Hunt is the second episode of the Fifth season of Walking Dead the Survival.


The combined group search not only for a captured friend but also seek a way to expose the experiment before time runs out.


We open where the last episode left off in the garage with the two groups looking at the phone in silent shock. Adam is looking at the phone as if he were holding a live grenade.

Slade: What.... what the fuck was that.?!

Adam: Penny.... she and the kid....

He drops the phone and almost crumples to the ground only for Slade and Michael to grab him.

Slade: Adam.. Adam focus mate what did she say this is important.

Amy: Someone gets him some water quick.

Annie runs to a sink to draw some water and runs it over to him; Slade takes the glass off her with a suspicious glance. Despite what has just happpend he is not about to forgive Moe's kidnap at the drop of a hat.

Slade: Drink up mate.

Adam slurps up the drink slowly has Moe approaches him.

Moe: Adam, tell us slowly now what happpend.

Adam:... She was on the phone, Penelope went to the clinic with the kids but something was off.... they separated them... Penny bolted with Toby but she was scared they were being followed.

He swallows hard, to lost in shock to notice the concerned stares of the others.

Adam: Then there was a.... the phone went dead.

Silence follows the statement; the three strangers in stunned shock while the group have a mixed look of shock and horror on their faces. Moe has a dark look in his eye, Amy covers her mouth in shock while Tamera and Cage look like they want to hit a brick wall and hard.

Tobias: We need to leave.

His voice stirs everyone.

David: You want to mount a rescue mission old man? Trust me those kids are long gone now.

Slade: Shut your fucking mouth.

Moe: Slade!

Slade: What.... come on Moe these guys jumped you and nearly beat you to a fucking pulp and suddenly your taking advice from them.

Zane: Its not advice its a fact!

The two men get up and are almost in each other's faces but Nathan and Karina get between them.

Karina: Calm down, this is not going to do the kids or Penelope any good.

Slade: No... but it will make me feel better.

He struggles in Karina's grip glaring daggers at the other group while Nathan is holding the other man still. A sharp whistle gets everyone's attention from Cage.

Cage: Here's an idea lets get out of here before who took Penny and the tot gets the idea to check who she made the call to and back tracks it here.

That breaks things up and a look of fear briefly passess on everyone's faces.

Adam: I have to get home... I'm the most obvious person anyone official is going to want to talk to before the rest of you guys.

Amy: Are you sure? What if they try to take you to or.....

Its her turn to be fearful and nervous now; the memory of the military attack riseing to haunt her. Tamera gose over to comfort her while Moe turn to Adam with a nod of understanding.

Moe: Look standing around is doing nothing but wasting time this out best course of action, we need to play dumb and gather information.

David: Sounds like a smart idea, but those official types are tough nuts to crack if your thinking of getting your friend's location out of them.

Moe: Don't worry I think I have a good idea where they are.

We change scene to see Penny being roughly shoved into a familiar room; the room Moe found her mother in when he snuck into the secret facility under the clinic.

Penny: Mom!

Still clutching her brother tightly she runs over to her mum who has been restrained on a gunary; feverish and drugged she looks over to Penny with a doppy smile.

Penelope: There you are, they brought you back to me I knew they would.

Penny looks around and puts Toby down on a nearby chair; making him as comfy as possible with some cussions before turning back to her mother.

Penny: Mom, what did they do to you?

Penelope: Its ok sweets... everything's going to be fine.... its going to help a lot of people.

Her head lulls to one side in a drugged daze has we fade into a trolly with blood samples being wheeled to a lab atched over by Dr. Sylas who pauses at a click of the radio.

Dr.Sylas: Yes... Good.... no keep them with the woman for now.... well keep an eye on it and he dose not buy the prank and robbery angle then you better hope to God you idiots can come up with a better excuse.

He puts the walkie back on its clip and walks off. He looks over to a member of staff with a box under one arm.

Dr.Sylas: Is that the last of it?

Staff member: Yes, one all the paper work and tests are done we should be ready.

Dr. Sylas: Cant come to soon its nearly flu season after all.

He chuckles a bit at that and we se stacks of boxes all with various addresses to local hospital's and clinics in the city.

Back outside Adam's apartment complex Moe and Slade are waiting; the others are no where to be seen in order to avoid suspicion. The two look like a pair of strangers just kicking back and having a chat.

Karina: It been half an hour; are you sure we should not go in?

Moe: Paitients, Slade and Tobias are watching the back entrance in case there is trouble.

She nods but her face betrays her worry.

Karina: We should be storming that place to get them out now !

Moe puts a comforting arm on her shoulder.

Moe: I understand believe me I do but we must not act rash... if we do all we will be doing is a hollow sacrifice for Penelope and the children.... perhaps everyone here.

She nods as Adam comes out of the building followed by two officers; they talk briefly on the steps before the officers leave. Once they are out of sight the two approach Adam.

Karina: So what's the word?

Adam: Said it was a prank by some vandls looking for a laugh and they will look into it.

He shakes his head like he has been told a bad joke.

Karina: And they bought you buying the story?

Adam: Trust me listen to enough pissed off people calling up tech support you know how to fake it.

Karina: Well now that, that's out of the way what's out next move?

Moe: We plan a rescue.