Assesments is the second episode of the fourth season of Walking Dead the Survival.


The Survivors face an unusual experience in the new world as strangers struggle to determine their right to belong in their community.


We open in a monitoring room, reminisant of a TV studio. On a single active monitor we can see all the group back together minus Penelope and the Children. The door to the studio opens and two people enter.

Man: Ok this is the last batch of the day.

Woman: Oh its the pack they caught around the west sector.

Man: Yep, not the biggest group but they sure are a ballsy bunch.

Woman: Yeh I heard the big guy had to be taken down by six people when they were giving them their first evaluation.

Man: Well Henderson said they need more muscle around here Jane.

Jane: Henderson, an ass and you know it Jackson, the guy's a soldier with nothing to do but coral drunks.

They both chuckle.

Jackson: Well lets get this over and done with then.

The man pulls a set of dvd's from her knapsack and places them in front of the pair.

Jane Man I'm glad this is the last lot of the day, we have had to many crazies this week to last me a life time.

Jackson picks up the first DVD and pops it in. There is some static and then we see Moe's face appear on the screen. We do not se who is interviewing him.

Interviewer: State your full name for the camera:

Moe: Muhammed Saied Abdullah Alkwar

We intercut with the others giving there own name. Tobias and Michael are being interviewed together, has are Nathan and Karina.

Slade: Slade Johnson

Nathan: Nathan Holt

Karina: Karina Djovovich

Tank: Thomas Elkiroone

Tobias: Tobias Redclif, and my young friend is Michael Everat.

Jackson pauses the video there.

Jackson: Your kidding me right? A mute?.

Jane: Selective Mute, apparently he talks to the old man and from my understanding he's a sharp one, stole a guard's keys on the first night in the cells.

Jackson: And he didn't try and run?

Jane: Nope apparently did it just to show he could.

Jackson just chuckles and takes down some notes in a book on the desk. Jane plays the video again.

Cage: Cage Jackson

Tamera: Tamera Jason

Amy: Amy Sylas

Joshua: Joshua Dems

James: James Dodson

Adam: Adam Park

With the introductions done we cut back to Moe who is looking at his unseen interviewer with a guarded expression.

Interviewer: Why did you come here?

Moe (chuckles): Can I ask you something first?

Interviewer: If you must.

Moe: A question for a question.

Interviewer: I'm sorry, I don't follow?

Moe: A question for a question, there is little of value in this world today and what does exist is worth its weight in gold. Information is one of them.

Interviewer remains silent and we switch to the other survivors and realize they have asked similar if not the exact same questions. Each wears a blank expression though some have a smug look in their eye; having rattled the interviewer.

We cut back to the watchers; silently impressed by the group's little plan. The video is still playing since the interviewer is talking to someone on an earpiece.

Jane: Cant say its the first time new arrivals have pulled a stunt like this.

Jackson: No but its a first for a group this big; even the two in the medwing were in on it.

Jane: Bit of a double edged sword that.

Jackson: I know, remember the two from Castor tried to infiltrate us with.

Jane: Remember it, they were cleaning walkers of the walls for three weeks after.

Jackson: Well Castor's not a problem anymore.

We turn back to the video.

Interviewer: Its out of the question.

Moe: Well, if that's the case things are going to get a little interesting.

Interviewer: Is that a threat?

Moe: Just a statement, after all when you cant see all the pieces......

We intercut to some of the other survivors.

Tobias: Then you cant see the whole picture.

Amy: Withought all the facts you could end up hurting someone, your self included.

Nathan: Mistakes like that can lead to loss of life.

Jane: That man's got a dangerous look in his eye.

Jackson: Oh you haven't seen anything yet.

He winds the tape forward some and we hear the door open.

Guard v.o: We need to take the woman back for treatment.

Interviewer: We are not finished.

Guard: Hey, you got a problem with it take it up with the docs.

Karina: I can wait.

Guard: Not up for debate miss.

He comes on screen to take her away only for Nathan to get between them. His face is calm but slightly edgy. Having not seen Karina for so long he is protective of her.

Nathan: She said she dosent want to leave yet.

Guard: Well its not up to her or you, so sit your ass back down.

He pushes Nathan to one side only for the other man to push right back and pin the man to the wall, elbow to the throat.

Other Nathan: And I tell you again the lady wants to stay put.

Karina: Nathan stop it!

He turns slightly and reguards her before sighing deeply has Nathan takes over again. Nathan: (to the guard) You just got really lucky.

He returns to sit has Karina rises and hobbles to follow the guard. The tape pauses again.

Jane: What the hell was that?

Jackson: Mood swings from the looks of it, we'll put that one on psyche watch to be safe.

Jane: Cant say that I blame him, this world messed a lot of people up.

Jackson: I'll put in a word to keep those two together in a block; if she keeps him docile then there is more reason to keep them together.

Jane: Same with the old man and the young lad.

They nod and continue the DVD.

Interviewer: Profession?

Slade: What its it to you?

Interviewer dosent respond and he sighs.

Slade: Music, used to be in a band, give me a bass and ill sing you a melody.

There is no reaction from the interviewer. Slade: Wow, does the stick up you ass have one up its ass?

From now on the two watchers will cut in here and there. Jane: He could be a problem.

Jackson: Nah guys like that like to hear them self talk, all bark and no bite.

Jane: Well it would be nice to hear a little more music around here.

The tape continues.

Tobias: Librarian, he's a fisherman.

We get a montage of the others giving there jobs but focus in on Amy.

Interviewer: Its not a hard question what did you do?

Amy: I, I don't want to talk about it.

Interviewer: If its something "embaricing" you don't have to worry these wont be public.

Amy: (Offended) its nothing like that, I just.... don't fancy getting shot at for doing my job again.

Video is paused again.

Jane: She a soldier like mister personality?

Jackson: A doctor, from what the insiders picked up on.

Jane: Why keep it secret, professions like that are really important these days.?

Jackson: To the right people its a blessing or a curse, and intel says these people escaped Castor.

Jane: Shit, I'm surprised she's even in one piece.

Jackson: Well the raid must have been a blessing in disguise.

Jane: That asshole had to be taken out, an army of nutters running around the countryside. Give me the walkers anyday.

Jackson: Yep, ok I think I have about all we need.

Jane: Yeh, but we just need one more thing, the reason they turned up here.

Jackson: Yeh, that's kind of our fault.

Jane: How do you mean?

Jackson: Just watch.

The tape plays again.

Moe: Our people, your men took them.

Interviewer: What makes you think that.

Moe: One of my people spoke to your people at the zoo, he warned us of the strike.

Interviewer: And what makes you believe we were involved ? The man Castor hand enemies.

Moe: I have 2 friends who had the forsite to look at some maps before getting away from your soldiers.

There is an awkward silence.

Jane: ..... These guys are either super lucky or just really good.

Jackson: Yeh, and they came all this way to get there friends back.

Jane: So what are we going to do now.

Jackson: Call Henderson.

Jane: What are you serious? The Doctor and the Librarian at least could be useful.

Jackson: No I want him to find the woman and those two kids.

Jane: So we are letting them stay?

Jackson: Yes but keep them under watch.