The Joining of Two Houses is the first episode of the fith season of Walking Dead the Survival..


Discussions begin between two untrusting groups to discover the truth of their supposed safe heaven. Meanwhile one survivor faces a life or death situation.


We open where the last episode left off in the underground lab where the scientists approach the restrained Penelope. She is struggling weakly and looks dazed and drugged.

Penelope: Please just tell me where my children are there is no need for this... I... I volunteered.

Her head droops and the scientists approach. One of them has a blood syringe.

Scientist 1: Ready to begin extraction.

We watch has the blood is drawn from Penelope's arm here droopy eye is reflected in the blood.

Penelope: Penny, Toby... I'm sorry

Up in the monitoring room we see Dr Sylas overseeing the procedure has one of the orderlies comes in.

Dr Sylas: Can I help you?

Orderly: Sir its the subject's children.

Dr Sylas: What about them you put them with the other subjects right....

Orderly: The girl she.... she got away from us with the baby.

We switch briefly to Penny running through a back alley somewhere with her baby brother in her arms.

Dr Sylas: Shit...

Orderly: But sir you said it yourself they don't have the markers we need so....

Dr Sylas: They may not have the markers but they were vital for keeping that woman complient and would have made a good addition to the test case.

At that the Orderly balks like the other man suggested throwing the two children into the arms of hungry walkers. The doctor see's his look.

Dr Sylas: Do you have a problem with that?

Orderly: No... I...

Dr Sylas: Just get out there and find those kids's the last thing we need is the girl blabbing to someone.

Orderly: She's just a kid sir who would believe her and this whole thing has been funded by the top.

Dr Sylas gives him a dark look; indicating the man is going to far.

Dr Sylas: Just find them, walkers and hardened people aside all it takes is one sympathetic ear and that girl could whip this town into a lynch mob and it would be all our assess on the pyre.

We then switch back to Penny crouched behind a bin holding her bother close.

Penny: Just a little further to Adam's place we will be safe there.

The baby just gurgles quietly oblivious to the danger they are facing.

Penny: Right I got to be brave for both of us, we have to find mom with all the others.

Once she is certain no one is following them and its quite she sneaks out from behind the bin and caries on. A car she thought was empty starts to follow behind her from a safe distance.

We then switch over to the garage.

Slade: Well whatever you guys are smoking either quit or share a bit with the rest of us.

We pull out to see both groups sitting on opposite ends on the main bay of the garage. Everyone's weapons have been put to one side near the main door and the back door; giving each group an equal chance to bolt or run.

Tobias: I agree it does seem a little far fetched, even paranoid.

We see he and Amy are tending to Moe's wounds. Moe is silent and studying the other three people on the other side of the room; their expressions guarded; making it difficult to gage their state of mind.

Moe: And you said people have been going missing for months.

Annie: Six to be presise.

Adam: Its a big city are you sure these people did not just move around a bit... hell they could be on a scouting mission, supply run or...

David: Dead... trust me we checked the morgues, nope folk are just up and vanishing.

Slade: So why are there no missing flyers? Even in a world this screwed up people are going to notice a bunch of different people not showing up for work.

Zane: Unless there is no one there to notice them go missing.

Nathan: What are you implying?

David: Aside from the od black market deal you see any criminals, problem elements.....

Karina: Um isn't that the reason they locked everyone up when we got here... to make sure we were not nutters.

Annie: True but not everyone has their problems and issues written on there sleeves, some of the worst in history are perfectly capabable of hiding behind a kind smile and polite words.

She indicates Nathan and Michael.

Annie: Your friends are lucky they are useful around here.

Nathan bristles while Michael remains quite though he does raise a hand to his hand held speech device. Nathan beets him to the punch.

Nathan: You got something to say?

Karina and Cage shift to keep him from doing anything stupid.

Zane: She's saying if you were a full on lunatics you would not have made it trough the quarantine let alone the front gate.

Slade: What if you don't fit the bill they send you packing or its a bullet to the brain.

Despite his marcabre method of lightening the mood the other three are not laughing.

David: Sending someone away would be a risk, sure this place can defend itself but to much attention from the wrong people and its a big problem.

Amy: So they... put them down... that's barbaric...

Annie: No point wasting rescourses on those who cant be helped.

Cage: If what your saying is true why has no one said anything, spoken up, or hell even noticed the problem.

Moe: Because they don't want to.

His friends look down at him with a mix of confussion but Michael and Tobias get has do the three strangers.

Tobias: This place is giving people hope... real hope and a chance to rebuild.

Michael: V.O: They don't want to lose that so they are going to ignore anything bad that comes along.

The group becomes uneasy, plenty they have seen indicates this place is good but what he saw in the underground lab is sticking out like a sore thumb.

Moe: I don't think its that simple.... there seems to be plenty of decent people here, people who genuinely want to rebuild.

Adam: He's right, sure a few people seem a little rough around the edges but who isn't these day.

Tamera: Yeh just the small fact of people playing mad scientist with walkers in the basement... cure research my ass.

The three newcomers eyes widen a bit at this.

Zane: Cure research?

David: Bit redundednt that? I mean the walkers are a lot cause... only cure you need there is a good whack to the head.

Zane: How did you find that out anyway?

Amy: Our friend Moe went looking for is one of the blood bank paitiens, said the scientists were looking into a way to deal with whatever is causeing the reanimations... neutalise it in some way.

Annie: Is that even possible?

Everyone has fallen into an uneasy silence, its a question that has been in the back of everyone's minds from the start.

Slade: If it were possible why the secrecy? Sure people might panic with locked up walkers but if it can help end this.

Moe: I don't know but....

The buzz of a phone gets everyone's attention.

Adam: Sorry its mine....

He takes the phone from his pocket

Slade: Dude who brings a phone to a...

He is silenced by the fearful look on the other man's face.

Adam: Penny... slow down.... Penny......

We switch to Adma's apartment the phone has been shot by a soldier and two more approaching the frightened girl and screaming baby.