Lies we tell the Children is the tenth episode of the third season of Walking Dead: The Survival. It see's the survivors final push to escape Castor's fortress which is being torn apart by walkers and unknown third party.


In the fall of the previous episode everyone is left to pick up the pieces Has the surviors struggle to reunite they find themselves small parts in a much larger game.


We open with an ariel shot of the Zoo where a full blown battle has broken out between the living dead and the humans. Some of Castor's men are busy with the Walkers while others deal with the escaping prisoners. Gunning them down. We then switch to a wooded hill over looking the zoo where Michael, Tobias, Penelope and the children are camped.

Tobias: Dear god.

Penelope: We have to do something.

Tobias: I know but.....

Another explosion rocks in the distance.

The adults share a look. Sneaking in they may have had a chance but now in this chaos they would be in minutes if not seconds.

Penelope: We wait.

Penny: But Mom, what about Moe and the others?

Penelope: We wait sweety, I have to look after the pair of you, we would be no good to them dead.

The small group nods amoung themselves.

Tobias: Best remain hidden for now, we don't want to be seen, chaos or not I don't want to be caught out in the open by a patrol or any lurkers.

Elsewhere down in the loading bay of the zoo Moe and Nathan are running from a small band of Castor's men who have them outgunned. The way into the bay is a dead end.

Guard 1: End of the line boys.

Guard 2: Yeh do yourself a favour, don't fight and will make sure ya don't come back as moaners.

Moe: Sorry but if I die today ill take a few of you with me.

He notices the sick smile on Nathan's face and realizes the other is in control.

Moe: Him on the other hand.....

Other Nathan just chuckles darkly to himself.

Other Nathan: Don't worry Moe, I'm in a sharing mood today.

He lunges at the nearest soldier blade outstretched, dragging him to the floor while the other three turn to face Moe. The first is trying to fire at him but the distraction has given Moe a little advantage and he strikes out quickly sending the other man to the ground where he clutches a bloody nose. The other two leap back guns ready. At this close range they would turn a man to swiss cheese.

Guard 1: This.....

Before he and the other guard can do anything they are rammed by a zoo truck that sends them both flying and into bloody unconsciousness. Moe looks at the viechle and smiles.

Slade: Somebody call for a lift?

We se Cage in the passenger seat to. He has a cut lip but other than that he is ok. Moe looks over to see Other Nathan in the middle of strangling the guard.

Moe: Nathan!

Other Nathan: Sorry Moe he's a little busy.

Moe: Now.

Other Nathan sighs, noticing the guard is passed out and gets up grumbling before following Moe into the jeep. The four strap in and start to pull off. We follow them.

Moe: Status.

Slade: The others are waiting for us by a supply shed, I ran into Cage when I went looking for you.

Moe: Any ideas about the fireworks?

Cage: Milatary.

Nathan: What? The army's been gone for months.

Cage: Yeh the old army, turns out there is a new one running around.

Slade: You sure its not a militia? Penelope said there were plenty of them springing up back in her area when things started getting crazy. Nutters killed more people than the walkers.

Cage: Well put it this way who ever they are they are here to take Castor down.

Moe notices the grim look on Cage's face.

Moe: Cage.....

Cage: Ill explain later, right now we have to catch up with the others.

Elswhere at a supply shed Adam is keeping watch by the window while inside things are bad. We see Tamera has a nasty cut down one side of her face that is wrapped in a blanket while Karina and James are holding Joshua still for Amy and James. We see that James has a cut in his arm from a piece of shrapnel. There is still a large piece sticking out of the arm making it look like a bizarre extention of the limb.

Amy: Ok on three

James (weakly): Hurts.....

He struggles weakly in their grip.

Joshua: Dude quit stugling, we cant leave it in there.

James: I said....

He looks away whimpering like a child about to get a shot.

Karina: Ok, do it now.

After taking a quick breath and a nod Amy reaches out and Yanks hard at the metal pulling it away and sending a small splurt of blood into the air.

Amy: Karina the bandages!

The other woman nods turning to face Tamera who throws the bandages over to her while the other two try to keep James from thrashing like a fish on a line.

Joshua: Why the hell couldn't we knock him out!

Amy: To risky, would you want him turning on us if we thought he was just unconscious?

Karina: Got them.

Adam: Their back.

He goes to open the door and usher the four men quickly inside, eyes alert for any enemies. There are a few bodies already lieing around that could revive at any time now.

Amy: Good Cage, I need you to hold him still while I work with the bandages.

Cage: Got it.

The big man comes over and easily restrains the flailing figure, allowing Amy to work faster. It a matter of seconds the arm is wrapped tightly up to stop any further bleeding and James has stopped struggling now that no one is touching the wound. Amy goes over to a back of supplies she managed to swipe from the infirmary in her escape and heads over with a torch to examine Moe and Nathan. Amy: Sorry I can't make this quick.

Moe(Wincing has she inspects his slashed arm) Do what you can.

She nods

Amy: There is some antiseptic in the bag, your lucky, cuts not as bad as it looks.

Moe: Still feels like it went through a meat clever.

She heads over to Nathan who shies away when she tries to examine him.

Amy: Nathan, please that's a lot of blood.

Nathan: It not mine.

H'e finaly relents slightly and allowes her to inspect him. Satisfied she leaves him be having found nothing of concern. Karina approaches Nathan who just looks away from her weakly his eyes glistening with self loathing.

Karina: Nathan....

Nathan: Karina I.....

Cage: Save the therapy for later, now's not the time or the place.

Slade: Yeh unless anyone fancies being blasted into next week.

Moe: Moe what are you talking about?

Elsewhere on the other side of the zoo we se a military operation zone where Issac and his people are watching the chaos.

Soldier: Sir we can not wait any longer.

Issac: Another hour,

Soldier: Sir we have our orders, terminate the hornets nest with maximum prejudice.

Issac: Yeh well intel failed to mention how many civilians were in there.

Soldier 2: Sir

He turns to se the soldier coming in with Michael, the children and Penelope and Tobias. There hands have been cuffed.

Issac: What's this?

Soldier 2: Found them on the perimeter, said they were civillians.

Issac: And you saw fit to restrain them?!

Soldier 2: They were 10 clicks away from the enemy camp.

Issac: I commend your caution but a nine year old, baby and an old man hardly seem the secret weapons of Castor's army.

Penny: I'm 10.

Issac (chuckles at the girl's bravado): Spunky little spitfire.

Penelope: Penny.... shhh

Penny: But mom this is the army, good guys, they can help us get Moe and the others.

Everyone is a bit uneasy at this and Tobias looks around. He may not be a military man but he quickly comes to an uneasy conclusion.

Tobias: This isn't a rescue mission is it?

Back with the other survivors we see they have managed to get there hands on a few jeeps. They have been outfitted for this new environment and left unguarded in the confusion. Amy is in the back of one viechle with Slade tending to James. Who is awake but has a spacey look on his face.

Slade: Shit is he.....

Amy snaps her fingers in front of his face and he blinks in response but that's about it.

Amy: Shock, we really should stick around much longer.

Slade: Tell me about it.

We see the other survivors finishing listening to Cage explain the situation.

Adam: Well what the hell are we waiting, I'm not sticking around for the army, or whoever the folks outside are to blast us back to the stone age.

Joshua: Agreed.

Another explosion rocks the area causing some of the group to shake a bit. Slade hits the horn of the jeep to get everyone's attention.

Slade: Come on unless you fancy being blown into the next centuary.

No one needs telling and everyone piles into the jeeps and start driving.

Adam: So which way?

Cage: South exit, the bombardment is going to be focused in the north first.

Moe: And your sure you can trust that soldier?

Cage: Well he did not have to tell me what was going on and.....

The roar of plane engines is heard and we see two bombers fly overhead to start their attack.

Nathan: That answer the question?

Moe: Drive!

The jeeps pick up speed zooming through the carnage around them. It looks like they are going to make it when a figure steps into the middle of their path.

Slade: Oh you gota be shitting me!

We se a rabid looking Cator covered in cuts and bite marks wielding a grenade launcher on his still good shoulder. His eyes, glazed with rabid fury light up when he see's the jeeps.

Castor: Just what I was looking for.... targets.

Slade: Shit he's not?

A shot is fired and just misses its target.

Moe: He is.

Karina: Well what the hell are we going to do.,

Moe:.... We go through!

Karina: Shit Moe your....

Moe: (Yelling) its not a time for arguments.

Karina: But even if we, the other viechles could....

Moe: We don't have a choice (he shoots Cage a look)

Cage: Fine.... if we live you owe us all a trip to Vegas.

The viechle excelerates along with the others behind it. Castor has not reloaded his weapon yet and is distracted by the task.

Castor: Just wait your turn you little pigs... plenty for all.

He takes aim again. From his point of view we se the scope looking directly at Moe. Everything goes white and we here an explosion.

Later its early evening the battle in the zoo is at a close, any humans have died or fled. We see a group of walkers chowing down on Castor like rabid dogs. They look up briefly to he inbound missiles. Nothing nuclear but enough to reduce the zoo to a crater.

Up on the hill we see the groups viechles coming to a stop.

Everyone hops out of the viechles save Amy who is checking on James.

Moe: So this is the place where are they?

Cage: They were supposed to be here?

Nathan looks around and we see from his point of view that the area was recently occupied.

Nathan: Well they were here an hour or two ago, must have cleared out after they sent in the sidewinders.

Slade: So what do we do now then?

Adam: Yeh, Cage you said those guys were from Los Angels so where are they?

Moe: Well perhaps.....

The sound of the bushes draws everyone's attention and they draw their weapons has a figure stumbles out of the bushes.

Karina: Holy shit its Michael and Tobias.

The two men look beat up but other than that they are fine. They both fall to the ground from exhaustion.

Joshua: Shit we though you to were gonnas.

Despite the joy Moe is the only one to notice the obvious.

Moe: Where's Penelope and the children?

Tobias: They.... the soldiers.... Los Angels.

He passes out from exhaustion.

We see the military convoy drivind down the road, a frightened Penelope in the back of a truck trying to keep the children calm.