Something Good from Something Bad is the thirteenth episode of season four of the Walking Dead the Survival and also the finale of the fourth season.


The group struggles to learn the truth and recue there leader. Meanwhile one member of the group might make a costly mistake.


We open where we last left off with the group standing outside the supposedly abandoned garage waiting for a response.

Slade: Think we should have called ahead to let them know we were coming?

Karina: Now where's the fun in that?

Slade: Still we don't know how many of the aseholes are hold up in there.

Adam: Which is why we all came along.

Slade nods and we see that Michael, Tobias, Amy and Cage have snuck off to find sniper spots to give the group some advantage incase their foes try anything funny.

Tamera: Still we have to be careful, who knows what might happen if these guys get to jumpy.

Adam: Well duh, why do you think we did not call the cops.

Tamera: Well a few S.W.A.T teams might be a big help.

Nathan: Yeh, but I would trust a walker over a the authorities in this place.

Joshua: No arguments there but we cant be sure everyone is in on this.

Slade: Hey I wont lie there's a chance but its a gamble I don't fancy taking. We talk to the wrong people we end up in cells.

Adam: Or worse dead in a ditch.... no scratch that they might use us as lab rats.

Everyone looks a little green at the thought.

Slade: On that note lets get back to the matter at hand.

Adam: Yeh, so who's the lucky one who's going to be the negotiator.

Inside the garage we see David and Zane looking through a spy hole at the gathered group.

Zane: Shit, this is bad.

David: Relax these places have been retro fitted to hold off medium sized hords.

Zane: Yeh but how many walkers have you seen carrying guns of smart enough to figure out locks.

David: They wont risk anything we have one of their people.

Zane: How do you know they have not called the cops.

David: Please we all know the cops cant find there ass from their elbows and has far as they are concerned its a ransom.

Zane looks at him with irritation.

Zane: You know for the paranoid precautions you take your an ass for the here and now.

He looks out the spy hole at the group who are eyeing things up; looking for an entrance.

Zane: There's more of them than us.... and I don't care if you think they cant get in they look pissed.

David: So what do you suggest?

Zane: Talk to Annie and tell her to bring their man up here.

David: Bull...

Zane: David I'd Follow you into hell, heck you half the reason we survived some of what we did but this could turn five shades of shit at this rate.

His friend looks at him stubbornly.

David: Fine, but cuff the asshole.

Elsewhere we see Penelope walking into the surgery and up to main desk.

Penelope: Hi I am here for my appointment.

The woman just nods and she is ushered into another room that looks like a doctor's office. She looks around in confussion. There is a head doctor and Issac and another soldier.

Penelope: Doctor Sylas?... what's gone.

Doctor Sylas: Sit down please we have to talk.

Penelope looks uneasy but complies.

Back at the garage Slade is standing in the driveway with Adam and Nathan behind him.

Adam: I don't like this.

Slade: Join the club but these guys said three for three.

Adam: Perhaps it would be better to have Amy here, to check on Moe.

Slade: Yeh but has good a doctor she is she's an ace shot with a sniper rifle.

Nathan: Well we all learn things about ourselves in times of crisis.

Slade: You holding up?

Nathan: For the moment, but isn't that the reason you brought me along... incase things get ugly.

Slade smirks at his smirk.

Slade: You know I liked it better when you were more head case than smart ass.

Nathan just smirks, there is a glint in his eye that is a little to much like his Other but he does not flip.

Nathan: Time and a place, time and a place.

Adam: Yeh, right now its hostage negotiating, potentially chaotic blood shed later.

The sound of the garage door being raised catches everyone's attention.

Slade: Well now or never.

Elsewhere we back with Penelope who is looking fearfully at the Doctor and his the other two men.

Penelope: I.... but that's insane the tests proved.....

Dr Sylas: Well after the little upset in security a few weeks ago we have decided we need to go over a few our previous test cases, make sure there was nothing we missed.

Penelope winces at that and looks really uneasy.

Dr Sylas: Of course if there any problem with bring Penny and Toby in this week?

Penelope: No... no trouble at all.

Dr Sylas looks at her with a blank face but we get the feeling he is fishing for answers about the incident involving Moe.

Dr Sylas: Well, I'll just make a few calls and we will get you all checked in this afternoon, there is no time like the present after all.

Penelope nods weakly and gets up and turn to go out the door followed by two orderlies. Issac turns to the doctor.

Issac: Your not very god at bluffing.

Dr Sylas: I was telling the truth we do need some new samples, after all we will need plenty of samples to make sure this comes to a head.

Issac looks skeptical.

Issac: Well you better start delivering results soon.

He leaves the office and Sylas looks after him in annoyance. He then presses a buzzer summoning 2 scientists.

Dr Sylas: Once the children of Paitient D31 arrive have them all secured in the main lab with the other subjects for the airborn test.

The two scientists nod and leave.

Back in the garage we see Slade, Adam and Nathan with their back to the wall has Zane searches them for hidden weapons. Moe is cuffed to a seat flanked by Annie and David who are both holding guns pointed at the trio.

David: Find anything?

Zane: Not yet.

David: Well be thorough I don't want any surprises from these assholes.

Slade: What afraid one of us is gona give you a love bite.

He gets roughly shoved into the wall by Zane.

Zane: Shut it.

Slade: What's the matter, cant take a joke.

He gets shoved again.

Zane: Well mr comedian tell me another if your feeling cocky.

Nathan: Trust me you wont like the punch line from one of his jokes.

Zane is about to backhand the pair of them but Moe speaks up.

Moe: That's enough both of you.

Everyone stares at the beaten man.

Moe: Things will move along a lot faster is we listen to what these people have to say.

Slade: They drug you or something Moe?

Nathan: Slade's right, kidnaping is not the invite to a polite conversation.

Moe: Guys's its time we faced facts there is to much weird shit going on this place.

Indicates the three

Moe: We know it, they know it and who knows how many others know.

We switch to Penelope strabbed down on a table and sobbing has scientists approach.

Moe: We need answers