Shadow Play is the fifth episode of season four of the Walking Dead the Survival.


In the middle of the Storm the surviors work to free a fellow from captivity but learn there is more than simple rules to follow in their new home and that a nasty surprise has landed on their doorstep. .


We open in the pouring rain, its almost impossible to see anything or hear much other than the howling wind. Only the screech of the warning siren manages to rise above the wind. Though a bit muted the sound of a voice on an automated alert system can be heard.

PA Voice: Alert this is a code red, walkers have been detected within the city walls, we advice all citizens to remain indoors. Do not attempt to enga.....

A loud gun shot rips through the air and we see a squad of the city's armed forces patrolling. They have just taken down a wind battered walker that was impaled on a fence.

Soldier: Secure.

Soldier 2: Watch yourselves not all those fucks are going to be pinned down like that one.

Soldier: Whatever, Command this is bravo team, west street is secure.

We pull to a command centre within in the city, location unkown. We see Issac on a head set commanding the operation.

Issac: Copy that, be advised to a repeat sweep when you reach then end of Jefferson Avenue, the storm is throwing walkers around like confetti. The last thing we need is an outbreak thanks to someone finding a walker on the roof or in their back garden.

Soldier: Copy that.

Issac: As if this day couldn't get any worse.

We switch back to the shelter where the guards have cuffed Moe and the drunk to some drain pipes on opposite sides of the shelter and are talking with Henderson.

Henderson: I want a perimeter set up around the building. If it has a dead look in its eye and smells like week old catfish take it down.

The guards nod and Henderson turns to the two nearest to him and indicates the cuffed men.

Henderson: Take those two to the Cells next door.

Slade: What the hell.

Henderson: That building is as secure as this one and these men have still broken the law.

Slade: Heck if it was nice and sunny I wouldn't argue but is storming like a bitch out there and apparently you have walkers inside the walls.

Henderson eyes Slade like a peace of meat. Cage comes up behind Slade, he knows Slade has made good points but he knows they don't want to make a bad situation any worse.

Cage: Lay off now mate.

Slade: What? How can you....

Cage: I said cool it, the storm's got us all on edge, I'm sure these people can handle the walkers as well as anyone else who made it this far, beside we don't want to make any more trouble.

Slade just grunts in defeat. Tobias joins the conversation having watched everything is silence.

Tobias: How long is our friend looking at in a cell?

Henderson: A day but we will have to write up a proper charge when the storm is over and sort out his C service.

Before Tobias can ask anymore the radio on Henderson's jacket blares and the man walks off to take the call while the others regroup in a far corner. Slade briefly watches at Moe is marched off.

Slade: I don't like this one bit.

Nathan: I think you said that already.

Nathan and Karina have returned and Nathan is a lot calmer now. The rest of the group shoot the pair a quizzical look.

Nathan: Sorry.... guys with guns.... bad memories.

The others don't pry since they have bigger things to worry about.

Tamera: So what are we going to do about Moe?

Tobias: At the moment not a lot we can do.

Tamera: What are you say old man, its bullshit they have him on, that asshole started it first.

Slade: Yeh and there's about a fifty people who can back us up over it.

Cage: You might be right but your forgetting something important.

Slade: Oh and whats that?

Tobias: That in our new situation there is a little thing called law and order to contend with.

Everyone is quite at this knowing the old librarian has a point. Despite their own moral code the general concept of old world law and order may as well be alien.

Tamera: Shit... so that means....

Tobias: That means we need to be careful about what we do next, or we get Moe and ourselves into a lot more trouble.

Adam: Um guys which building were they taking Moe and the other guy to?

Nathan: Next door why?

Adam: Get over hear now!

The urgency in his voice draws his attention along with a few others to look. What we see is not an encouraging site. While the entourage apprares to have gone inside their are now several walkers on the lawn and street outside. Whats worse is the door into the building has not been shut properly and the walkers are approaching it.

Tamera: Shit.

People around them begin to get edgy and panicky, some running to make sure the doors of the shelter are secure and try and look for any potential weapons or see if Henderson's people are still around.

Adam: We need to get out there.

Cage: Fucking soldiers bolted the doors when they left.... protection from the storm.

Karina: Fuck's right

She is about to run over to the door but see's other people trying already and they are not having much luck. Michael runs over to Tobias and despite his hand held device whispers in the old man's ear.

Tobias: They are telling people to remain inside, that there will be soldiers along soon to clear the area.

Slade: Yeh and buy then Moe's Walker chow.

Adam: Then what the hell are we supposed to do?

Slade looks around for an answer and sees a few long poles and some other items.

Slade: Tobias is the first floor of this building open?

Tobias: Yes but its just for storage why?

Slade: I think I have an idea.

The sound of erratic gun fire erupts from outside.

Nathan: Well tell it to us quickly because if that's anything to go by Moe does not have long.

In the next building we see Moe and the drunk in cells. The drunk is already locked up while a lone guard is in the process of securing Moe in his cell. The gunfire has distracted him.

Moe: What was that.

The soldier ignores him and taps on his shoulder radio.

Soldier: Bravo 2 what's your six?

No sound only a gargling crackle that might be the radio or something more unpleasant.

Soldier: I repeat Bravo 2 what's your six?

Still nothing and the soldier turns to Moe and throws him a shock stick before preparing to lock the door.

Soldier: If anything comes in use that.

Moe looks at the stick like he has been handed a piece of rope for all the good it would be against a walker.

Moe: What am I supposed to do with this the dead don't feel pain.

The soldier ignores him again and finishes locking the cell door and turns to leave.

Soldier: Your problem not mine, get creat....

Before the soldier can finish speaking the door of the room in flung open and two walkers; badly weathered and water logged slough in and there are more on the way. Some in the back however seem to be retreating drawn by a faint banging noise.

Soldier: Shit where the hell are you Brav....

We along with the soldier see the third entering walker is actualy the second soldier, black Kevlar soaked in blood and cegged with the remains of a his torn open throat.

Soldier: Alpha Nine this Bravo one we need back up at sector TS19 ASAP.

He opens fire on the closest walker. And then starts on the others. Moe backs up into middle of the wall at the back of the cell. He also gets to work trying to break off the leg of a chair in the cell. Whatever happens next he will take no chances. The drunk is passed out through the whole ordeal.

Moe: This is why I don't drink.

Outside we see a lot of the walkers approaching the building the shelter is in. Drawn by a metallic banging from the upstairs window. Karina and Tamera are banging metal pots together and against the wall.

Tamera: Soups on you undead freaks.

Karina: Get it while you can.

The walkers reach the walls and reach up to the humans.

Adam(who is keeping watch to make sure no one comes and disturbs them): Now or never people.

Slade: Three, two, one Now.

Cage, Nathan, James and the others have tied various blades to the end of brooms and poles and quickly thrust them out like spears at the crowd of walkers. The first lot topple down as the they remove the improvised weapons and the remaining walkers surge forward oblivious to their fallen comrades.

James: Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Adam: I just hope we were able to by Moe some time.

Back in the cell room Moe is watching with macbre fascination as the four remaining walkers in the room devour the second soldier. The guy's handgun was just not enough. Despite the Kevlar slowing them down the walkers attack the exposed flesh with vigour.

Moe (whispering): Abominations.

Despite the fact he is safe enough in his cell seeing a man torn apart in such a way is terrible unnerving and its only a matter of time before the waklers notice him. The cell may hold but right now he feels no better than a cornered rabbit surrounded by hungry wolves and with the place unsecure anything could happen.

Moe: My love perhaps I will soon be joining you.

He kneels down and is about to start praying.

Issac: Hold on the last rights friend.

Moe looks up at that just to see the cavalry of Issac and a squad of soldiers have bust in and proceed to open fire on the walkers.

Moe: What took you so long.