Weeping for Peace is the tenth episode of the fifth season of The Walking Dead the Survival.


A diplomatic mission may be start of a return to true democracy or an opening for all out war.


We open in Karina's hospital room in the we hours of the morning has she wakes up with a start from a nightmare.

Karina: What, where.

Nathan: Hey, hey its alright, I'm right here.

She winces in shock at first in the low light and the shadow of the man sitting next to her bed before the lamp light comes on. Nathan has to pull the bed side lamp out of her reach has she almost knocks it over in fright.

Nathan: Karina, its me take it easy.

She stops at the stern tone in his voice, eyes focusing on him from out of the haze of sleep.

Karina: Nathan.... I.... I'm sorry, I didn't hurt you did I ?

Nathan for a moment says nothing; to focused on this panic and fear in her eyes; so out of character in the woman he has come to know and even love. He grits his teeth, despite the fact she was not raped the fact almost happened twists a not of anger in him; not enough to make him change but enough for the look in his eyes to break Karina out of her own fear.

Karina: Nathan?

Nathan:... I sorry its nothing, you did nothing wrong.

He puts the lamp down and return to his seat; despite himself he knows its not a good idea to get to close to Karina after what she has been through.

Karina: So, you drew the short straw to watch me?

Nathan: Volunteered actually.... and I think Moe would have locked me in my apartment had I refused.

Karina looks at him knowing there is more in the words than an attempt at humour.

Karina: Nathan what's going on?

Nathan: Its... complicated but neither has anything better to do so lets just say our merry little band has been conscripted.

We switch to an alterane jeep driving though the wastes.

Tamera: For the record I think this is one fucked up idea.

We see Tamera, Moe, Cage, Slade, Michael and Tank in the viechle. Cage is driving while the rest either look at details of the operation, prepare there weapons or keep an eye out for trouble.

Slade: That's never stopped us before, still in the grand scheme things I think this is going to be at the top of our shit list.

Moe: Colourful but it was either this or risk a potential war with an unseen enemy.

Tank: That sounds like a fancy way of saying we are bait, or come upance for exposing the vanccine sham.

Cage: Normally I would agree with you but I think it would be easy enough for them to round us all up in the dead of night and make us vanish.

Tamera: Yeh or its easier to get us to do something stupid by holding the rest of us hostage.

Moe winces a bit at that, which Slade catches.

Slade: Fuck, they seriously not are they?

Moe is silent.

Cage: Moe?

Moe:.... its not the others.... well not all of them.... either we comply or the investigation.....

Slade: What gets dropped? That's ridiculous, there is maniac out there who could resurface at any time and they are going to leave him to whatever he is up to?

Moe: They know that, and what ever Sylas is planning is of concern but if we didn't agree to this well.... lets just say there is one less hostage to look for.

Everyone is silent at this pondering in silent shock and anger. Cage see's something out the window and stops the viechle.

Cage: Well that's as far as we go in the viechle the rest is on foot from here.

Tamera: So we are supposed to walk into an abandoned seaside town to find the home base of these people who organized those attacks and hope they are open for a nice chat?

Moe nods.

Tank: And if they are not?

Moe: We get what ever information we can and we get out.

Slade: Well that sounds easy enough, its not like this world has got anything left to surprise us with.

We switch to the location the surviors are heading to; like much of the rest of country its deserted and seemingly devoid of life and unlife. A lone walker shuffles into view only to be taken down by sniper shot to the head.

Russian Soldier: что делает семь (that makes seven)

We pull back to see cannery that has been converted into a base where we see a mix of soldiers and rough looking people like the raiders from a few episodes ago going about daily activity or training. A few people can be seen in make shift cells looking fearful/ sullen. However the biggest shock is in the background; a fully fuctional warship and a Russian Sub docked nearby and protected showing its conection to the base.