On Broken Wings is the sixth episode of the third season of Walking Dead the Survival.


A routine supply mission turns deadly and Karina must confront demons from her past while also trying to reassert herself in the group after her injury.


We open in an abandoned drive in theatre. It looks like a fire broke out and the screen is a half melted mess. Several walkers are pinned by hardened metal. We see Karina looking at one incased walker that reaches weakly for her.

Adam: Watch your back will ya

She turns in surprise to find the former IT tech has managed to sneak up on her. He has a bag of food slung over his arm and a gun in the other hand.

Karina(defensivly): I'm fine.

Adam: Really?

Karina: Yes really.....

She stalks off and we se her limp is nearly gone but if push came to shove she may no be able to run to fast and would need time to work the leg back to full strength.

Adam: Well I found a lot of popcorn and some candy that seems ok.

Karina: Better than nothing I suppose.

The sound of a car pulling up draws there attention and we see Michael in the driving seat looking at them expectantly.

Adam: Rides here.

The two head off unaware they are being watched from the far side of the drive in.

Figure: Been a long time Bitch

We then see the survivors at their recent camp. Slade and Cage are sorting out a meal while Moe and Tobias are working on the viechles and some of the others keep watch. Amy is examining Karina's leg.

Amy: Its doing good.

Karina: And....

Amy: And what?


Amy: Look Karina your leg's on the mend just don't push it.

Karina frowns and heads off to her tent to rest.

Penelope: What's her problem?

Amy: She dose not like being helpless.... seen a hundred people in the hospital, amputies people with broken limbs.

Penny: So she's getting better? She should be happy.

Penelope: Its not that, its.... well remember how Cathy used to like skateboarding.

The girl nods.

Penelope: Well how do you think she would feel if she could not for a really long time?

Penny: Pretty crummy I guess.

Penelope: That's right, Karina wants to help out again and while its nice everyone is taking care of her she just wants things to be back to normal.

Amy: Has normal has they can be.

Later that night Karina is in her tent with Nathan asleep next to her. He seems to be having a nightmare but she dose not disturb him. Eventualy his body stills and she shifts. She is almost out of the tent when a hand reaches out and grabs her hand.

Other Nathan: Now where are you going at this hour?

He is still lieing down and his eyes have a playful look in them but Karina is not fooled.

Karina: Just out.

Other Nathan: Now why would you want to do that... we were getting on so well.

Karina (level tone but hideing iratation): That's none of your business what Nathan and I get up to.

Other Nathan (Chukling): It is my business.....

He sits up his voice serious but low so as to not to arouse suspicion from outside.

Other Nathan: You may pretend, and lie to him but I can se it in your eyes.... you prefer me to him.

He pulls her into a rough kiss wich she gets out of with some effort. He smiles smugly and she slaps him and Nathan come back.

Nathan: What... Owww.... what the hell was that for Karina?

Karina: Your roommate.

Nathan: Karina..... he didn't......

Karina: No but he seems to think he's got a share in me now.

Nathan: I'm sorry.... Monica used to give me some meds for the nightmares..... perhaps I should be on my own... its to risky.

Karina: Nathan, Moe and I talked about this its better for one of us to keep an eye on you, to snap you out of it.

Nathan: I guess.

Karina: Look just try and get some sleep ok, your no good to anyone if your half a walker.

Nathan:... Ok you coming

Karina: I will now I just need to get some water.

Its a bare faced lie but Nathan is to tired to pick up on it and gets back down.

We switch to Karina in the woods a little way from the camp. Lit in the moonlight she is going through some excersise moves. Limbering up and stretching. For a while she is doing well but when she pulls a certain move she winces in pain.

Karina: Son of a bitch.

She hops over to a log and massages the injure which is now a mass of pinkish scar tissue. We someone's point of view has they approach Karina from behind. She does not seem to notice and a hand reaches out. The moment it makes contact Karina reacts pulling the person over her shoulder and on to the floor.

Tamera: Ouch.

Karina's posture relaxes somewhat at the sight of the slightly injured woman.

Karina: What the hell are you doing out here?

Tamera: Watch....

She gets up wincing with pain and dusts herself down.

Tamera: Heard the noise and thought it was a walker.

Karina: Sorry but to disappoint you!

Tamera: Seriously though what are you doing out here?

Karina has a guarded look; this woman was in a way responsible for her injury in the first place. She will be civil with her but in her mind they are not and never will be friends.

Tamera: So what's going on?

Karina remains silent and Tamera looks like she is going to push it when the sound of the bushes shaking can be heard and Adam and Slade emerge weapons drawn.

Tamera: Relax guys its not a walker.... just a pissed off bitch.

Karina looks between the three, depite her guarded look her embaresment is threatening to break through.

Karina: What the fuck, Tamera? At least I didn't throw my husband down a roof to walkers.

-Tamara stares at Karina with shock./

Tamara: Bill was about to kill your fucking asses off, if it wasn't for me, you would not be here.

-Tamara approached Karina and they now stood face to face, with tension on their eyes. Suddenly, a scream ois heard from the tents.-

Karina: Shit.

-Karina, Tamara, Adam and Slade run back to camp, where they see a group of ten guys with knives and guns, and the rest of their group lying on the ground with guns pointing at then. Nathan is visually trying to control himself.-

-Karina, Tamara, Adam and Slade hide behind some bushes and see the situation.

Moe: We can negotioate, there are children and women on our group. You must understand.

-One of the guys laughs.-

Old guy: There are no longer women and children on this world. Just survivors.

Karina (whispering to Slade): We must do something.

-Slade shook his head.-

Slade: It's too risky.

-The old guy stares at Amy with pleasure, and points at his men.-

Old guy: Take the blonde one and the kid.

Penelope: What? Please do not touch my daughter!

-The grunts pick up Penny and Amy. Penny trembles with fear.-

Penny: Mom....

Penelope: Everything will be alright sweetie...

-The grunts laugh as they stare at Amy and Penny.-

Old guy: I'm taking the kid....

-The old guy approaches Penny, who is slowly trembling and has turned pale.-


-Penny starts sobbing as the old guy helds her chin;-

Old guy: Don't cry, little girl. It will be alright.

Karina (whispering to Slade): Fuck this, I am going.

Slade: Karina, wait!

-Karina emerges from the bushes and immediately starts shooting the grunts, killing five on a row, and is soon joined by Tamara, Slade and Adam, who kill all except for the old guy, who is raising his hand.-

Old guy: Alright, alright... calm down there...

-Karina slowly walks towards the old guy, raising her knife.-

Old guy: I am sure, we can reach a deal.-

-Penny trembles behind the old guy.-

-Karina smiles at him;-

Karina: I am sure we can.

-The old guy smiles in joy. However, Karina quickly snaps her knife at his throat, causing it to expell blood. Penny stares in horror as the guy dies in front of him, holding his throat and gurgling.-

-Karina grabs and embraces Penny as the old guy dies on the ground.-

Karina: It's alright, Penny. It's alright.

-Penelope immediately stands up and runs towards Penny, embracing her.-

Penelope: Thank you.

-Karina nods, and then walkd towards Tamara.-

Karina: Look, I am sorry for my beahviour lately.... I just... I just don't want to be useless, you know?

-Tamara nods.-

Tamara: That's okay, that's okay.

-Karina nods and smiles as the group stands up and start shooting the bodies' heads.-

-Karina walks towards the old guy's body. He is now undead, and has his eyes open on the ground, still gurgling with the blood. Karina kneels besides him and shoots him on the forehead.-

-Fade to black.-

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