Rainy Days is the fourth episode of season four of Walking Dead the Survival.


A storm brings out the worst in a people and a dangerous threat rides in on the storm.


We open on a light shower in the city and we see people going through the last of their preperations for a big storm.

Automated voice: For safty purposes we remind all residents to remain indoors for the next eight hours until the storm has past....

The voice continues its message and we see the survivors inside a large shelter with various others. Tobias is perched near a window watching the rainfall and the few remaining workers securing the city for the storm.

Moe: Remanisng?

Tobias: Not really, but it is nice to look out the window and not see ghouls roaming the street.

They smirk at each other and Moe watches the rest of the group mulling around the storm shelter. Despite everyone being in the same boat the group is keeping together and some people have taken notice though no one has approached them over it.

Slade: This is a little cosy, like camping.

Moe: Yeh, still if it came down to it I would prefer the woods over being in a place like this.

Slade: I don't know, running water, microwave dinners.....

Moe: I get it the wonders of the modern world its just....

Slade: Dude I get it we all do but you said it your self if we don't start to try and trust we are better off dead.

Moe nods at his own advice and the two are about to return to sit on there cots with the others when the sound of a loud speaker catches everyone's attention.

Woman: Can I have your attention please?

We see an official looking woman flanked by two soldiers with a megaphone. Everyone quites down to let the woman speak.

Woman: Ok the good news is the storm should be over by morning, the bad news is we will be shutting the power down.

A sound of irraation and complaint rises from the crowd but the woman shushes them.

Woman: I know its not convenient but the last time a storm like this happened the generators were down for a month. That was before we had skilled electritians with us.

A few older residents nod in somber silence.

Woman: We lost a lot of good people in that month, we don't want to lose anymore so for safety purposes will be shutting down power until tomorrow morning.

She indicated a stack of boxes the soldiers have wheeled into the room.

Woman: Here you will find parafane lamps, cookers and heaters for the night.

She and her entourage turn to leave while people get to work sorting out for the night.

Elsewhere on the outskirts of the city we see what looks like an old radio station which has been changed into an observatory/ listening post.

Worker 1: Everything's quite of the North front, you got south?

Worker 2: Yeh South's quite, same with east and.....

Worker 1: What is it? Come on Mac we need to get locked down or Brass will be all over our asses.

Mac: Turn the monitor to West now because trust me Bill we have a serious issue.

Bill who is another part of the building with another bunch of cameras grumbles but complies and presses a few buttons changing the view. We se the camera on the wall turn slightly in its weather proof turret. We don't see what it see's yet but there is a familiar noise in the background. A low rumble like a swarm of angry bees but larger and hungrier.

Bill: You got to be shitting me!

From his monitor we now se a hoard of zombies; a number impossible to say but definatly big.

Bill: How the fuck did we miss these assholes?

A crack of lightning is the answer.

Mac: The fucking storm is what it is; we were all busy preparing for it.

Bill: But the spotters said the only hoard they saw this morning was heading in the opposite direction.

Mac:( Angry and on a phone): Well apparently things have changed.... Yes hello get me through to the main command....

We switch back to the shelter where the group is bedding down for the night. Most people are also just lieing around to, there is little to do till the storm is over. Slade goes to talk with Tobias and Cage.

Slade: How's things?

Tobias: Has well as can be in out current predicament.

Slade looks to Cage who remains silent.

Slade: Still nothing from Emma huh ?

Cage: Id rather not talk about it.

He gets up from the cot an walks over to the opposite side of the room to get some food that's been prepared.

Adam: Guy needs time.

Slade: Yeh and suddenly we've got tones of it.

Adam: Dude I know you mean well but what he's going through, its great that your helping him but there are things a guy has to figure out on his own.

Tobias: Adam's right; when he's ready and when Emma has calmed down they can try again.

Slade: Great and I thought we had enough stormy weather to deal with.

He chuckles weakly at his own joke.

Moe is seated below his bunk eyes closed trying to prey.

Man: Will you shut up people are trying to sleep!

Moe looks over to find an irate looking man a few bunks down giving him the stink eye.

Moe: Appolagies I wont be to long.

Man: No people want to sleep now and they cant with you fancy gibberish.

Moe bristles but ignores the man. Other people have turned slightly to watch whats going on; like school children watching a playground fight. Moe choses to ignore the man and goes back to preying but keeps his voice so low its barely a whisper. The people return to their own business but the man gets up, angry and heads straight for Moe.

Man: I told you to knock that crap off.

Before he can land a punch on him Tamera and Karina get in the way blocking him

Karina: Hey easy

Tamera: Chill out mate its not like he's delibretly cussing you off.

Man: What's a matter? Not brave enough to settle an argument yourself you little shit?

Moe gets up and indicated the two to let him go and they back off warily. Moe faces the man and notes his gate and wrinkles his nose slightly in disgust.

Moe: Your drunk, I suggest you go back to your bunk and lie down before both of us regret what comes next.

The guy looks like he is going to agree but then takes a swing at Moe, its clumsy and Moe easily grabs him and pins him down in a sleeper hold. Henderson: Hey whats going on here?!

Henderson the head of security and several guards approach. He looks between the group and orders the soldiers with a nod and they separate the pair and restrain them. Karina: Hey!

Henderson: This is a disturbance and we are in no position to sort things out at the moment, I think we will put you both in the brig until the storm passes and sort this out later.

Karina: Bullshit, that asehole started it, Moe was defending himself.

She gets between Henderson and the soldiers holding Moe.

Henderson: You want to spend the night in the big to?

She dosent say anything but makes it clear these guys will have to go through her. Things are tense,

Slade: Come on Karina, take it easy.

Eyes turn to Slade who has aproached followed by Nathan and Cage who are talking amoung themselves but turned to look at the commotion. Nathan seems to go cold at the sight before him but its difficult to say why. Cage however notices the signs and acts fast.

Cage: Hey Karina.

Karina looks over and see's the conflict stiring over Nathan has he leans over a bunk to support himself, face hidden by Cage's frame.

Henderson: Spirtfire if you go help your friend there now I might forget the attitude.

Karina bites her lip but knows where she is needed. And walks over to Nathan.

Karina: Hey its ok.

Nathan: I.... Karina get me out of this room now.

Karina: Nathan... I

Nathan: (strained and pleading) Please.....

She nods weakly and help him away but shoots the drunk and Henderson a dagger glare. Henderson: Now that that's out of the way you two need to come with us.

The guards approach Moe and the drunk man. The rest of the group are town over what to do but Moe shoots everyone a sideways glance. He does not want them to do anything.

Moe: There will be no need....

Before Moe can continue a loud claxon alarm rings out.

Cage: What the hell is that.

The senior members of the community react in horror.

Henderson: Walkers inside the walls.