, and he can smell fire. He slowly raises his head.-

Moe: It worked.

-He touches his head as blood runs out of it. He gets to his feet, and sees the disaster. Part of the building was on fire, people running everywhere and getting out, fleeing out of the building into the road, and some resisting against zombies.-

Mia: Moe!

-Moe turns around and sees the rest of the group running towards him.-

Ryder: You okay?

-Moe nods.-

Moe: Better than ever. 

Tank: It worked. Most of the people here are dying, some are fleeing we won.

Soldier: Not so fast.

-The group stares where the voice comes from, and see soldiers pointing their guns at them.-

-Ryder attacks fast and hits one with his crossbow.-

Moe: Duck!

-The group ducks as the soldiers shoot at them.-

-Diego and Cole are alone on Cole`s office. Screams are heard coming from outside.-

Diego: This is it, Cole. You lost. 

-Diego grabs Cole`s rifle.-

-Cole laughs.-

Cole: So, you want to kill me, just like that? Come on, Diego.

Diego: Shut up.

Cole: I always knew you had something. I tested you, kill Eric, I told you, and Eric is dead. You are loyal, Diego, you really are, but you are loyal to the idea of killing me, you are so loyal, you killed your friend.

Diego: I didn`t kill him. He died, he died so I could kill you.

-Meanwhile, the group is fighting the soldiers left in the building.-

-Tank ducks and shoots them.-

-Karina kills some, and slowly misses a shot on her head.-

Nathan: Close.

-Mia kills one.-

Ryder: That`s how you do it, Mia!

-Mia smiles, and aims at another soldier. However, Mia is too slow, and she is shot right through the heart. She falls to the ground besides Ryder, dead.-

Ryder: Mia!!

-Ryder leans towards Mia.-

-The group all briefly stares at her, only causing them rage towards the soldiers. Moe stands up and kills the two left. The group all leans towards Mia.-

Evans: Nothing we can do. 

-Evans points his gun at her head.-

Ryder: No. I`ll do it.

-Ruder grabs Evans gun, and points it at her head. He shots.-

-The group stands up, and walks away, killing zombies on their way.-

-Cole and Diego are still arguing on his office.-

Cole: Come on, Diego. We both know you can`t kill me. We know each other too well, we know each other long before this all started. You won`t kill me. 

Diego: Before this, you weren`t the same man you are now! You wouldn`t go killing people! You wouldn`t let people die! And you know this, Cole!

-Michaela enters the room.-

Michaela: Kill him, Diego. 

-Cole smiles.-

Cole: Lower your gun. Come on, Diego. We`re friends. I got nothing left.

-Diego shakes.-

Michaela: Kill him! 

Cole: Diego. If I wanted to kill you, I would`ve already. 

-Cole takes out a revolver from his pocket.-

Cole: See? I didn`t.

Michaela: He will kill you, Cole! Don`t trust him! You know he`s not the same man as before.

Cole: Oh, for Christ sake!

-Cole shots Michaela with his gun, and she falls to the ground.-

Diego: No, no. You are not the Cole I knew.

-Cole points his gun at Diego.-

Cole: Put it down, and I`ll put it down.

-Diego draws a smirk on his face.-

Diego: This is for Anita and Eric, you fuck#r.

-Diego shots Cole straight on his head, and he falls to the ground. Diego kneels, catching his breath, and cleaning his tears. Michaela is dting on the ground, blood all around her.-

Michaela: You did it.

Diego: Couldn`t have done it without you. You`re right, I don`t know what I was thinking, he was not the one I used to know.

Michaela: Tell my friends..... tell them I`m sorry....

-Michaela coughs blood.-

Michaela: Tell them I love them.

-Just then, the door opens, and the group steps in.-

Tank: What happened here?

Ryder: Michaela.

-The group gathers around Michaela. Michaela just smiles.-

Michaela: I`m.... sorry.

-Michaela expires and dies.-

-Diego stares at the group.-

Diego: He`s dead. Cole`s dead.

-Diego points at Cole`s body.-

Diego: She... he killed her. She helped me, kill him. 

-Moe smiles.-

Moe: It is done, after all.

-Moe gives Diego his hand.-

Diego: I`m Diego. I was with Anita. I---I would like to join your group.

-The group nods.-

Moe: Welcome.

Karina: It`s over. 

-Nathan nods.-

Moe: It`s over. Cole is dead, his army, dead, his base, burning.

Nathan: Better get out while we can. 

Moe: Before, one last thing.

-Moe grabs Michaela`s body.-

Moe: Let`s get the hell out of here. -The group walks out of Chems. Chems is seen behind them, burning down. They walk back to the factory. The last sign of Cole left behind, burning in the sunset.-

Fade to black.



Main CastEdit

Naveen Andrews as Muhammed Saied "Moe" Abdullah Alkwar

Gareth David Lloyd as Nathan Holt

Frank Ocean as Evans Rango Lamb

Michele Rodriguez as Karina Djovovich

Alison Scaglioti as Mia Tores

Anja Aguilar as Michaela Oahn

Thomas Brodie Sangster as Ryder Thomas

IronE Singleton as Thomas "Tank Engine" Elkiroone

Michael C Hall as Cole Morgan

Javier Bardem as Diego Rolands

Guest starringEdit

Al Pacino as David Alliosi

Unknown as Brad



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 ALIVE  The character wasn´t harmed on this episode
 BOSS  The character was the key figure of the group on this episode.
 HARMED  The character was leavily harmed on this episode.
 RISK  The character was at risk of death on this episode.
 RISK  The character was harmed badly on this episode.
 DEAD  The character was killed by a human on this episode
 DEAD  The character was killed by a walker on this episode.
 DEAD  The character died due to wounds on this episode.
 FRIEND  The character helped others on this episode.