Necropolis is the thirteenth episode and finale of season three of Walking Dead the Survival.


Coming to the end of their long journey, the survivors seek answers and a possible safe haven.


We open on the streets of a busy city, the sun is shining and people are going about their daily activity.

Radio voice: Good Morning LA this is Little Stevie voice of LA radio, and it is a beautiful morning we have.

We intercut to people going about their business, some work while others enjoy themselves.

Little Stevie: I just need to remind everyone we have a curfew set for 10pm tonight.

We then see the shadow of the walls surrounding the city, destroying the illusion this is LA pre apocalypse. We some guard towers and the shots of the wasteland outside the city.

Little Stevie: Now lets get on with todays tunes.

Carry on my Wayword son plays through lout speakers. It carries through the fortress city. Some react while others continue with their daily activity. The music echoes out of the city and into the empty remains of the outer most part of the city. Only a few walkers mull around the walls. Most shot or gone to find better pickings. One gets a little close to a perimeter and has its head blown off by a sniper.

Sniper 1: That makes 10 today.

Sniper 2: Show off.

We pull back again to a hill overlooking the north wall. Behind the remains of an overturned truck we see the parked viechles of the survivors. Slade and Moe watch the perimeter.

Moe: That might be a problem.

Slade: Your telling me those guys took out 20 walkers in a single hour yesterday.

Moe says nothing but continues to look for an opening.

Slade: Still cant se why we can walk up to the front door.

Moe pauses and gives him a look.

Slade: I get it their people took Penelope and the little ones but you never know they could be fine, living with a roof over their head and hot water.....

Moe still does'nt say anything. While it is a nice thought the new world has taught him to be careful. That and the whole kidnapping is not sitting right with him.

Slade: Moe.... we have been here a day and a half and I don't think we are going to learn anything just standing around and watching this place we need to get in their.

Moe: I know we just need a way in.

Slade: Well unless you happen to have a lot of rope and some grappling hooks I think we are in some trouble.

Moe looks at his watch.

Moe: The others should be back from scouting the rest of the area, we should have an answer then.

Later its evening and the survivors are sitting around making plans.

Karina: And your sure this going to work?

Cage: Posative, we timed it to the second.

We see they have drawn a diagram in the dirt to represent a part of the wall.

Cage: At 10 there is a 15 minute gap while te guard change over for the curfew, in that time they open the gates to let out a waste disposal truck.

Slade: How big?

Cage: Big enough for us to sneak in behind it on foot and not be seen.

Nathan: But why do I get the feeling that's the easy part.

Adam: Way to state the obvious.

Despite the fact they are going along with Moe's idea everyone is uncomfterbull with it. There is caution and there is downright paranoia. In fact some of the group are secretly worried about Moe.

Moe: If anyone has anything to say now would be the time to say it.

Everyone is edgy but finally Karina finds the courage the others are lacking Karina: Look we all want to find the others but..... the last thing we want to do is start a war.... here of all places.

Moe: I understand that but these are our people... we have all been through so much, to much and I know from that there is no one amoung us who wouldn't take a bullet for the other, or risk their lives for the good of this group.

He looks at the others and they know that he's right, hate that he's right.

Slade: Well then lets......

Before he can finish his sentence there is whizzing sound followed by an impact of something small hitting flesh. Slade plucks a dart from his keck.

Slade: What the fuck....

He flops forward unconscious

Before the survivors can pinpoint the souce of the attack or even draw their weapons more darts wiz through the air. Each survivors is hit with deadly accuracy. Before he passes out Moe see's blury figures in full swat gear approaching.

Figure: Area secure.

Moe's head drops as the blurry figures approach with restraints and we see a converted double decker bus wich will be used to carry the unconscious people.

Figure 1: Watch the sick ones, we don't want any turning on use

A man nods and we see them being loaded up and driven into the city