Sailing to Fate is the thirteenth episode of the fifth season of the Walking Dead the Survival.


Has once chapter closes a new and potentionaly dangerous chapter begins.


We open in an unknown location.

At first it is hard to tell where we are, our view is in the point of view of someone on a bed. There vision is blurred, their vision distorted somewhat making it harder to tell where they are and, if they are even human or walker. The figure jerks weakly before a loud, sharp shriek is heard of a medical instrument loseing vitals.

Dr. Issacs: Now, now my dear we will have none of that.

The scientist comes into the view of the figure, he looks a little blurry in their vision but there is no doubt this is the missing scientist with an agenda of his own. In the time since fleeing the makeshift quarantine lab the guy looks in rough shape but otherwise healthy. There is also an insane look to him now no longer hid by a mask of professionalism.

Dr. Issacs: You should be happy Mrs Bryte, of all the volunteers you and the other six have provided so much to our work.

We see the figure in the bed is a heavily drugged Penelope.

Dr. Issacs resurcers her sedative drip before the sound of a buzzing gets his attention.

Dr. Issacs: Ah it seems our rescuers have arrived. I need to get everything ready and get you prepared for the trip.

He turns to leave and we focus on Penelope's drugged eye that can only blink a tear from her eyes has the drug takes hold.

We switch to the outside in the city streets where everything is in lock down; the streets are deserted and anyone still out is either soldiers or civilians being escorted into their homes.

Adam: This is oddly familiar.

We see the memebers of the group are all together in his house, some are sitting around while other look out the window or are trying to get in touch with Moe and the others.

Nathan: You know if your tying to be funny your failing miserably.

Tobias: Well at the very least we are not all locked up in quarantine.

Karina: Maby but in this case an enemy we can fight is not a confort over an enemy you can not see.

There conversation in interrupted by a frantic knocking at the door.

Penny: Who's that now?

Adam gets up quietly and goes to the door, taking a gun from the table and approaching the peephole. There is a tense silence before he sighs in relief.

Adam: Took you long enough.

He unlocks the door and the rest of the group enters; only Moe is absent from the other half of the group.

Karina: Where the hell have you guys been.?

Cage: You don't want to know.

The big guy sits himself down on one of the seasts while the others settle themselves in.

Tobias: Where is Moe?

Amy: They wouldn't let him leave.

Nathan: What? Why?

Amy: He.... he was shot with something while they were out investigating the raids... some kind of tracking residue. The military types wanted to keep him in the central command of the city.

Karina: Why would they do that? It would be like painting a bullseye right on the heart of the city.

Nathan: Depends on the nature of the tracking method; enough metal and lead could throw it off.

Slade: Fat luck now, it seems an off coincidence we run into these guys and then all of a sudden there is a small army knocking at our door.

Joshua: Are you sure its not just scavengers or maurauders looking for some big score.?

Cage: I wish... did not get to see to much has they marched us out but the big wigs seem quite spooked.

He gets up and goes to the window to look at the wall in the distance; silent and wondering what could be on the other side to have whipped the city into such a panic. The others are quite to, after everything they have been through since all this started not much has had a chance to faze them. Now, its not the fact they are unable to do anything or they are missing their leader that has them concerned. Its the fact this incident is something bigger than them, a problem that seems more at home in the old world of the past it all has them stumped.

Karina finaly gives voice to everyone's silent concerns.

Karina: What the hell is going on out there?

We drift to another location.

Henderson: No way that's a fucking nuke.

We find ourselves is situation room of sorts, it is a hive of sctivity with people on phones, typing away at computers and watching monitors. Its a room that looks born from a science fiction movie but its something the apocalypse has brought into a factual reality. We find Henderson, Moe, Issacs and a few others looking at a monitor display of outside the wall where a small convoy. A group of military viechles driven and armed to the teeth with tough looking soldier types. That is not what has everyone's attention; its the trailer in the middle of the convoy with something covered in tarp. The tarp has been pulled back just enough to show a radiation symbol reveal a nukelear device is more than likely hidden under there.

Issac: Can anyone get a closer look on the camera's?

Tech 1: Sorry sir its maximum range and these guys are sharp; positioned themselves to keep that package hidden.

Henderson: Then they are bluffing.

Moe: Do you want to take that kind of risk?

Henderson: What the fuck do you know your the one who led them to our door.

Moe: It was not intentional and not on purpose.

He indicates the wound in his side; now cleaned and bandaged up. It is apparent the tracking device has been removed.

Issac: Gentlemen please, if you want to fight then do it in the gym, if not perhaps we can work on defusing this situation.

The sterness in the man's voice gets there attention has well has a few of the other staff members who quickly and wisely get back to work.

Issac: Unless you want the city to potentially become a radioactive crater?

The men conceded though Henderson gives Moe a stink eye.

Issac: Ok has anyone been able to make contact with these guys at all?

There is more silence before another tech speaks up haven been listening into their ear piece.

Tech 2: Sir we have some incoming now from the centry tower closest to the commotion, they say......

Henderson: What.... what do they say?

Tech 2: Just a second, I need to adjust the camera.

The tech types a few things and the camera angles down to show a message has been written on several large whiteboards. Its simple but broken English, GIVE US THE DOCTOR AND THE CITY WILL BE SPARED.

Henderson: That's a bit va.....

The sound of a breach alarm goes off shocking everyone.

Henderson: Like we need any more shit today.

The main monitor changes to show the office of one of the city gates were a nervous looking Guard comes on screen.

Henderson: Care to tell me what the fuck is going on at the South side, last thing we need is walkers or some scavengers taking advantage of things.

Guard: No sir... it... someone broke out.

This gets everyone surprised at that.

Moe: Is that even possible?

Issac: It shouldn't be unless.... get me a report on the gate in 10 minutes or less

A sudden realization dawns on him.

Issac: Get me eyes back on those nuke nutters now!

The techs go back to typing and a side camera turns back to the sight were the small convoy was only for them to be clearing out fast.

Issac: Shit.

He turns to the techs.

Issac: Get back to the South Gate and the surrounding cameras.

Tech 2: Sir we have a report back from the techs on the South gate the gate mechanisims were hacked to open from a set time. It was a brief outside hack but someone definetly supplied these people the details to get at the system.

Issac: Yeh and I have a bad idea who.

An image comes up of a large lorry leaving through the gate, bullets from the moted turrets sail around it has they work to take down any lurking walkers but what has drawn people attention is the snapshot of the driver. Doctor Issac. Suddenly is becomes apparent that this ruse was meant to get him and by the size of his viechle he has Penelope and possibly a few other patients with him.

Henderson: Fucker and those Russians played up.

Moe: Yes but the question is why and where are they going?