Voices Across the Water if the eleventh episode of the fifth season of The Walking Dead the Survival.


Reports of an unexpected arrival opens the door to the fate of the rest of the world.


We open with a binocular view of the canary from the previous episode; it trails along the perimeter of the building; taking note of the armaments, soldiers and most importantly the submarine.

Slade: Fuck me... is that thing real?

Cage: Well if it aint its the world's biggest bath toy I've seen.

The view changes back to the two men spying on things from the top of a deserted electronics store.

Slade: I thought I got over the shock of seeing planes again, shit even a couple of boat in the harbor back in the City but a freaking a sub... where the hell do you think it came from.

Cage: Not sure, all the army bases were either raided, blown up or cleared out when the shit hit the fan... though no clue about the Navy bases.

Slade: Didn't a lot of them go down when people tried breaching Ocean blockcades?

Cage: Yeh, Michael mentioned seeing one or two of them back before his boat was sunk but that's about it... though....

Slade: What, what's on your mind big guy?

Cage: What if these guys arnt local?

Slade is silent for a moment.

Slade: Well wherever they are from lets hope Moe, Tank, Michael and Tamera can find out without getting shot to ribbons.

Cage: True, and that Tank can put his foot to the metal if things turn south.

We switch to the wall of the Canary nearest the main gate. A make shift guard post had been set up and a blockade around the the entrance for viechles to enter without dealing with walkers. Speaking of walker the street is oddly deserted of them; only and odd bpdy or two is seen in the street; dropped by soldiers and other men keeping watch in makeshift guard towers. While its difficult to make out theough the bars a boundary line has been made separating the fence from the main compound.

Tank: What do you suppose that is?

Watching from behind an overturned truck about half a mile from the building Karina and Moe at as close as they dare get withought the risk of being spotted or attacked.

Moe: Not sure... perhaps a last line of defense in case of a wall breach by walkers or raiders?

Tank: Maby but from where I am standing it looks more like a barrier to stop people getting out rather than stopping things getting in.

Moe: Perhaps.... we shall have to wait and se what Michael and Tamera find out....

The sound of gunfire fills the air; to consistent to be a well trained shot to take out a walker or an unaware bandit or thief.

Tank: Shit, where did that come from?

We then realize in this all but abandoned down aside from the occasional sound of the ocean in the distance and the sounds of life going on within the canary the rest of the area is dead silent; making sound's echo and impossible to tell where it is coming from.

Moe: Back to the meeting point.

Tank: What... but the others.

More gunfire and a sound of a siren wailing from the canary fills the air. Whoever is in there is musting up to come out and it sound like more people than the seven of them can handle.

Moe: No arguments, we go now. The other man nods reluctantly and the bare run.

We then switch over to the rally point the jeep is parked on a main road pointing out town we see Tamera and Slade in the viechle back seat while Michael keeps watch outside while Cage is in the driver seat.

Tamera: Do you see them?

Inside the viechle we see Slade fumbling to rap Tamera's arm in a bandage.

Slade: Hold still, this thing needs to hold until we can get back to the city.

Tamera: And lead an army of Russians and merc to our door....

Cage: Slow down Russians... what the hell did you and the kid see in there?

Tamera opens her mouth to respond but the sound of footsteps approaching make her tense up, then relax has wee see Michael, Moe and Tank run up and pile into the viechle. Moe's side is bleeding from a graxe from a gun shot but nothing serious.

Moe: Drive.

He does not need to say anything else, from Cage's point of view we see men and a black army viechle giving chase. Cage floors it and they quickly drive off. However rather than give chase the pursuers stop. One soldier takes out a walkie

We then switch to the inside of a command room of some kind.

Russian Comander: да

Russian Soldier: сэр злоумышленники они избежали (Sir the intruders they escaped)

There is uneasy pause.

Russian Commander: Вы были в состоянии использовать трекер (were you able to use the tracker?)

Russian Soldier: да мы смогли снимать его на одном из них (Yes we were able to soot it at one of them).

There is a sound on the commander's end and we here a faint beep of a tracking signle.

Russian Comander: Очень хорошо, вернуться на базу. Тогда мы готовимся следовать этим крыс к своему гнезду. (Very good, return to base. Then we prepare to follow these rats to there nest.)

Fade to Black