And Rome Would not Burn is the tenth episode of the fourth season of the Walking Dead the Survival.


Seeking an answer to a shocking discovery the group struggle to figure out who to trust and if the safe haven is truly worth sticking around for..


We open on Moe working as a cleaner at one of the local shops. He is watching the clock.

Boss: Quitting time.

The other works smile and chat to each other. Moe tries to act pleasant but his eyes have a wary edge to them.

Moe (Under his breath): Just act Natural

Elsewhere we see the survivors in similar suituations; there is a paranoid air; a fear that any second they will be taken in by the authorities or worse shot. We go back to Moe who walks through the streets to the park.

Moe: Come on guys.

He tries to relax and look like a regular citizen enjoying the park.

Slade: Evening fearless leader.

Moe turns to see Slade walking up behind him followed by Adam who is carrying a few bottles of bear under his arm. To any observer they would just be three guys chilling in the park after a hard day of work.

Moe: You know I don't drink.

Slade: Yeh, well Michael knows a guy at the brewery, managed to hook up with some of the city's new bear.

He takes a swig of an open bottle.

Slade: Year 2.AZ its a good year for the liquor

Even Moe has to smile a bit at that.

Moe: So where are the others?

Adam: Getting set up at the picnic area, figured we should celebrate our new home.

Moe is thankful the others were able to come up with a ruse. Paranoia is having a field day with him.

Moe: And Penelope?.

Adam: Penny says she got a text from her she will be there.

Slade: Come were here.

The three enter the picnic ground to see the rest of the group working on setting up or just chatting amoung themselves. Penny is playing with Toby on a blanket and thankfully Penelope is there to being given a once over by Amy.

Adam: Well she looks ok.

Slade: Yeh well she has not been to the spa.

Moe: Come on, the last thing we need is to draw the wrong attention.

Slade: Moe, you said it yourself you kept your head down in there.

Adam: Besides, if they knew you had been in there we probably would not be talking right now.

Slade: He's right, dention or death has not coming knocking.

Moe sighs knowing they are right. Still he looks around cautiously. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. Ok its time to figure out what is going on. The three approach.

Slade: Well whats a sorry bunch of misfits doing in a place like this?

The group looks up offering warm smiles and greetings.

Tobias: Well the night was to good to waist sitting indoors.

Cage: That and I cant remember the last time I had a decent bit of steak.

Karina: Oh come on Cage, possum has such a nice texture.

Nathan: Yeh but the fur was a pain to clean.

Again they laugh and Moe looks to Penelope who is smiling with the rest of them but still seems uneasy. Like someone about to be marched to their death but not sure when or how.

Moe: Well lets get this cook off started.

A little later most of the survivors are seated eating. Amy and Tobias are walking with Penny and Toby around the nearby lake.

Penelope: She looks so happy.

Moe: Yes she is, she has her mother and she is safe.

He gives her an elaborate look and she sighs defeated, knowing she not going to worm out of this.

Penelope: Guys its not what you think.

Slade: Not what we think.... you scared your daughter half to death and then we found out your at some whack job clinic....

Cage: Calm down man... not to mention the place is grey face central.

Slade looks around a moment aware his voice was slightly raised. No one seems to be paying them that much heed.

Slade: Sorry man... but still this is a fucked up situation.

Nathan: Hey we live in a world where the dead are maurauding ghouls, I think the definition of fucked up changed some time ago.

Moe: Please Penelope we are just trying to understand.... there must have been at least 80 walkers down there, and those were just the ones I could se.

Penelope: They are perfectly secure.

Tamera: The "doctors" tell you that.

Penelope: Its safe allright, they needed live ones for the tests.

Moe: Of the cure?

Penelope: Dont give that look its the truth.

Tamera: Hey no one is saying anything but there have been plenty of crack pots who had ideas about a cure.

Cage: And that's not including the religious nutters.

Slade: Tell me about it, who would think bathing in the blood of a walker would do anything other than give you a bad rash.

Penelope gives the others a serious look.

Moe: We are not trying to be insulting but it all rather.... unnatural.

Penelope: I am not a prisoner Moe.

Moe: Could have fooled me.

Penelope: And this is the reason they are not broadcasting it out loud to everyone.... they don't want a panic.

She gets up, frustrayted and ready to leave. A hand stops her. She turns to face Moe.

Moe: Listen, perhaps they are doing something noble but they are playing with fire. No one knows where the plague started.

Tobias and Amy have returned with the children.

Amy: He's right, this is like nor virus the world has seen before and blood vacines are tricky at the best of times.

Penny: Mom?!

Penelope says nothing and holds onto her son tightly.

Amy: Please Pen think of your children and quit that place while you can.

Penelope: I am thinking of them.... but I suppose its easier for you to counter argue since you have no one!

Amy reals back as if struck, her memories of her families death haunting her eyes.

Nathan: That was out of line.

Moe: Penelope please we......

But Penelope has already walked off out of ear shot.

Slade: Well that went well.

Tobias: What do you want us to do now?

Moe: We keep an eye on her and each other, even if she had not said anything to the Doctors....

Adam: You don't think she would rat?

Moe: I don't know what I think but we have to be careful.

They all nod.