A Star in the North is the sixth episode of season four of Walking Dead the Survival.


Trying to rebuild a semblance of a normal life the survivors find the demons of the past are difficult to let go of.


We open on a hazy morning in the city and get a montage of the surivors waking up and going around a morning routine. Unlike the others Moe is in what looks like an army barracks.

Voice: All right ladies, rise and shine.

Henderson comes in with some guards to hurry the men along and we realize the place is a makeshift prison. Nothing for serious offenders, just those working community service.

Henderson: Look alive people, that storm brought a lot of shit with it that needs fixing and you were all kind enough to volunteer.

Man: Blow me.

Without missing a beat Henderson grabs into the crowd and yanks out the man in question a skinny little beanpole of a man.

Henderson: What did you say?

The small man has wisely clammed up.

Henderson: That's what I thought, now if you pus bags behave some of you will be out and back home under your own roves before the night is out.

He drops the man like a sack of potatoes and turns on his heels to leave though passes a sharp glance at Moe before leaving.

Henderson: Hell knows we are not running a Five star Hotel here.

Moe shakes his head quietly.

Moe: Its only a day.

We switch to Amy dressed in a medical scrubs in the middle or working on a dirty floor in a seemingly abandoned hall.

Voice: Sylas

Amy jumps like a shot and turns to face the head doctor, Malcom Carnew, a 50 something man with a stern looking face. He is giving the woman a sharp glance.

Malcom: What are you doing here Sylas?

Amy: I.... got lost.

He checks some papers.

Malcom: Paper work says your a porter and they assigned you to d wing.

Amy: Yes.

Malcom: Well while I appreciate ingenuity this is B wing wont be open for another six months.

Amy can only flush with embaracement. She does not say anything else and instead follows the doctor like a scolded child to the proper wing.

We switch scenes again to see Karina working with a group of women on clearing fallen debree and fixing up a building that was damaged in the storm. Tamera is perched on top of a collapsed tree working on taking it apart with a chainsaw.

Karina (shouting to be heard): Having fun.

Tamera (stopping the tool): I guess, sure wish I had one of these babies when dealing with a bunch of walkers.

Karina: Bit of a double edged sword, sound would have drawn in more walkers.

Tamera: Still it would have been a kick ass fight.

She laughs and gets back to work and Karina is about to do the same when she pauses to look at the people working. It is eerly familiar to a chain gang for a prison. She shudders slightly at the bad memories and gets back to work pulling debrie over to the nearby skip. A voice suddenly draws attention.

Woman: Shit we got a chomper here people.

Some react in panic while others cautiously approach including Tamera and Karina. Pinned beneath some storm debree is a water logged walker. Its in an advance state of decay and impossible to tell if it was a man or a woman anymore.

Tamera: Looks like the soldiers missed one.

Karina: Yeh, (she steps forward picking up a nearby steel bar) Did it bite anyone?

The assembled women who look amoung themselves; shocked they forgot the obvious and begin checking each other. Everyone is in the clear though and we get relieved sighs all around.

Karina: Well now that's out of the way.

She approaches the walker intending to take it out. Only for someone to grab her. She turns to face her forman.

Karina: What the hell that think is not going to stay pinned forever.

Forman: Its being taken care of.

Karina: What?

The woman indicates an approaching van where several people hop out with weapons, gear and protective clothing.

Tamera: You got to be shitting me, since when did killing walkers turn into a freaking public service.

Forman (ignoring the comment): Ok people you know the drill we come back in half an hour and get back to work. The mess should be cleaned up... get moving you newbies, these guys know what they are doing.

The workers leave and Tamera follows but Karina hangs back a moment to try and se through the barrier the "pest control" team has set up. She cant see much but what briefly looks like a catch pole used for stray dogs comes into view.

Karina: What....

Tamera: Hey Karina come on.

She turns distracted but when she looks back she can see nothing else and shakes her head trying to dismiss the thought.

Karina: Coming.

She catches up with Tamera who is walking up the street to a nearby sandwich shop to get something to eat.

Tamera: Fancy a bit to eat ?

Karina: Yeh, I wonder how everyone else is managing?

Tamera: Well from what I understand they put Nathan to work in the record office with Tobias so there is little chance of mr personality popping up and Adam is pretty popular with his tech skills.

Karina: A storm will do that for you.

They both chuckle.

Karina: Still....

Tamera: Relax Tobias can handle Nathan despite his age, what with Cage backing him up.

Karina: Its not him I am worried about, well.... not only him.

Tamera: You thinking about Amy?

Karina: Yeh....

Tamera: Look when she is ready she will tell them the whole story.

Karina: I get it, but its not like these people are Castor's goons and the armmed forces here don't seems ready to turn around and start shooting the place up.

Tamera: Still I was with her this morning; poor thing looked like she was about to run in the opposite direction the moment the door opened.

Karina: I know but this is something she needs to face or it will eat her up inside.... just like I need to do this work.

Tamera: What?

Karina: Hey I am not sugar coating it but all this work group is missing is some nice ankle jewllery is you get my meaning.

Tamera: Karina this is not a chain gang... we get paid for one and I think your slate was wiped clean some time ago.

Karina does not say anything but keeps walking; wanting to get away from her ghosts as much as the conversation. Tamera sighs and follows after her.

We switch to a busy Medwing

Woman: Please help, we need a doctor over here now.

A hysterical looking woman runs in with a small boy of about eight. He is red faced and weezing badly.

Woman: Please he needs help.

A nurse runs forward followed by Doctor Carnew. Unnoticed Amy lingers watching trying to be as invisible as possible but watching the child with interest.

Malcom: I'm a doctor.

Woman: Please he needs help, its his allergies.

Malcom: Don't worry we will get him sorted, what's he allergic to.

Woman: I... I he's my foster son they told me he had allergies.... oh god please....

The woman is really hysterical now and beyond words. Malcom look over to the nurse.

Malcom: Get the boy's trachea open, we need to clear his airways now.

Nurse: Yes doctor.

She heads of to get they needed equipment while Amy stands there looking at the boy; a pained look on her face. In the background we hear the sounds of screams and gunfire; the fall of her hometown hospital replaying in her mind.

Boy: P..glse

The boy's strangled words pull her out of the memory and she edges closer to him.

Boy: P...P...p

He reaches out weakly to her, and Amy takes not of something covering his hands and quickly runs to a nearby cabinet holding medicenes. She begins rummaging through them.

Amy: Come on, please be here....

Nurse: What are you doing?

Amy whips round with a syringe in hand to face the nurse.

Nurse: I said what are you doing?

Amy: Saving the boy.

Nurse: Your just a porter, you don't know what your doing.

Amy looks between the woman and the boy who's breathing has gone from strained to shallow. Amy makes a choice and runs over to the boy needle in hand.

Nurse: Stop... ill call security.

Amy: Well fire me after I saved the kid.

Withought missing a beat she jabs the needle into the boy, having found a vein. Malcom and the foster mum have just come back.

Foster mum: What... what is she doing.... get her away from Daniel.

Nurse: she just went at him I....

Before they can say anything else Daniel takes in staggering breath and sits up coughing roughly like he had just come up from a drowning attempt. Amy ignores the crowd and rubs the boy's back to help ease his breathing.

Amy: All better now.

Daniel: k

Amy: Had the peanut butter brittle didn't you?

The boy nods sheepishly. Amy look at the doctor.

Amy Peanut allergy, had some chocolate residue on his fingers.

The mother has gone to hug the boy while Amy returns to the medicine cabinet and takes out a few more syringes.

Nurse: Hold up....

Malcom silences her with shake of the hand and look at Amy.

Malcom: I think you and I need to have a chat.

Later that evening we get a montage of everyone returning home. Moe enters he apartment. He turns on the lights to see the whole group there to great him. A banner saying welcome home on it. He smiles weakly glad that despite it all he still has the group and perhaps together they will beat their demons.