Demons Rise is the tenth episode of the third Season of The Walking Dead Survivor.


Struggling to find each other and their captives the survivors will not only face tough choices but also the darker sides of themselves.


We open in the arena where we left off and all hell has broken lose has survival instinct takes over. People scramble for weapons while the larger prisoners start attacking the smaller ones with their hands. The crowd roars in delight while Castor reclines in his seat watching with sickening pride. Moe has managed to pick up a weapon but he has lost sight of Nathan who has been frozen in shock at the carnage.

Moe: Nathan!?

No answer and he narrowly avoids a tackle from a half starved looking man who crashes to the ground. Moe raises the wrench in his hand in instinct but stops at the last second. Before he can even try and help the man up he is stabbed by a man in a prison inmate clothing. He looks at Moe with Murder in his eyes.

Convict: Your next Jafar! Moe dives into the crowd hopeing to lose his pursuer. Elsewhere Nathan is pinned by another prisoner also dressed in convict clothing who is choking the soldier with his bare hands. A knife lies in reach but Nathan seems paralysed with fear his pacifist nature refusing to let him move even to defend himself.

Other Nathan:(V.O) He's going to kill.....

Nathan: (weakly): Its not... not....

Convict 2: Shut up.....

Other Nathan: (V.O) You know once there finished with you they will move on to the girls... to Karina.... and don't think they will go easy on them because they are women. Her leg.... well you remember the feral dogs in Iraq.

A brief flashback of dogs in a dusty village tearing into a weaker member of the pack. The sounds of yelps and snarls made worse by the memory and Nathan's current situation.

Nathan lets out a strangled gasp the memory and the threat against Karina making him lose concentration and giving his Other all the chance he needs. With what strength he can muster Other Nathan reaches for the knife and manages to slash the man's neck causeing him to let go.

Convict 2: You little bastard ill tear out you throat for that.

Other Nathan: Well... lets dance then

He advances on his openent with manical glee, a warzone like this is home from home for this monster.

Elsewhere Cage is being led back with the other prisoners to the cells. They are tied by rope to each others knecks and being led in rows of twelve men. One of the men passes Cage in the opposite line.

Man: Be ready.

Cage: What?

Before he can react someone in the front of the man's line trips over causing the whole line to topple and tangle in one another.

Guard: You dumb fucks.

The Guard runs past to help untangle the mess along with the other two guards from Cage's side. The standing men could run but they would not get far due to their bonds.

Man: Hey, my ankle.

Cage see's he is indicating a concealed piece of metal wich looks sharp enough to cut the rope. Cage bends down quickly and quietly; the other prisoners in the line helping to hide his actions; this could be a way out for them all to. After some effort he manage to get the shard and cuts the ropes and passes it on before turning to help the other men behind him. Unfortunatly one of the guards turns from his work and notices them.

Guard: Hey what the....

He is tackled to the ground by one of the free prisoners before he can unholster his weapon wich clatters to the ground. Some of the prisoners in the second line grab at the guards to trip them to help the free prisoners who quickly overpower the guards and begin beating on the guards. Cage instead works on freeing the other prisoners only briefly watching in horror. It may be justified vengeance but its still unpleasant to watch. He returns to helping the other prisoner up.

Man: Thanks... the names Issac.

Cage: Cage... so you palnned that little stunt there.

Issac: Some of it though the I'd like to think of this as just the first act.

A man comes from the dead guard carrying the keys to the cells.

Issac: Getting the cells open in act two.

Back in the pit the audience is oblivious to the events outside. Several men are dead with head shots to make sure they do not turn into walkers. Moe is fighting the convict who chased after him. Moe with a lead pipe and the Convict with a machaete that's already cegged in blood; some of it Moe's; he has a nasty cut on his arm and while he can still use it we can tell its draining. The fight must end quickly or not at all.

Moe: You really think they are going to let you walk out of here is you win?

Convict: Don't know, don't care as long has I get to take a few of you shits with me I don't care.

Moe: People like you should have been put down before this began.

Convict: Please when I am done with you they'll be scrapping your guts off the walls.

Moe: We shall see.

They lunge at each other striking and barely missing the other with each blow becoming a little more savage. Suddenly Moe's arm gives out and the other prisoner tackles him to the ground. He raises the blade above his head ready to slice open Moe's throat. Convict: Time to do a little re....

Before he can finish a blade lands in the man's temple. A bloody and euphoric looking Other Nathan appears holding the hilt of the blade.

Other Nathan: You know if your going to kill someone (he twists the blade in the man's head enjoying the sound of his chokes) just do it.

He pulls the blade out and turns to look at Moe advancing on him, knife in hand.

Moe: Nathan?!

He still advances he looks like a junkie on a high and Moe might be the next fix.

Moe: Nathan.

Still nothing Moe grabs at the machete and lunges out cutting Nathan across the calf.

Other Nathan: You ba.....

He sways a bit and lets out a gasp has Nathan takes over again.

Nathan: Moe.... thanks....

Moe: It wasn't you, though I think he wanted to...

Nathan: He... Karina god he was going to....

He falls to his knees just avoiding being struck by a flying blade.

Moe: Nathan?

He runs over to help the man up but he pushes him away weakly.

Nathan: I.....

Moe: Nathan, just focus for a moment we can still.....

An explosion cuts through the arena followed by a familiar but alien sound. Above the arena we can see the unmistakable shape of an army fighter plane swoop past having delivered the explosive payload that's punched a hole in the arena wall. There are several bodies of observers, guards and prisoners strewn around like confetti. Above we here the cross talk of the pilot.

Pilot: Bravo Charlie, this is Raveger the payload is dropped. Returning to the nest.

Issac: Roger that Raveger, Big Cat over and out.

Everyone still alive stares dumbfounded at the sight. Moe is the first to regain his composure.

Moe: Was that?

Nathan: (look of familiarity on his face that has distracted him from his episode) A-10... thats an air force plane.

Moe: But where did it come from?

Nathan: Beats me but it just gave us an exit.

Both men nod and run for the hole avoiding the slowly awakening walkers. Above in his perch Castor is quick to regain his senses and is already ordering his men around.

Castor: Kill them all! Anyone tries to leave shot on sight.

The guards react a little to late to get our heroes but several men are taken down with machine gun fire.

Castor frowns in frustration and grabs a radio off a nearby soldier.

Castor: Who ever is out there.... kill the bitches in the cell then get everyone to the front gate, if those fucks think they can crush this empire they have another thing coming.

He picks up his own weapon and charges off into parts unkown.

At the women's cells we see Amy covered is blood running to the cells with a set of keys in hand. Most are scared and panacking. When they see Amy with the keys they reach madly through the bars like hungry walkers. Amy ignores them though and runs straight for the cell with Karina and Tamera inside.

Karina: Over here.

Amy complies and unlocks the cell door has several women spill out nearly trampling her but she avoids them. Karina and Tamera get out.

Tamera: What the hell is going on?

Amy: Someone's attacking..... Castor's people are freaking.... they....

She slumps forward slightly in shock and both women realize where the blood has come from.

Tamera: Shit there not.....

Karina takes the keys and tosses some to a nearby dazed woman who jumps in fright.

Karina: Start unlocking the cells

Woman: What.... I

Karina gose over and clamps her hands on the woman's shoulders.

Karina: Look I don't have time and neither do you but sooner or later men with guns will be coming.... we need to get as many people out as possible its our only chance.... understand?!

The woman weakly nods and runs off while Tamera is helping Amy regain her bearings.

Tamera: You ok?

Amy: Yeh... god we have to get of here.

Tamera: I know we....

The sound of gunshots followed by an all to familiar moan fill the air.

Karina: Shit that's all we need.

At the sound of the walkers people begin to panic and start to run for the door and in all directions like a panicked herd of wilderbeast about to stampede. Only the heroes and a few vetran survivors remain still, staying on the inside of their former cells or in the doorways. Slowly but surly the group gets back together just in time for a large explosion at the main gate to the holding cells that throw a few people that were close to the door back. Before they can recover several walkers and guards who were sent to kill them spill into the room.

Adam: Now what?

Tamera looks around and see's an open doorway that could lead anywhere. Its their best option.

Tamera: Come on!

The group makes a run for it narwoly avoiding the chaos and panic around them. withought weapons al they can do is run for the door. Once they are all through Adam spins round and rams a nearby metal rod into the doorway so no one can follow. The others look at his actions in alarm.

Amy: What are you doing?

Adam: Buying us time.

Tamera: But there....

Adam: Look at where we are will you...

We look and see the survivors are in a narrow corridor of sorts; a tunnel for zoo workers to get between the exhibits unseen. Its to narrow to maneuver in and a large group or a pack of walkers would slow things down or lead to death.

Slade: He's right.

The others give Slade a look but he returns a look of his own. One that says this is not up for argument. The group begins to run down the corridor with Slade and Karina leading the way.

Karina: What's the plan.

Slade: Find the others and get the fuck out of here.

Karina: No argument there.

The group breaks into a run.


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