60 Days in the Dark is the first episode of Season 4 of the Walking Dead the Survival.


Finding themselves in a new and alien environment the group struggles to reunite and find their missing comrades.


We open in a dark cell; only the automatic hum of a power generator can be heard. The only light is from a digital clock that tells us its 8:57am. By the light we can make out the silotte of a man in the middle of the cell. The clock strikes 9 and blinding light floods the room and cheep waiting room music starts up.

Moe: (muttering) Cant you people find something better to play?

We almost don't recognize Moe; he is dressed in sterile white hospital scrubs and a lot cleaner than he has been in a long time. From his exposed arm we can se someone has taken blood from him about 5 times; the bruises on his arms show he did not give it willingly. A clicking sound draws his attention.

Moe: Must be Friday.

The door opens and 4 people enter. Two armed soldiers and 2 people in lab coats. One lab coat has a syringe to draw blood while the other has a bag slung over their shoulder; obviously full of other samples.

Soldier 1: Go to the wall and face away from the door.

Moe notices one of the soldiers has a fresh black eye.

Moe: Who did you piss off this time? Nathan or Cage?

Soldier 2: Face the wall now!

He cocks his gun for a show of force.

Moe: Fine....

He walks to the wall and does not bother to look has the scientist; a middle aged woman approaches.

Moe: Good morning Doctor Anderson.

The woman remains silent and we quickly realize these people don't want to talk to their prisoners. She takes the sample she needs with no resistance on Moe's part. Moe rings his arm in slight pain but says nothing to his captor. Instead he looks up at the camera that has been watching his every move since he has been in this place.

Moe: This is getting real old now.

He gets no response and we pull back to see he is on a multi monitor. All the other survivors are shown either alone or paired up in separate quarantine cells. There is a countdown clock we see we are on the 60th day or 70.

Automated voice: All patients be prepared for excersise time. 1 hour will be allotted.

There is a metallic groaning and all the cell doors slowly open. Moe sighs and heads out into a crowd of several other people. He spots Cage easily and makes his way over to the large man. Cage: Good to see a familiar face.

He pulls the other man into a friendly hug.

Moe: Good to see you to, Have you seen any of the others?

Cage: Everyone except James and Karina.

Moe: You don't think their?

Man 1: Hey move it.

The two are forced to walk has they are holding up the line. The enter a large room that was once a gym, now its an excersise yard for the "paitients". The middle has been carved out as a seating area while the rest has people wandering around in a circle. All around guards with guns watch.

Cage: Looks like Slade and Nathan are back from lock up.

Moe casts him a look. There is something more going on here than we know.

The two make their way over to the two men and we see some of the others working on making sure the guards are distracted. Amy is checking the two for wounds like a concerned friend; yet secretly acting as a doctor. They have learnt since the incident with Castor. Moe: Mind if we join you?

Slade: Pull up a chair.

The two sit, Moe looks at the bruises on both men and healing split lip on Slade.

Cage: I think you to went a bit over board on that little spat last week.

Nathan chuckles while Slade grins.

Slade: What can I say the "three" of us needed to vent.

Nathan: If I am being honest I think he was holding back, which for him is a really big thing.

Cage: Ok what did you find out. The group becomes serious and look around to make sure they are not being watched. They are safe for now since the guards have been distracted by watching Adam and Michael mock sparing. Its drawing a bit of a crowd; people are greatful for the entertainment. Tamera and Tobias watch the guards to make sure their distracted.

Slade: Well Amy was right, we are inside the walls, we managed to get a peak through the blindfolds they made us wear when they put us is lock up.

Nathan: Yeh if it wasn't for the walls and the sentinels you think it was the old world out their.

Amy: Well we got lucky I didn't get a full does of whatever it was they darted us with, has for Karina and James its a safe bet their in the medwing.

Nathan: Your right.

He points to a man with his arm in a sling.

Nathan: That guy got into a fight with some of the guards fourth day we were here. They ruffed him up badly and then he was gone but now he is back.

Moe: Well it proves they don't want us dead for the moment. Heck if they wanted they could have shot the man or let him wander around with a broken arm.

Cage: Well it still dosent really explain the welcome wagon and what we've been through.

They lapse into an uneasy silence.

Amy: Everything seems like quarantine procedure but what I don't understand is why wont they tell us.

Nathan: Isnt it obvious its quarantine?

Moe: Yes but the guards, one or two I could understand to deal with those who get a bit jumpy but this many and the blood tests?

Tobias( Aproaching with Michael): You forgot about the cameras and the spies.

We see Tamera has taken over for Michael in the mock fight.

Cage: What are you talking about old man?

Michael has gone to sit a little way from them and perches on a bench. He makes like he is rolling his neck but his hands point in various direction to several people in paitient uniforms who seem way to calm.

Slade (whispering): Son a bitch.

Tobias: Has I said Michael's full of surprises.

Moe: Indeed, I spoke to that one in the left corner last week, said he came from Brooklyn, that he was looking for his cousins that came out here a year ago.

Nathan: Anything else?

Moe: Not much else he seemed more interested in what I had to say.

Other Nathan: And what did you tell him?

Moe looks startled to see Other Nathan, but we realize in this situation and without Karina to keep him grounded its no surprise he turned with out raising a peep. Other Nathan mock yawns and stretches a bit.

Moe: Nothing of importance, a stranger asking to many personal questions, even in this place, I am many things but not a fool.

Other Nathan: Well perhaps I can talk to him then.

He is about to get up but Cage grabs him by the shoulder and yanks him back down. Cage: You want to go back to lock up?

Nathan (Looks around a bit dazed): Sorry, he's been getting sneaky lately.... withought Karina.... its harder for me to keep an eye on him so to speak.

Slade: Its ok, we've got your back, last thing we need is one of us going postal on these guys.

Amy: Yeh, they haven't killed anyone yet but I don't think we should push our luck if one of the guards is hurt or worse.

They nod amoung themselves. Before they can continue there is a loud sound from a claxon horn.

Slade: Hang on the hour's not up?

Guards march in followed by an official looking person with a folder under one arm and a list on a clipboard.

Official: When I call your numbers you will follow these men.

Man 1: The hell for?

Official: Those who have passed the 60 mark will be moved on for final assessment before intergration into the main camp.

The guy begins reading off numbers that correspond to numbers on the paitient braclets everyone has. Michael keeps a note of the numbers and taps various members of the group when they are called. The group has slipped back together. Tobias: I think we just found our answers on the spies.

Tamera: What are you talking about.?

Slade: Well obviously they want to make sure we are not carrying anything but I think they want to check out our heads, make sure we are not a danger to the community.

Moe(Looks at Nathan and Michael): We will try and stick together when it comes to you to, we don't want them thinking the wrong thing.

They nod.

Slade: Well it looks like all our numbers have been called, lets se if we can get some answers and find P and the kids.

The nod and head off with a group of others to their next destination.