The Arrogance of Man is the ninth episode of season four of the Walking Dead the Survival.


After a disturbing discovery beneath the city streets Moe must decide if a few in the city are really doing the right thing or tempting fate for the worse.


We open where we last left off with Moe staring at the caged walkers that snarl hungrily at him.

Man: Come on the labs want one more for the trials tonight.

Moe freezes and quickly gets to work cleaning up the spilt supplies has a trio of men in riot gear with catchpoles appear.

Man 1: Hey mop jocky.

Moe tilts his head to indicate he heard them.

Man 1: You might want to get out of the way we're pulling one of those maggot bags out.

Moe nods without making eye contact and moves back as the men approach the cell closest to him. One unlocks the door while the other two stand ready. It swings open and the walker lumbers out to attack only for one of the other men to tackle it to the floor quickly as if it were a live prisoner binding its hand with cuffs. The third man quickly noses it with the catchpole.

Man 2: Feisty this one.

Man 3: Well we will see how long that lasts.

They chuckle and head off leaving Moe to his work. He keeps working for a few moments until he is certain they are gone. Taking a second or two to catch his breath before pulling the cart to the door with him to keep up the ruse.

Moe: At times like this I could really use a sign.

He looks at the wall and has to resist grinning at the sight. Despite the macabre occupants of the room behind him the rest of this place seems more like a hospital/ underground lab and a sign reading ward a-e can be seen.

Moe: Its a start.

He heads off deeper into the bowls of the building.

We switch to Amy, Adam, Moe and Cage watching the clinic from across the street with anxious worry.

Amy: Its been half an hour.

Cage: Well even if he takes longer than that we give him a couple of extra minutes.

Adam: Are you sure the power wont come back on before then?

Cage: (smirking): Trust me we have about an hour before they get the lights back on... thought it would be good to get a decent window in if things turn dicy.

Adam: Well lets hope it does not come to that.

Amy nods and switch back to Moe who is now walking through a closed ward keeping his head down; just a cleaner doing his job. Its also so the cameras which are still active thanks to the back up generators wont see his face.

Moe: Come on, come on.

He passes each room and casts a careful glance into each room. There are people inside but the jarring thing is how relaxed and calm they are. After what Moe has seen in the pevious room he would figure these people are prisoners.

Moe: This.... is not right.

Finally he stalls at a room.

Moe: Penelope.

We see her sitting in a room reading a magazine all relaxed and calm. She looks up at the sound of the tapping.

Penelope: Moe?

She gets up and goes to the door.

Moe: Penelope, thank god I am here to get you out.

Penelope shakes her head to indicate she can not hear him. Moe indicates he is going to try and force the door open. Penelope's eyes widen in alarm.

Penelope: Stop don't.

She runs back to the desk and scoopes up a pen and paper and begins franticly writing. Moe tilts his head in confusion as she slams the paper on the glass and quickly reads it.

Moe: I....

Penleope: Please just go.

Moe bites his lip but knows he does not have much time and reluctantly pulls away from the door with a grim but determined look on his face.

Moe: I will return.

Outside the others se Moe emerge but their faces drop when they see he is alone. Just as he hits the tree line the lights of the building come back on.

Adam: Moe... what where is Penelope

Cage: Was she not there

Amy: Or, could you not get her out?

Moe raises his hand for silence. They quickly silence at the grim look on his face.

Moe: Get everyone to meet at the park now.

Amy: Moe what?

Moe: Amy, take Penny back to your place then meet us there, and make sure you

He stalks off and the others look at each other in bewilderment before rushing after him. Later in the park, in the tree's away from public view the group are meeting minus Penny and Amy. Cage, Michael and Adam keep watch.

Slade: Are you fucking serious Moe?!

Moe: I couldn't have a detailed conversation but yes that is the gist of it.

Slade: Yes, but fucking hell a nest of walkers under the city?

Tobias: Well a way to end the plague would need "test subjects".

Nathan: Yes but.... shit I don't care if those things are bolted to the floor its asking for trouble and what they are going with the people.....

Tamera: She said they were just doing blood tests.

Karina: That she knows of, it screams wrong.

Slade: Still she did say they would let her out tomorrow.

Karina: And then what?! I don't think I can sleep knowing this.

Moe: We wait until tomorrow, look none of us like this but for now keep it under your hats. Somehow I don't think a slap on the wrist would be the end result if it became known we know.

Everyone nods and departs home.