Titan in the fith episode of season three of the Walking Dead the Survival.


The survivors seek a new means of transport in the hostile world of the Apocalypse and may find one in the most unusual of places.


We open on the survivors treking along an open field in the early Summer sun. Their are flies buzzing around providing some nuisance but other than that the trek is barable. The only other sound beside the buzz of insects is the gurgle of Penelope's baby.

Penny: Can I hold him?

Penelope: Later sweetie ok?

Penny: Is he sick? He's always sleepy.

Penelope: He's fine, honey babies just sleep a lot thats all.

Cage walks past.

Cage: Id sleep a hell of a lot easier if we had a set of weels.

Slade: Well until we see an autoshop we are all gonna get a little more excersise.

He passess a grumbling Cage and walks on ahead to find Moe and Tobias looking at something on a cliff side.

Slade: Whats up?

Moe: Wait for it

He indicates down below and we see the remains of a funfair and what was once a showground of somekind. From the looks of the strewn stalls and human and animal bodies a large swam hit the fair unaware and hard. Suddenly a defaning roar fills the air and in the distance a belch of flame can be seen.

Slade: What the hell was that.

Tobias: The Titan.

Slade: The what?

Tobias takes the binoculars from his eyes and passes them to Slade who looks down into fun fair where the old man is pointing. We see a weatherd black and blood red roller coaster, the cars gone or pinning a few stray walkers underneath. But the source of the comotion is a large anamotronic monster at the front of the ride; Its built to look chained to the entrance and every so often strugles weakly. We a solar panel nearby explaining how it still works. The fire it belches is coming from an unkown source.

The others have gathered also to look at the area. Again the monster roars, causeing the baby to cry out and Penolope sooths it.

Amy: We should keep moveing that thing's a Walker magnet.

Adam: I's normally agree but look.... there might still be some useable viechles and supplies.

Karina: He's right besides if there walkers around dont you think there would be a ton here by now?

Cage: Yeh, but that thing's mechanical.... maby the walkers just left.

Nathan: Thats comeforting, walkers that can think.

Tank: Well lets stop standing around and find some cars.

Tamera: Yeh, giant hulking monster or not a group of people standing around is gonna attact a lot of hungry mouths.

They nod and head down. We see the empy show field, a lone walker in a weathered clown constume and a missing botton jaw lurches around mindlessly. He turns at the sound of a whistle only to get a face full of Adam's shovel.

Slade: Even undead clowns are annoying.

Adam: Come on.

They carry on in a tight group, alert to their surroundings there are a few corpses lying around but nothing rises.

Cage: Dont get to close some of these fucks love to play possum.

Tamera: Well perhaps we should make sure.

She approached to shoot the nearest corpse but Moe stops her.

Moe: Save the ammo for the ones we know are live.

She relucently nods. The corpse in question remains still and we see the head has been crushed in a long forgotten stampede.

The group approaches the half open gates of the funfair. Everything is earily quite save the occasional sounds from the Titan rollercoaster.

Tamera: Seriously can't we go around?

Tobias: The map says this is the quickest way to the car park and its the quickest way out if there is something unpleasent on the other side.

Tamera: Still couldnt someone scout the place?

Tobias: Mabye but its better we stick together, this place is huge and we dont want to draw attention to ourselves.

Tamera: Ok..... Penelope just keep the baby quite.

Penelope (slightly irritated): Sure.

Carefully and quietly the group slips through the gate into the funfair. Like the res of the area its trashed and quite. Blood covers once brightly colured stands, a child's stuffed white rabbit is now a faded muddy brown; cegged with dry blood.

James: Come on, stick together.

The group head on, quite and cautious, the only constant sound is the wind rushing around the metal structures.

Penny: I'm scared.

Amy: Shhh is ok, we will be out of here in no time you hsve to be brave for your brother ok.

Penny: K

The group can now see the exit in sight, all that stands between them and it are a large ferace wheel.

Slade: Piece of cake.

He is about to walk ahead when Michael stops him with a fist across the chest.

Slade: What?

Michael points to the uper part of the wheel and we see each car is packed with walkers. They have not seen the surviors yet but from the look of the cars its clear if they did their rocking could bring the cars down, releasing the walkers or crushing the heroes.

Cage: How the hell did they get up there?

Moe: People might have tried to wait walkers out.... starved.

Karina: Well what the heck do we do now?

James: Yeh, that thing's massive and right in the middle of our escape route.

Moe surveys the shadows under the carriges in thought, he tosses a small can under the nearest car wich makes a clanking noise. The walkers stir briefly but unable to pinpoint the noise they settle back down.

Moe: I think I might have an idea.

A little while later Moe is finishing explaining the plan.

Moe: So thats how we do it, two at a time to the gates, if their are walkers on the other end take them out if you can, to many find a safe place and wait.

They nod and the group begins to move. First Nathan and Karina, they dash to the base of the wheel and wait before heading under the nearest carrage. And wait has Amy and Adam cross. Everyone moves one group at a time like a macarbe game of baseball. Every so oftern they tense at the odd creak and moan of the walkers above. Finaly most people are over, the last group is Penolope and the baby and Slade.

Slade: You ready?

Penelope: Yeh.

Slade: Ok, just keep the kid rapped up and quite.

She nods and we see the baby is fast asleep. The others nod at them its ok to follow and we can make out Adam and Cage working on starting a viechle, while another sits ready to go.

Penelope: Ok now or never.

They head off quickly and as quietly as possible and are halfway there. They stop under a nearby car, panting. A stray drop of muddy water from above falls and lands on the baby. The effect is instant, whether its cold or shock the baby's face wrinkles in distress and he starts to cry, first only small hickups but its quickly gtting louder. The effect on the walkers in instant, like dogs getting the sent of a fox the semi dormant creatures spring to life in their iron cages. Paceing and rocking the wethered metal begins to groan loudly.

The other survivors react to the sound in horror.

Moe: Everyone in the cars now.

Adam: Shit! Penelope and Slade are still over there we are not leaving them.

Moe: I dont intend to but we are not about to waste time starting the cars.

Penny: Mom!

She runs back to the gates only to be stoped by Karina who grabs hold and tries to wrestle her to the car.

Penny: Let me go! I have to....

Tamera: Penny if you go back you coul be caught!

Penny: But......

Tamera: Its ok Slade will get them to safty.

Back with the trapped trio.

Slade: Shit, Penelope quite him down now.

Penelope: I can't... shit look out.

She manages to push Slade out of the way of a falling beam has the fatherest car topples down, the rocking of the others shows they are about to give way to.

Cage: (Yelling) Run you idiots!

He and Michael are by the gate weapons raised to cover the small group. The fallen car cracks open and the few surviving walkers spill out crawling and limping to the humans with ravenous hunger.

Slade: Go go go.

The break into a run, each time narowly avoiding being crushed by the falling structure, the screams of Penelope and the baby are louder than the screams of the colapsing wheel.  Finaly they reach the gate has one last almighty screech fills the air and the wheel topples back on itself crashing into the remaing stals and other nearby rides. No one has time to breathe has the walkers are approaching. The sound of a car horn can be heard.

Tobias: What are you waiting for a written invite... move!

They waste no time running and wntering the nearest viechle the cars speed off leaving the den of the dead.