The Stars Watch and Weep is the twelfth episode of the third season of Walking Dead: The Survival.


The search continues with a deadly crossing and an encounter with unfriendly faces.


We open in a sterile white room; there is a bed, cot, toilet and a plastic table and chair. A few meager items of entertainment line the room. Its so bright we cant tell at first where we are or what's going on but we can here the sound of soft whimpering. We se Penelope dressed in patient scrubs and cleaner than anyone is this world has been in a long time. She is holding the baby close. Penny is nowhere to be found.

Penelope: Shhhh, its ok......

She is startled by the sound of a slot opening and food being flung through. The tray clatters to a holt hear her feat. Penelope puts the baby in a provided crib. She walks up to a camera above the door, a red light indicating someone is watching.

Penelope:(Angry and scared) Where's my daughter....

No answer.

Penelope: Where is she!!!!

She angrily throws a nearby cup at the camera but gets not reaction. We reverse to a room with several monitors and people in lab coats watching the monitors and going about their business. Above the monitors we see the words Quaratine cells.

The scene changes to the open road and we see our heroes traveling along in their scavenged viechles from Camp Clementine.

Slade: You know as dangerous as it was back there these are some sick viechles.

Nathan: Army brand hardware its built to take a pounding.

The two laugh.

Moe: We might want to be careful, the bridge up ahead is big and we don't know what state its in.

Slade: Take it easy Moe.... after all we've been through I think we are overdue a bit of good luck.

Moe: That may be but I think we have more chance of striking oil on this road than good luck falling into our laps.

Nathan looks at Moe with a bit of concern.

Nathan: Moe we will find Penelope and the children.

Moe doesn't say anything but puts on the breaks along with the others in front.

Slade: What the hell?

Some of the others have gotten out of their own viechles to look at the bridge in a mix of confusion and fear.

Cage: Well this is different.

We see the main part of the bridge has been blasted hap hazzardly leaving only a narrow zigzag of a path across. But what gets everyone's attention is the top of the Bridge. Walkers, there must be over 80 of them hanging from the top the bridge bound by tight rope. There arms and legs flay weakly in the breeze and from a few snapped ropes we can tell they have been here for some time.

Slade: Shit and I thought the Carnival was bad.

Karina is looking at a weathered white board that has been left up.

Moe: Whats that a warning?

Karina: Not exactly....

The others gather around to have a look. Whoever wrote it wanted it to last. The looks on some of the others faces show whoever wrote this was not sane when they went about their task. Tobias: This is less than encouraging.

Tamera: Shit, that's an understatement, I don't know whats worse the fact this lot was a cult or the fact they took the time to set this up and used all their members as a group of cannibal scarecrows.

Slade: Well they did leave a path through.

Nathan: If you can call it that because there is no way in hell I would call it a leap of faith.

Adam: So let me se if Ive got the gist of it, these nutters decided they wanted out but before that they took out a bridge and strung themselves up to judge the "unworthy".

Karina: Seems about right.

Nathan: And I thought I had problems.

The group cast him a sideways glance.

Tamera: Now's not the time for trying to improve your sense of humor, we need to figure out what our next move is.

Adam: Well we still need the viechles, for obvious reasons.

They look over to the nearest truck where Amy is keeping an eye on an injured James. His colour has returned somewhat but he is a long way off from better and in no state to cross the death trap in front of them.

Cage: Well I think.....

He walks over to the edge of the Bridge and looks down below.

Cage: Got it.... hey kid come over here.

Michael comes over and looks where the big guy is looking. There is a moment of silence and then the mute nods.

Slade: What is it.

Cage: Well Bridges like this used to have surface roads when they were being built, you know a way to get parts from one side to the other and for the workers to check the progress and for any faults.

Moe: And you think there's one here ?

Michael runs back over to Tobias before Cage can answer and whispers to the old man.

Tobias: He says yes.

Cage: Trouble is the thing might not be in 100% condition what with the world going to hell which is why I needed eagle eye.

Michael shrugs at the nickname.

Adam: I think I see where you going with this.... is it wise?

Cage: Well we can sit here and debate or try and get across this gap before nightfall, its your call Moe.

Moe looks at the bridge of walkers with a guarded expression. The mass suicide is unnerving enough withought the live ghouls glowering at them. Moe: Michael, Tobias and Cage go with Amy and James to take the viechles across the path. The rest of us will give the bridge a shot.

Tamera: Are you high?

Moe: Granted I don't like the idea of splitting up but we have no idea if these people left any other surpises on the bridge.

They know its a risk but everyone nods amoung themselves.

Later we see the cars have made it to the other side and are waiting on the other end of the bridge. Tamera can see Amy looking back at her through her own binoculars. Both women give the other the all clear sign.

Tamera: Well its now or never.

We see the other are all gathered by the bridge with the bare minimum of supplies and meele weapons incase they have to deal with the walkers.

Slade: On the plus side its not that far and its sunny.

Everyone gives him a not funny look.

Slade: Well I tried, so fearless leader who goes first?

Moe looks at the narrow walkway in thought. Single file would be the obvious choice and while its narrow its not to narrow to worry about balance and falling off. Still going in a group would be a risk; they don't know the state of the ropes holding the walkers. They may hold and they may not. Moe: Cover me.

He walks out on to the path a slight bit of hesitation in his steps. He steadies his resolve and begins walking. Above him the walkers stir, wriggling like oversized worms but that's all they can really do.

Slade: So far so good.

Once Moe reaches the halfway point he turns and indicates the next person to follow.

Karina: Guess that me then.

Nathan: Are you sure you can.

Karina: Its ok, see you on the other side.... lets just say ill se you.

They both nod realizing its poor choice of words and she heads out.

On the otherside we see the rest of the group watching with apprehension at the crossing.

Cage: God dam it this is like the factory all over again.

Tobias: Have strength, we survived that and we can survive this.

Cage: Still it dosent seem right, standing out on the sidelines.

Amy: It's out of our control, the best we can do right now is keep an eye out for trouble for the others.

Cage nods and pulls out a sniper rifle and gets to work setting himself up on the top of an overturned bread truck.

Tobias: Amy go back and keep an eye on James.....

Amy: Its allright, Michael and I have this covered.

She nods and heads inside while the other two take up position.

Back with the others we see Tamera has started to cross with Nathan right behind her.

Tamera: No sweat, just keep walking.....

She jumps slightly as a walker on the far side of the bridge, opposite her tumbles. The sound of its rope snapping like a gunshot.

Other Nathan: Keep going sweet heart.

She sudders a bit but keeps going, if she needs anymore motivation to keep going, having that animal behind her is more than enough.

Other Nathan: (hums smoke on the water has he walks) This is so much fun.

We go back to Moe who has just reached the other side, he collapses to the ground and Cage starts over to him only for him to raise a hand to show he is ok.

Moe: Never thought Id be happy to feel the ground beneath my feet.

Cage: Well get over here already, I think the others are going to want the space.

He just laughs.

Later we see the group driving along the dank abandoned road.

Slade: Well we're getting close.

We see a sign that says Las Vegas 200 miles.

Moe: Time for answers.