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Traveling along to LA the combined group of survivors find their caravan raided in the night by the most unlikely suspects.


We open on the survivors camped out on the roof of a rundown motel. Its night time and by the moon we can just make out the rotting remains of a city in the distance. In the distance we can hear the moans of walkers in the night.

Slade: Dam that noise never gets old.

We see Slade and Moe are on watch while the others are either sleeping or trying to sleep. The sound of the walkers is unsettling.

Moe: Just tune it out.

Slade: Easy for you to say you had some walls between you and them for a time.

Moe: True, but if I let every single noise keep me awake I would have died from exhaustion months ago and then were would I be?

Slade: Chowing down on some poor ass's insides.

They both laugh weekly, if this was any other situation it would be two guys bonding over a cold one.

Moe: Its moments like this ive missed.... makes it seam like the world did not change.

Slade: Yeh, but shit happens we just have to clean our selves off and keep going.

Moe nods and the two get back to work. We zoom out to see the camp is being watched by a pair of night vision goggles.

Later we zoom in on Moe's sleeping face. His eyes snap open in alarm at the sound of an explosion. He bolts up and we se the others are up to in defensive positions. Guns pinted at the darkness searching for the attackers.

Moe: Whats happening?

Adam: A freaking ambush thats whats happening.

Moe comes over and we can see figures eluminated in the light of several burning items. They are riding BMX bikes around and throwing improvised explosives around the area.

Cage: What the hell are they trying to do?

Tobias: No clue but its going to draw in the walkers at this rate.

Slade: Alright, Amy, get Penny, and the others to the trucks, Adam your with me.

Moe: Karina, Tobias, Michael go with them.

Karina: Moe! I can fight!

Moe: I know that but this could be a diversion for something else, we need a good marksman.

She nods weakly, hating the fact everyone is being overprotective of her but being unable to do much about it and heads off.

Tamera: Come on, lets go say hello.

Adam, Slade, Moe, Nathan, Cage and some of the others head to the front of the building and head down to confront the attackers guns raised. The bikers turn to face them and peddle at them each holding improvised bombs. Its clear they want to try and scare or blow up the survivors.

Moe: Scatter.

Everyone ducks behind cars and debrie for cover and in the brief light of the explosives we can see the attackers are dressed in motorbike like armour used in races. Cage manages to get the drop on one of them backhanding him off his bike and onto the floor.

Cage: Jesus Christ ! Their kids!

We se that he managed to knock the helmet off the attacker and its indeed a feral looking boy of about 16 years of age. The kid recovers quickly and lunges at Cage only to knocked unconsious by Adam.

Adam: Dont get distracted.

Cage: Yeh, its just.....

Adam: Nothing......

The sound of gunfire erupts from the otherside of the building. There is thick white smoke rising from where the viechles are parked and the sound on an engine reving can be heard. The bikers scatter and the group realises they have been tricked.

Moe: The viechles now!

Adam and Nathan stay to secure the prisoner while the others run to the viechles where the tear gass use by the attackers is just starting to disapate. We se Tobias has a gash on his head but helping Amy deal with a coughing Michael and Tank who inhaled a bit more than most of the gass. One of the trucks is gone.

Slade: Little shits, that truck had about half our stuff.

Moe: How is everyone?

Karina: Fine, they jumped us with the tear gass, and made off with the truck.

Cage: Any injuries?

Karina: Nothing major though a few of us are going to look a little more interesting now.

Tobias: Charmed.

Penelope (wandering around panicked): Penny... Penny where are you?

Slade: Penelope, what is it?

Penelope: Its Penny, I told her to go wait in the cars but I lost her in the smoke, oh god you dont think she was in the one they took?

She starts to cry in panic while Amy takes her to sit down to comefort her. Moe and Slade exchange worried looks. We see Adam and Nathan coming over with the prisoner who is struglling madly.

Boy: Let me go your shit heads, I swear Ill kill the lot of ya!

He manages to headbut Adam and slip Nathan and starts to run only to be stopped by Amy who manages to lob a rock at his back knocking him off balance and sending him to the floor. Michael and Cage catch up to him and pin him down.

Karina: Now what?

Nathan: Well we cant kill him, he's the only lead we have to Penny and the gear.

James: That is if they have not found her allready!

Amy: James shut up

James: what.... oh right

Penelope: Well we have to make the boy talk (she gets up and tries to hobble over to the boy who has been knocked out)

Penelope: Where's Penny you bastard!

Karina (restraining her): Calm down, I know your angry but its not going to do Peny any good, besides (indicates a walker stubling into the far end of the car park) I think we should do this at a safer location

Penelope stairs the other woman down angrily but reluctenly complies.

Later, we see the surviors are parked in a field some ways from the last location. The captive is tied to a stump looking at the collective group with arrogance and rage.

Tobias: For the record I dont think this a good idea.

Moe: I know but what choice do we have, ive seen guys like him before, he wont talk if it means betraying his brothers.

Slade: So we scare him.

Tobias: Yes.... (looks over to Karina who is putting a hand on a scared looking Nathan's back) but are we ready to live with the consequenses?

We go over to the pair who have finished talking.

Nathan: Karina.... if this dose not work.... if he.... just please (she puts her finger to his lips)

Karina: It wont come to that, we wont let it.

Nathan: But Ive never interogated anyone before, I've never..... tried to be him, what it dosent work.... or worse what it makes him stronger..... I could be a liability.

Karina: Nathan.... whatever happens just try to remember your doing this for Penny.

He nods weakly and indicates to the others he is ready and heads over to the boy.

Moe: (See's Karina's fear): Dont worry we will step in if we have to.

Karina: You better had!

She gose to sit with a Penelope who while calmer is still gripped with fear and worry.

We swich to the guy has Nathan approaches and stit a way from him,  he hesitates and dosent look at the guy and the boy smirks.

Boy: (Yelling over to the surviors) Picked a winner hear, I wont talk to this sissy.

Nathan: Where is your camp?

Boy: (spits at Nathan) Gonna have to try harder than that old man, ive killed pricks with bigger balls than you!

Nathan: I dont doubt youve killed but I dont think youve killed that many, mabye one or two at most.

Boy: (Laughs) You dumb fuck ive killed more than a hundred people since this started and when my crew comes looking for me we will kill you to and dance around your headless corpses like a bunch of Indians.

Nathan suddenly reaches out and grabs his kneck holding him in a choke. He is looking at the guy's eyes. Before letting  him go with disgust as if he just picked up something rotten.

Nathan: Thought so, your a lying little shit if I ever did see one, now where is your camp.

Boy: I wont talk.....

Nathan: You want to know how I know your lying, Ive killed people .... long before this all started in the army.

Boy: You! ha, a whimp like you a soldier.

Nathan (ignores him): When they train they tell you all about how killing somone will affect you and it dose, you cant look at yourself staight for a week after the first time you do it. But  you get over it.... your serving your country after all. In the end you move on and back to the world.

He looks over to the guy and his face is getting darker a sickening smile crossing his face.

Nathan: But something like this brings out the good and the bad in us all, and belive me I have to put up with the worst.

Boy: What getting bitch slaped by the big ape over there.

Nathan slams a knike he had on him into the kid's leg causeing him to scream. Its not a major wound but its still quite painful. The scary thing is its still Nathan, but just barely, and for a brief second it looks like Nathan wants to give into to his Other. Nathan ignores the kid's grunts of pain.

Nathan: I dont tell the others because, I dont want to scare them, but when its breathing down my kneck, banging on the walls to be let out.... a part of me wants to let it out. I dont want to, but with lives on the line its harder to fight and it would be so easy to give in. And let me tell you something now there are a million things I can do with this knife withought killing you.

Pulls the knife out. Looking at the blood with macarbe facination while strugling to keep control. His fear of loseing control and the fact a child's life is at stake is adding to the pressure.

Nathan: Now Ill ask one more time.... where..... is.... your... camp.

With each world he cuts the kid in diffrent places and we can se he is really loseing it.

Kid: (Scared by his crazy behaviour) All right ill talk.

Other Nathan: Talk, who said anything about that....

He puts the knife close to the kid's kneck.

Other Nathan: I want to hear you scream first.

Before he can do anything their is a dull clunk and we Karina has snuck up on Nathan and struck him across the back of the head. He turns to look at his attacker angry but playful when he see's its Karina.

Other Nathan (weakly): Spoil sport.

Karina: Now if you want to be tied up with this guy when he wakes up I suggest you tell me what we need to know.

The boy nods weakly.

Later when se Moe, Adam, Slade and Cage with the boy tied and gagged overlooking a forified resteraunt. Stolen viechles are in a barricated coral nearby. We can see about 20 rough looking teens nearby.

Moe: (Looking through the binoculars): Well it dosent look like they have her or even know if she is their.

Adam: Still what are we going to do about him ( indicates the boy)

Cage: Yeh something tells me these asshole are not going to want to trade.

Slade: That and we roughed up one of their people.

Moe: I know we should just be thankful Karina stepped in when she did and Nathan became himself again when he woke up.

Cage: Guys shook up enough.

Moe: Like I said its something we have to live with, now we have to focuss on getting Penny out.

Adam: So what's the plan?

Moe looks at the coral and notices while the walls can not be passed by walkers it would be easy for a humans to climb across.

Moe: Cage, Adam take that guy to the front, show these guys a distraction, Slade and I will hop the wall. We will look for Penny, get whatever else we can carry and get back out.

Adam: Alright, but any kind of trouble we all bolt got it.

They nod and split up.

We go with Slade and Moe and they hop the fence with little difficulty. There is no one in the back and from the noise they no Adam and Cage are working their side of the plan.

Slade: Come on we dont have long

Moe: Right.

They head off and quietly sneek around the different viechles until they find the truck. There is a cover over the back a lump underneath that may be supplies or Penny

Moe (whispering): Penny? its ok its Moe and Slade.

The lump slowly shifts and Penny sticks her head out from underneath the covering. She is scared but when she see's them her face lights up.

Penny: I thought you left me.

Slade: Nah, we've come to get you back now, come on.

She nods and wiggles free stumbling over to the men who check her over for any injuries. No cuts, bites or scratches. They sigh in relief.

Moe: How did they not find you?

Penny: When they got here I jumped out the back and hid under one of the cars till they left, their horrible, they said they were going to go back and take the rest of our things and hurt Penelope and the others.

Slade: Well they will have to catch us first.

The sound of a gunshot sets everyone on edge.

Penny: What was that.

Moe: Trouble, come on can you run?

Penny: Yes.

The three run and climb over the wall quickly and quitly and run off into the stree from where Moe and Slade came heading for the trees. The sound of more shots can be heard in the distance and the sound of voices.

Slade: I hope those two are ok.

Moe: Stick with the plan, we can not risk a fight with Penny around.

Slade nods reluctently and they head off.

Later at the meeting point they arrive to find Cage and Adam waiting for them. Adam has blood over his face and shirt.

Slade: What happend? Are you hurt?

Adam: Its not mine..... how's Penny?

Moe: Fine.

The girl runs over and hugs Adam.

Cage gose over to talk to the other to out of earshot of Penny so they do not scare her.

Cage: Those kids at that place are messed up, they shot that boy just because he told us where we were, lucky it was not a poweful gun or Adam would have lossed his head to.

Slade: Shit, did they follow you?

Cage: No after that we bugged out of their real quick and the way they were yelling they think we are still at the motel.

Moe: Well lets not give them a chance to learn otherwise, we get back to the others and hit the road.

Cage nods and the three head off to Adam and Penny and the group heads off back to camp.