City of Fallen Angels, part 1
Season 1, Episode 4
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Air date November 25, 2012
Written by AnubisGirl12
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City Of Fallen Angels, part 1 is the fourth episode of Season One of The Walking Dead: Survival.

It will be based on an abandoned city infested with walkers, while the group doubts of Phil´s leadership.


The survivors come up from the sewers into a clear bit of the city. Things look safe but a helicopter crashes nearby drawing in walkers. People panic and Phil's in decision almost gets Lauren killed by the approaching walkers. She is saved by Willie and Nathanial but Nathaniel gets injured when shrapnel from the helicopter gets imbedded in his shoulder when it explodes.

Slade spots a Fire house and they make for it and Corey goes through a gap in a fence to let the group in. They enter and block the gap with some boxes and the walkers are held at bay for the moment. The firehouse is basically abandoned has the workers never came back from being called out but there is plenty of useful stuff still in the building from food to weapons. Some of the others try to treat Nathaniel's shoulder wound which is bleeding heavily while the others get into an argument about Phil who says he got them this far. Moe points out it was Slade who got them to the fire house and Corey who risked himself to get them into the building has it could have been full of walkers. Salvatore points out thanks to Phil, Lauren was almost bitten and Nathaniel is badly injured and may die.

A scream leads the group back to the room Nathaniel and the girls are in and we see them holding off Nathaniel's walker with brooms. They have not been bitten and the group is to stunned by what they are seeing since they know for a fact Nathaniel was not bitten. Slade wrestles the gun from a dumbstruck Phil and shoots the walker. This brings the group out of their shock who now realize they have another problem since Phil is now disarmed and everyone who has questioned him has a weapon pointed at him.

End of episode.