Hope Among The Dead
Season Three, Episode One
EP 3.1
Air date October 13, 2013
Written by Terelili
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Episode 3.2: Youth In Revolt

Hope Among The Dead is the first episode of the third season of Survivor, and the thiertieth episode overall. It premiered on October 13, 2013.


-We open up on a deserted road. The sky is clear, blue, with some few close. Nothing is seen or heard. A crawler zombie crawls up down the deserted road, its face disfigured, lurching. A motor engine is heard and an RV smashes the zombie.-

-Inside the RV, we see Moe, Nathan, Karina, Tank, Cage, Michael, Tamara and Tobias, still shocked after loosing the factory and Evans and Ryder the past day.-

-Cage is driving the RV.-

"Everything`s clear for now." Cage says, as he goes on driving. Everyone else is silent, shocked.

"How long do you think it`ll take us to LA?" Karina asks Cage.

"At this march, it may be four days, or a week. It`s not safe to drive at night, we need to stop at safe havens." 

-Everyone remains silent.-

-Cage slows down and turns to a gas station. They were arriving at the Rocky Mountains, the gas station seemed abandoned.-

"Gas`s almost out."

-Moe stood up.-

"Are we sure it`s safe here?" Moe asks, staring through the window. "Nathan, Tank, let`s go check." 

-Karina stood up.-

"I can help."

"You should stay here, Karina. We don`t know if it`s safe. Besides, your leg is still recovering" Nathan tells her, concerned.

"Don`t go shiting on me, Nathan, I`ve been through worse, I can fucking do this, okay?" Karina said, as she took her gun.

"As you wish."

-Moe, Nathan, Tank and Karina got out of the RV, their weapons up, staring and aiming at everything around them.-

"All seems clear." Tank says. 

-Moe nods as he points to the store, and, aiming their weapons, the four of them enter, as the door produces a small sound. The store was clearly abandoned and had been robbed several times. A strange odor came from somewhere.-

"Hey, guys." Karina said, "come see this."

-They all went to the counter, and saw a zombie on the floor, it used to be a man on his fifties, probably used to work on the shop. He was spattered on the floor, and opened his eyes, and used to bite repetedly with its mouth.-

-Karina takes out her knife, and quickly stabs him on the head.-

"We`re clear."

-Some few minutes later, Cage was fuileing up the RV as the rest were stretching their legs and taking air outside.-

-Tamara was sitting inside on the RV, alone, staring at the floor, as Tank sat besides her.-



"Look, I`m sorry about Ryder. Ryder was an amazing guy, he he did went through his rough period, but we could see the guy he really was on the end. And I`m sorry, so sorry I treated you so wrong. You know, you have to move on. You can."

"I know I can, but it`s difficult, I feel- I feel as if I turned him into a beast, into a monster, it-it was all my fault, Tank, it was." Tamara said, as tears were starting to fill her eyes. "And I never asked him for forgiveness. I am a bitch, I am a fucking bitch, and it`s true- it`s true. I used to just cheat on my husband almost every night, I used to love to hang out with other guys, I loved cheating on him. What kind of person was I? I was such a bitch, such a bitch.... and then this all started, and I wanted to start out good. We joined Cole when he came to town. We were just one of the few left on the town.... he came there and started making people join him, so we did. We thought we were building up a better civilization, but I knew what Cole was. A monster, I know what he did to so many people, he changed people`s minds, he changed Bill`s mind, he was not like that.... he would never hurt someone, you should have seen him back then... he was a great guy. But Cole changed him, and we barely escaped your raid on the prison and went back to town.... Bill just wanted to take revenge on all of you. He wanted to make Cole proud or some shit like that... so when some of you came to the store, he took the chance, gained your trust... on the factory, I tried to hold him back, I knew you were all good people, I did my best to hold Bill back, but he was already a monster, he had turned into a monster, I I knew it wasn`t him when I threw him to the walkers, I was glad I did. Such a monster he had become.... em, sorry, Tank, for all this talk. I`ve just been hiding emotions for a while." Tamara ended saying, tears everywhere.

"It`s okay, it`s okay to show your emotions, Tamara, if not they end up eating you from the inside." Tank said, as he hugged Tamara.

-The group was outside.-

-Tobias walked to the outside bathroom, and opened the door.-

"Oh, shit." 

-The bathroom was full with zombies, they quickly saw Tobias and went into full excitement, lurching towards him, as Tobias took out his gun and started killing some, but they were too many, and they started getting out of the bathroom and Tobias shouted the signal:


-Everyone stared at Tobias and saw a zombie horde approaching them from the bathroom.-

"Everyone, quickly, to the van!" Moe yelled, as some remained shooting zombies, that were approaching them, but they were way too many.

"Quick, quick!" Moe said, as he was on the door of the RV checking everyone got in safely, as they did, he got inside and quickly closed the door, just in front of the zombies faces.-

-Everyone was huddled up inside.-

"Up." Moe said, as he got up the stairs to the top of the RV, followed by the rest of the group. Around them, around fifty zombies were banging their bodies against the RV and against each other.-

"Oh, shit. Those bastards will break our windows down." Nathan said, worried.

"Okay, everyone remain calm, we`ll think of a way to get through this." Moe said, altough he had no idea how they could get through it. 

-The zombies continued banging their bodies.-

"We`re done." Karina said, "glad to have met you all."

-Just then, an engine was heard, it was a car coming on their direction, it quickly stopped, as the driver saw the RV and the zombies. The driver and two other people got their heads out of the car.-

"HEY! WE NEED HELP!" Moe yelled at them.

-The driver nodded. He got back on the car, and started the engine. The car went towards the RV , and from the car, people started shooting at the zombies and calling their attention, while the ones on the RV started doing the same, walkers falling to the ground one after the other. Once all of the walkers were gone, Moe and the rest got out of the RV to greet the ones on the car, admist pile of zombies. The driver got out of the car to greet Moe.-

"Jesus hollychrist! Moe?" A man said, approaching Moe, smiling.


"The same one, man!" Ziggy exclaimed, as he met Moe and they patted each others back.

"I thought you were....."

"Dead? I thought the same..... I got lost on the rockies, there were some walkers how kept me bussy, and I hit myself against a rock... for some few days, I remained in agony on the rockies, thinking I would die soon, but this people came, a small group, gave me water, food, shelter everything, been with them ever since. What about you, man?"

"We joined a group on the road and then found safe haven on a factory.... not for long tough, we got into fights with a nearby group, many died. We finished up our fights winning, but shit got worse, and our factory got overrun since. Been trying to reach LA now."

"What about Mark?"

-Moe shooked his head, and Ziggy seemed perplexed.-

"Sucks, man. Well, at least you are okay."

"Em... Ziggy..." A young, blonde man said, smiling.

"Oh, this is Joshua and that is Adam." Ziggy told Moe, as Moe also introuduced his group.

"Is there more people with you?"

"Yeah. We`re seven, taking shelter near here... you guys need should come."

"What? Ziggy...." Joshua said, but Ziggy shut him up.

"Joshua, they`re friends, and they need things, we have to help each other on times like this. So, what do you guys say?"

-Moe stared at his group, and they all nodded.-

"Thought so." Ziggy said, with a smile.

-Some minutes later, the group had arrived to the base of the Rocky Mountains, and were walking, entering a cave.-

"The cabes truly are the best place to take shelter, we had no problems at all here." Ziggy said, leading the way. "And here it is, guys, I brought friends."

-The group arrived to the shelter. It was lit up with some small torches and had a particular oil sent, whith provisions and guns on a corner, it was warm, small, and a radio was catching up transmissions on the center. Sitting around it were, a young blonde woman, a young man, around sixteen, his face solen and worried, who smiled as he saw Joshua, and a young, pregnant blonde woman who was sitting beside her little daughter.-

"What is this?" Penelope, the pregnant woman asked.

"They`re here to help us, and we`re here to help them."

"I`m Moe, nice to meet you all." Moe said, receiving no answer.

"Please, take a seat." Ziggy said, as they all sat around on a circle, with lamps on the middle.

"Okay, so, that is Amy." Ziggy said, pointing at the young blonde woman, "as you know, that is Joshua, and that is James." Ziggy said, pointing at the sixteen year old guy, who was happily blushing and talking to Joshua."That is Adam" he said, pointing at the other guy who was on the car, who was busy working on the radio "And that is Penelope, and her daughter Penny." He finished, pointing at the pregnant woman and her daughter.

"How long do you plan on staying?" Amy asked them.

"We`re just here as a stop, we`re heading to LA, actually." Karina answered her.

"To LA?"

"Yeah, we`ve picked up some transmitions that there is a safe haven there, suposedly LA wasn`t touched and is reforming America." Nathan said.

"I also received that transmitions from LA. It seems as if everything`s going excelent there." Adam said, as he kept on working on the radio.

"So, we`re leaving tomorrow as sun as the Sun rises up, if you guys want to join us, you`re free to do so." Moe told them, as he received cold looks from his group, specially from Karina and Tobias.

"Why should we join you? We`re fine here." Joshua said.

"Joshua, maybe it`s a good idea.... what if LA really is safe? I want my daughter and my future child to leave in peace, to be born somewhere safe, not here on a cave." Penelope said.

-Ziggy nodded.-

"So, to LA we`re going. It`s gonna be a hell of a ride."

-Fade to black.-



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