The Sun Rises in the West is the third episode of season four of Walking Dead the Survival.


Settling into there new homes the group has reunions, but also discover there might be more beneath the surface of this ideal community than meets the eye.


We open on a busy street corner within in the walled city. The sun is shining and if it wasn't for the occasional soldier and the broadcasts on the overhead screens to be aware of walkers you would think this is the old world of the past.

Penny: When are they going to get here mom?

We see Penny and her mom sitting at a table on a corner café.

Penelope: Soon sweaty, its only just gone 12.

The girl nods and takes another sip of her hot chocolate.

Penelope: Se there's Moe and Adam now.

She points down the street to the two men approaching. Before she can stop her daughter, Penny has bolted from the seat to the two men.

Penny: Moe, Adam!

She embraces Adam in a big hug and the older man pretends to be knocked down by the force of it.

Adam: Hey there Penny, when did you get so tough.

Penny giggles, and lets the man get up and the two join the others at the table.

Penelope: Your looking well.

Moe: You to, we were concerned about you.

Penelope: I'm fine.

Adam: And the baby?

Penny: Tommy's at the sitter Mrs Dabney, she has lots of toys.

Penelope is greatful for the distraction but Moe notices the discomfort in her eyes. Moe: You are ok?

Penelope: I'm fine, so where are the others?

Adam: Getting settled in the "blocks", I swear this place is like something out of a bad sci fi film.

Moe: And the escorts don't really help.

He indicates over to two men sitting opposite them across the road. Adam even turns to wave at them. Penelope cant help but laugh a bit at this.

Penelope: I hope the others are having this much fun.

We switch to a nightclub called the Hanged Man. Cage is standing outside accompanied by Slade and Tobias. The big guy has a crumpled piece of paper in his hands and is looking at it like might bite. We get the feeling the three have been there for some time.

Cage: I'm not sure I can do this guys.

Slade: Dude common, if there's a chance it her you should check it out.

Tobias: I agree, if there is a chance your wife....

Cage: Ex wife.

Tobias: Ex wife is alive and in the city you should at least look into, I am sure there are things you need to discuss, your daugh...

Cage shoots him a don't go there look but sighs in defeat.

Cage: Ok, if anything Emma deserves to know what happened to Jean, death is far better than wandering around as one of those things.

The three nod and enter the club.

Man: Watch you heads.

We se the club is the middle of some renovation work.

Tobias: Well this is a bit.... garish.

Slade: Speak for yourself, clubs like this were all the rage before the world went to shit, its refreshing to see someone managed to salvage one.

Tobias: (dry chuckle): Thinking of resurrecting your music career?

Slade: Hey a man has to eat and this place is no charity.

Woman: Well if you want to work auditions are on Monday.

Cage freezes at the sound of the voice and turns very slowly to face a young woman with light brown hair and brown eyes who also freezes at the sight of him. This is Emma Crawford; Cage's ex wife.

Emma: Son of a bitch.

We switch to another part of the city with Karina waiting nervously with Amy and Tamera outside a therapists office.

Amy: Hey I'm sure they will be fine, they even have someone to help communicate with Michael since Tobias with Cage and couldn't get of the archival duties the city set him up with.

Karina: Michael's not the one I'm worried about.

Tamera: Well what's the alternative, lie and wait for mr personality to go postal on someone who cut him off or makes a pass at you?

Karina: Stow it Tamera, I saw some of the stuff they gave the crazies at the prison.... they were little better than walkers.

Amy: Karina, there are lots of alternate therapies for people in Nathan's situation and besides with some of his skills the last they thing would want is them dulled by drugs.

Karina: I guess....

The door opens and Michael emerges first followed by Nathan and a pair of doctors. Michael has a funny looking device strapped to his wrist. It looks like a mini computer with a keyboard.

Tamera: What the heck is that?

Robotic voice: My new voice box.

The girls jump in surprise but Nathan and the doctors give a small chuckle. Amy gets what it is. Amy: Hand held speaker, I hears about those, used to be big military tech till they decided to give it over to medical corperations.

Doctor 1: Yes we were lucky to salvage a few supplies from a warehouse last summer, it will suit your friend's needs until he's ready to talk again.

Amy: So there is nothing wrong with him physically?

Doctor 1: Not at all, aside from a slight scaring from smoke inhalation he's right as rain, your elderly friend was on the mark about him being a selective mute.

Michael just beams with a "I could have told you that look" Tamera: So you give him that metal toy in the meantime, wont that make him less likely to talk?

Doctor 1: Not all, its just a handy device for him for work and when he is not around your friend. We will still expect to see him for appointments every other Wednesday.

Michael v.o: Works for me.

He turns to leave followed by Tamera.

Tamera: Wait till Tobias see's he been replaced by a keypad.

The other friends laugh but Karina gets serious and turns to other doctor.

Karina: What about Nathan? The three exchange a glance and we switch back to the Hanged Man. Tobias and Slade are waiting in the main seeing area while Cage talk with Emma in her office. Cage has finished explaining what happened to Jean. Emma is silent and facing away from him. Cage: And that's how it happened.


Cage: Emma.... I know you probably cant forgive me, hell I'm not sure I can forgive myself but Jean did not deserve to be one of those things.

Emma: You.... you..... She breaks down in tears and Cage goes to comfort her and she dosent fight back. She might have held to some small hope in the past that her daughter was out there alive but hearing from a reliable source that she is dead is a hard pill swallow. Cage just hold onto her letting her vent. There is a single streak from his eyes but for Emma; he made peace with his daughter's death awhile ago.

Cage: Its ok.

Emma: Its.... she was out daughter Cage!

She pulls herself free of him and beats at his chest in anger.

Cage: Was, was, you wernt there..... that thing was a walker a shell.....

Emma: Ive seen pleanty of walkers, but what gave you the right to do that to her!

Cage: She was my daughter to Emma!

He spits the last words out with some bile.

Cage: What was I supposed to do, leaver her like that?

Emma: (Yelling) Get out!

Cage dosent resist and just leaves the room and goes down the stairs.

Slade: Sounds like that went well.

Tobias: She just needs time, news like that is difficult to digest; especially after holding onto hope for so long.


Slade: Come on big guy, Tobias is right, Emma needs time, ill buy you a drink somewhere.

The trio silently leave and we zoom back up to Emma who is holding a crumples picture of her family. She traces the picture of Jean and breaks down into more sobs.

We switch back to Moe who is sitting alone with Penelope in a park. In the distance we can se Adam playing chase with Penny.

Moe: She's coping well.

Penelope: She's lived in a world of walkers for a whole year; that's normal, running water and electricity that's got her baffled. I actually found her sleeping in the closet last night.

Moe: More used to sleeping in a car or outside.

Penelope: I was so angry at first I thought.... god I don't what I thought but she said she was scared in her room.... it felt to open.

Moe: She'll adjust

Penelope: Yes but this place is so.... alien

There is something in her tone that catches Moe's attention. He notices the bandages on her arm, it looks like blood has been taken recently.

Moe: Did you hurt yourself?

Penelope: What this? No, there was a blood drive the other day.

Its a lie and Moe knows it. He looks around to see if they are being watched.

Moe: Penelope is they hurt you and the children in anyway.....

Penelope: Moe, its not like that its just....

She sighs not sure how to explain it

Penelope: Look can we walk it will be easier to explain.

Moe nods

Back at the therapists we see Nathan, Karina and the second Doctor in an office talking.

Karina: I your sure you can help him.

Therapist: Has I have already explained Mr Holt's case in advanced but not impossible.

Nathan: I'm not taking any drugs, that did nothing for me before.

Therapist: We are not suggesting that kind of thing in fact we try to discourage it unless the situation is grave.

Karina: Define grave.

The Therapist pauses and we get the feeling she might have said more than she should have. But he coughs lightly to brush it off.

Nathan: He's worried that I might top myself.

Karina: Nathan that's not funny.

Therapist: Agreed, but that's part of the reason we have a strict drug control policy. One miscalculation, a bad reaction or surcsesful suicide attempt....

Karina (Understsanding): Outbreak inside the walls.

Therapist: Indeed, naturaly we don't turn away people for a disability, espesialy if they have useful skills but we have to make sure they do not pose a danger to the community.

Karina: I see but if your not going to use drugs what can you do, the Other one is "unpredicatable" at the best of times.

Therapist: Well I will have to speak with your team leaders when you get settled into a work schedule but I think we can start some counciling sessions first thing next week, try and get to the route of the issue.

Nathan tenses at that.

Therapist: We will just be talking mr Holt, nothing your not comfterbul with.

Nathan: I.... I'm just not sure I want to talk about.... there are things that might "provoke" him.

Therapist: Which is why it will be best to have Karina with you; from what you explained she has been able to calm your episodes.

Karina: You make it seem like I'm some miracle worker.

Therapist: Not at all but the fact both sides of Nathan trust you is quite rare, in situations like this one side can be a bit "possessive" of the other.

Nathan: Trust me the only interest he has in me is when it comes to keeping himself alive.

Karina: Yeh, I get the feeling you would have killed each other by now if you were split.

She chuckles a bit at her own joke.

Karina: Ok so when can we start?

Therapist: Let me make a few calls and we can start drawing up a timetable.

The pair nod and we switch back to Moe and Penelope. We see Adam in the background keeping an eye on a sleeping Penny who is curled up on top of a park bench, a decent sized stick pressed to her chest; a make shift defense from undead enemies. Moe: You were saying.

Penelope: Look they took my blood and the babies blood.

Moe: And that's all?

Penelope: Yes that's all Moe, I'm sure they took your blood when you first arrived.

Moe: Only the once, but they have been taking it a lot from you.

Penelope: Its ok Moe, they said its just because I was carrying Toby and gave birth on the outside withought proper medical care they need to keep an eye on me that's all.

Moe raises an eye but says nothing more, it is a reasonable explanation and would explain Penlope's fear from before; no mother would want a potential sickness hanging over them with two young children. Still there is a hanging unease he can not quite shake but he is going to keep quite for now.

Moe: Your right, I'm sorry after everything we've been through its just a bit difficult to get settled.

Penelope: I understand but Moe, this place is safe there is nothing here to be worried about.

We change scene to another underground bunker. We don't know where it is but the similar sterile condition makes us realize its somewhere in the city. In a cell we a single lone walker snarling.

Automated voice: Begin test 16.

A pale gas seeps into the room and coveres the walker. 10 minutes pass and the gas is removed by vents and the walker still stands.

Scientist 1: Looks like a failiure for batch 16.

Scientist 2: Well we begin work on number 17.

They nod grimly and we see among they work several blood samples from various survivors including Penelope.