To Keep a Secret is the Eleventh episode of Season Four of Walking Dead the Survival.


Trying to continue a charade of normalcy the survivors must mount a rescue mission when one of their own is abducted.


We open at the Hanged Man club. Its night and a rave is in full swing. Slade is on stage has the DJ. Moe, Nathan, Karina, Evans, Cage and Tamera are sitting in a booth watching.

Cage: You know he's not half bad.

Moe: Music is the language of the soul.... never expected Slade to be so.....

Karina: Funky?

Nathan: Hey it better than listening to mortor shells and walker growls any day.

Karina chuckles and nuzzles into his shoulder and her affectionetly kisses her.

Moe: Therapy seems to be helping you.

Nathan winces slightly.

Nathan: For the most part, but lets not jinx tonight.

Cage: He's right, don't want to waste credit getting mr personality out of a cell.

They laugh again.

Tamera: Shame the others arnt here.

Karina: Well Tobias is baby sitting Penny and the others are working late shifts.

The mention of Penny and by extension Penelope reminds them of the current situation. They lapse into uneasy silence.

Cage: Great now I need another drink.

He gets up and heads for the bar.

Nathan: Is it ok for him to be here? I mean his ex?

Tamera: She aint working tonight so....

Moe: See no evil speak no evil.

They all shrug. Slade has put on Thriller. Rather than think of it as a sick joke many chuckle at first at the choice before continueing to dance. Cage returns with drinks.

Cage: Trust Slade to pick a classic.

Everyone smiles and continues to enjoy the evening.

Later on the club is closeing up. The group is splitting for the evening to go back to their homes. Cage, Nathan, Slade and Karina have headed off in one direction while Moe and Tamera head in the other.

Tamera: Man I'm beat, good thing I am not working tomorrow.

Moe: Speak for yourself.

Tamera: Late shifts?

He nods.

Tamera: Tough break.

They stop at the door of an appatment block. Tamera takes out a card to put into the fortified door to be let in.

Tamera: You wanna come in?

Moe: No its all right.

Tamera: Look if it helps I can swing by Penelope's tomorrow, I don't know make it a spa day.... se what I can pick up from her.

Moe smiles weakly.

Moe: Have the day out but don't do anything stupid.

She nods and heads in. Moe watches her disappear down the corridor.

Voice: Sir can I see some ID

Moe turns ready to answer only to met with a taser to the gut.

Moe: Whsf

He goes down and we see the attackers are a pair of soldiers.

Soldier 1: Charlie wisky we have the package.

One soldier halls Moe over his shoulder while the other looks around to make sure no one has seen them. Satisfied he helps his fellow soldier. He pauses though at the sound of something in an alleyway and a stray cat runs out.

Soldier 1: Anyone out there?

No response he shines a torch down the darkened alleyway and finds nothing.

Soldier 2: Come on, this guy aint gonna be out forever.

The soldier nods and they head off.

The street is silent for a few moment before Adam dressed in work clothes and carrying a small knapsack hesitantly comes out of the shadows.

Adam: Fuck.

Elsewhere in Tamera's apartment she is changed into her pyjamas and looks ready to call it a night only for frantic banging on the door.

Tamera: Shit, now what.

Out of habit she quickly grabs a nearby kitchen knife for defencse and slowly approaches the door.

Tamera: Who is it?

Adam (V.O): Tam, its me open the door.

She looks through the keyhole and see it is Adam and more alarmingly the guy is frantic.

Tamera: Shit,

She unlocks the door quickly and Adam nearly falls into the room.

Tamera: Adam, what is it? Walkers?

Adam: Its.... god call some of the others now.

Elsewhere we see Moe in a dingy little room with a hood over his head. He has no clue where he is and despite his growing dread he knows he must stay calm. His wits might just be the thing to save him.

Voice 1: I told you we should have waited.

Voice 2: Fuck waiting this asshole knows something.

Voice 1: You took him from a block, what if someone saw you ?!

Voice 2: It was night.

Voice 1: Night nothing, not everyone gets to bed at 10 anymore, even behind the walls.

Voice 2: That's why we had the costumes you idiot. Anyone see's us we are just a couple of soldiers rounding a crook or a drunk.

Voice 1: ..... I don't like it, all it takes is one person to get suspisious and call the authrites.

Voice 2: So we get this don't now se what this fucker knows and then well...... people do get lost in the big city.

Back outside Tamera's apartment Adam, Slade and Cage are looking around to spot where Moe was taken.

Adam: Find anything?

Slade: Not much just some tire tracks... would be a lot easier if Michael was with us, kid could fid the head of a needle in a hay stack.

Cage: Yeh but if this is what we think it is the last thing we need is all of us running into an ambush.

Slade: Well I think I can take a few of them is they come to black bag me.

Cage: Hey I dont deny all of would go down swinging but something here aint adding up.

Adam: (Voice with an edge of panic) When did you become a detective ?

Cage: Look if this was the "government" or whoever was in charge they would have grabbed us all in one go.

Slade: Well Moe's the only one they might have caught on camera....

Cage: Does not matter, point is they know who he knows from the records they complied on everyone who comes here.

Slade: And with something like this....

Cage: Well we would all be back in cells or in the ground right now.

Adam: So what your saying is....

Cage: I hate to say it but I think someone else grabbed Moe.

Slade: Which means we have got a fucking lot of ground to cover.

Elsewhere the hood is pulled from Moe's head. The light is moemtarily blinding but the details soon become apparent. He is in come kind of cellar and two tough looking guys are staring daggers at him.

Man 1: Ol punk time to start talking.