Dragons Teeth is the third episode of the third season of Survivor. It premiered on November 4, 2013, and was written by Terelili.


A simple crossing on a blocked bridge becomes a challenge when dealing with traps left by other survivors and something other than walkers is stalking our heroes.


-It`s dawn, and we see the RV parked besides the road. Adam is keeping guard on the roof. A walker starts lurching towards the RV, and is shot down by Adam quickly.-

-We now see Moe, Slade, Nathan and Karina inside the RV, holding down a map and examining it.-

Slade: "So, we should go down the same road `till we reach Colorado, we can make it before dark."

Karina: "We better get going right now, then, the weather seems nasty."

-Karina stares through a window and stares at the dark, cloudy sky.-

-Some few hours later, the group is travelling down the road on the RV. James is sitting on one of the sofas, holding a knife and having a drink of water, as Joshua sits besides him. James face redens and smiles.-

Joshua: "Hey."

James: "Hey... slept good yesterday?"

Joshua: "Kinda, you?"

James: "Kinda."

Joshua: "You know, we never really got to know each other well."

James: "You`re right. When you are on danger of being eaten alive by corpes it`s not easy to talk to much with others. Tell me about you."

Joshua: "Well, as you know, I`m Joshua Dems, I`m 18... my life was basically hell before all of this begun, I really hate talking about it..."

James: "Did you ever had to.. kill someone?"

Joshua: "My mom... we were out on the Californian desert, we had no water.... I knew I had no choice, or she would come back...."

-James nods.-

James: "I`m sorry about it."

Joshua: "Don`t be, we better get used to all this crap, people die constantly."

James: "You`re right... did you had a girlfriend, before this all started?"

Joshua: "Nope, I`m openly gay. Never was interested in girls."

-James smiles as he says this.-

Joshua: "Hope there is no problem with you-"

James: "`Course not, really, I think it`s normal, gay guys are cool."

-Joshua smiles.-

Joshua: "Thanks, cool."

-Joshua and James keep on talking.-

-Penelope was throwing up on the toilet, she stood up, stared at the mirror, cleaned herself, and opened the bathroom`s door. Amy was outside it.-

Amy: "Are you alright? You are extremely pale?"

Penelope (nodding and holding her head): "Yeah, I`m okay."

Amy: "No, you are not okay. You`re on your last days of preagnancy, and all the stress that`s going on... you just need to relax."

Penelope: "Relax? How can I relax when my seven year old daughter is in danger of being killed every day? How can I relax when anyday can be my last? Tell me, `cause I don`t know."

Amy: "I know! I know this world sucks! But we have to keep our heads up, thinking about all that will only get us killed."

Penelope: "But how can I deliver a baby on this world? How can I allow anohter human being to be dragged in to all this shit?!"

Amy: "Then what? Let your own child die?"

-Penelope remains quiet.-

Amy: "Look, I`m a nurse, I`m not a doctor, but I`ve been through many births, I know how to do this, I can help you and I will help you when the time has come for the baby to be born, and you will raise that child, and you will make him good, will show him the light on a world like this, will bring us a baby, a baby, will bring a new life when all life is taken away nowadays, okay?"

-Penelope remains silent, smiles and nods.-

-On the front of the RV, Cage is driving, and Tobias is sitting besides him. Rain is heavily falling from outside, and, even tough it`s midday, the road is barely visible.-

Tobias: "The map shows us we should cross a bridge anytime, be alert."

Cage: "I can`t see a thing!"

Tobias: "Just stay alert."

Cage: "There it is."

-Cage and Tobias now barely stare at a simple, metalic bridge etending in front of them. Not a single car is seen parked and there`s no walker at sight.-

Tobias: "It all seems clear..."

Cage: "Strange, tough, there`s not a soul there."

-The RV starts crossing the RV, but a sound is heard and it suddenly stops.-

Cage: "SHIT! All tires down!"

-Moe and Nathan come down.-

Nathan: "What was that?"

Tobias: "Seems like there`s something that destroyed our tires on the bridge, but we can barely see a thing with this rain."

Moe: "We should go check. Nathan."

-Moe and Nathan grab their weapons and exit the RV, rain is still falling, but not as strong as before, and the sky was clearer. Moe and Nathan stare at three of the tires completely destroyed, and find some metalic traps on the floor.-

Moe: "Shit, someone left this on purpose..."

Nathan: "We can`t keep on with the tires like that... we have to cross this bridge."

-Moe nods.-

Moe: "I say some of us cross the bridge and go down the road to find some tires."

-Moe and Nathan stare at the road ahead, where the bridge is followed by a dark-greenish forest.-

Nathan: "No, we should get them all to the other side, just in case, then some of us can go for the tires and be back before dark."

-Some few minutes later, the rain had almost stopped and the whole group was getting out of the RV, some of them with their bags and supplies. They are all armed, ready for any walker surprises.-

-Moe walks in front of the group. suddenly, his leg comes upon a metalic wire, and out of a sudden, the rope lets one of the bridge metals out, the bridge makes an aweful sound as its left part stumbles and breaks towards the river down, the survivors are all in panic as they stare at the breasking bridge. They all dash forwards, but come up with another wire, which makes the right side of the bridge stumble and break. The bridge is moving and making horrible sounds as it`s about to break, and the survivors just make it break and run towards safe haven on the other side of the bridge. Tamara comes across a metallic trap which grabs her leg. She screams in pain, but has to move on as the bridge keeps on falling behind her.-

Tamara: "Oh, fuck!"

-Tamara walks with her healthy leg towards the end of the bridge, as Karina and Tank go to help her, and tehy barely reach the end of the bridge safely as it stumbled down to the water. They all stare at the destroyed bridge, they stare at the RV that falls into the river`s great tide, and the rain starts again.-

-The rain barely lets the survivors see a thing. The survivors barely have hope. They just stare at the fallen bridge.-


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