Emergancy Delivery is the fourth episode of the third season of the Walking Dead: The Survival.


Delivering a baby in a world after the Apocalypse is tricky enough but trying to do it withought drawing in every walker for miles is another challenge completly. One survivor must make an important desision for the good of all.


We open heavy rain, the survivors are walking single file through the rain. Everyone is tired and exhausted, Slade notices Penelope struggling.

Slade (To Moe): We need to rest Penelope can't keep up this pace.

Moe: I know but I cant se anywhere to take shelter.

Adam: There.

He points to the shape of a building in the distance.

Moe: Its worth checking.

Slade: I guess but if its overun we should try elsewhere.

They nod and give the signle to the others to follow. We change to se them approach the building and we can see its a borded up restarunt; The Dancing Bear. Its hard to tell if the place closed down before the Apocalypse or was barricaded after. There are no walkers to be seen.

Cage: Looks safe.

Karina: But there's only one way to find out.

She kicks a nearby trashcan to the ground and roles it into the middle of the empty car park. The sound echoes above the rain and the trashcan stops with a loud thump at the borded door. They wait a few tense moments and let out a relieved sigh when nothing approaches.

Moe: Ok Slade, Tamera, Tank check around the back, we dont want any unwelcome guests in the night.

They nod and head off weapons ready.

Moe: The rest of us will head in and secure the building, just remember to keep quite, just because we can not see them dose not mean there are no walkers around.

They nod to and the groups heads off, Penny and Penelope in the centre for protection. They reach the borded door and Michael presses his ear to the wood and listens. He pulls away and indicated with his hands he can hear movement.

Moe: Cage.

The big man nods and quickly pries open the door and the group steps back weapons raised. An emaciated pair of walker children stumble out of the darkness followed by a half eaten adult walker.

Penelope: Penny dont look.

She shields her daughter's eyes, while Slade and Adam make short work of the trio of walkers while the others go inside to check the building.

Moe: Clear.

The rest of the group enters and we see the others rejoin them.

Moe: Anything?

Tamera: Clear, there's a gass generator but its been tapped.

Karina: Thats a shame.

The sound of a chair cracking can be heared and we see Cage in the prosess of breaking up a bar stool. He indicates the log fire in the sitting area of the pub.

Cage: Log fire's better than nothing.

Tobias: Well lets get to work.

Later the survivors are asleep with the fire crackling gently. The rain has lesstned. We see Tobias and Moe on the roof keeping watch.

Tobias: We need to find another viechle soon.

Moe: I know, but pickings are slim at the moment.

Tobias: Yes, but its better we find one sooner rather than later, even the best of us can not walk all the way to LA.

Moe: What are you saying?

Tobias: Penelope's going to give birth any day now, an infant in the group on foot....

Moe just nods haveing allready figured that much.

Tobias: Well for now... shit get down.

-It`s dark at night, and Penelope suddenly wakes up, sweating all over. She feels constant kicks on her belly and feels an extreme pain.-

Penelope: Oh shit, oh shit.

-Penelope painfully gets up, grabbing the walls, trying not to wake up the rest. She slowly and painfully walks towards the door, once she gets there, she catches up a few seconds to breathe and then exits the building, and closes the door behind. Amy wakes up because of the noises and quickly stands up.-

-Penelope catches breath outside, and Amy steps out of the building.-

Amy: Penelope, are you okay? What are you doing?

Penelope: The kicks... I think the baby`s coming this time, Amy, it`s coming....

-A sound of water is heard.-

Amy: Oh my gosh... your water`s just broken..

Penelope: Shit shit shit

Amy: You`ll have to push... can you walk? We need to go somewhere far and quiet, somewhere safe, we can`t alert anyone or any walkers.

-Penelope nods.-

Penelope: You`ll have to help me, please.

-Amy grabs Penelope and the two of them walk towards the woods.-

-Moe and Tobias see them going to the woods from the roof.-

Tobias: Is that...

Moe: Amy and Penelope, it seems as if Amy`s carrying her to the woods.

Tobias: She`s about to give birth.

-Moe and Tobias stare at each other.-

Moe: Keep on with your guard here, I`ll go.

-Amy and Penelope are deep on the woods, and Penelope starts screaming.-

Amy: Okay, okay, lie down here, there`s no sign of walkers yet....

-Penelope lays down on the ground.-

Amy: Spread out your legs...

-Penelope starts screaming louder than ever, attracting everything, as Moe suddenly appears.-

Moe: Why didn`t you told us?

Amy: We have no time, Moe, she`s about to give birth!

-Penelope cries louder.-

-Moe rips his shirt and places it at Penelope`s mouth.-

Moe: Hold this with your mouth... we don`t want to attract many walkers.

-Penelope nods and bites and holds the shirt on her mouth.-

Amy: Okay, push!

-Penelope pushes.-

Amy: Push!

Moe: Oh, shit...

-Moe observes around them and walkers have already been attracted by the screams. Moe takes out his knife.-

Moe: Amy, you keep going, I`ll make sure no walkers come your way.

-Amy nods.-

Amy: Push!!!

-Moe starts killing walkers stabbing them directly on the head, one after the other. The piece of shirt in Penelope`s mouth falls off and Penelope starts crying out loud, attacting more walkers.-

Amy: Okay, okay, it`s crowning! You can do this, Penelope, you can do this, you`re almost there.... push!

-Moe keeps on killing walkers after walkers, one almost bitting Amy.-

Penelope: Ugh, it... hurts... so much.... 

Amy: One last time, Penelope, you got it, you got it, one last time..... push!

-Penelope pushes with all her might one last time and Amy holds the newborn baby on her arms, as Moe kills the last few walkers.-

Amy: It`s a boy, congrats

Penelope: Let me hold him.... let me hold him....

-Penelope holds her newborn baby with tears, weariness and happiness on her face.-

Amy: Great job, Penelope, great job.

-Moe smiles as he stares at the newborn, altough the smile quickly fades away as he remembers the conversation with Tobias, so many walkers can be attracted by the baby.....-

Moe: How will you name him?

Penelope: If it wasn`t for Ian neither he would`ve never been born, I wouldn`t be alive.... his name is Ian.

-The Sun starts raising up as a new baby is welcomed to the post-apocalyptic world.-

-Fade to black.-



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